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Weekly Newsletter- June 25, 2021

PoTY McKoy


Two Charter Leaders Share 2021 Charter One North Carolina Charter Schools Principal of the Year Recognition

As charter schools celebrate 25 years in North Carolina, two outstanding charter school leaders were recognized as Principal of the Year. Congratulations, Thomas McKoy of Reaching All Minds Academy and Steven Pond of Peak Charter Academy!


Click here to read the full press release.


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Various coverage of this momentous milestone:

25 Years

In response to feedback from many charter school leaders, the weekly OCS newsletter will be sent on Tuesdays rather than Fridays, starting July 13th! We hope that this will give our leaders more time to review the many important items during the work week.

Upcoming Events and Reminders!

Save the Date!


IMPORTANT: Powerschool 2020-2021 End of Year Process

The 2020-21 EOY Process for the Home Base suite of applications will begin Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Home Base will be taken offline on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. EOY processing and archiving of data will start on Thursday morning, July 1, 2021. 


Please review the PowerSchool End of Year User Guide in its entirety to ensure your PSU is ready for EOY.  The guide is located on the Home Base website’s NC SIS Resource Page. A video version of the guide is also available on the North Carolina Department of Public Instructions YouTube page.



EOY preparation is key to a smooth Pre and Post EOY process.

Please adhere to the following reminders to ensure a smooth EOY transition:

EOY Pre-Validation (EPV) Reports

A new set of reports were added to the North Carolina state reporting dashboard. These EOY Pre-Validation (EPV) reports are to assist users in identifying items that need to be corrected or reviewed before running EOY. Schools will have the ability to run these reports through June 15. PSUs should continuously run these reports throughout the reporting window to capture any erroneous records that have been created since the last run date. 


There is also a “Final EPV Report,” which will have a submission window of June 16 – June 30.  The Final EPV will be an exact copy of the Preliminary EPV but will only be available at the district level, not at the schools. The purpose of the Final EPV is to capture any last-minute errors on the day of EOY. 

Note: The EOY validation process should still be run at the District level to capture any validation errors the reports may miss.

Navigation: Start Page > System Setup > End-of-Year Process > Perform EOY Validation


Eddie Feed

Please be reminded that the Educational Directory and Demographical Information Exchange (EDDIE) feed to PowerSchool has been disabled. PSUs may now begin submitting cases to PowerSchool support to add new schools and grade levels to their PowerSchool instance in preparation for the 2021-2022 school year. All changes made in PowerSchool for the current year, before EOY and after the EDDIE feed was disabled, must be updated in EDDIE manually before the feed to PowerSchool is reenabled. If the data is not accurately reflected in both PowerSchool and EDDIE when the sync is enabled after EOY, these changes will be overwritten by EDDIE since it is the authoritative source. 


Setup of Program Schools

School Numbers Below 300 – Program and PSU-Created Schools

All PSUs have schools that were created with school numbers below 300. Pre-EOY work is required at each of these schools (see the Pre-EOY Steps section in the EOY User Guide for specific steps). These schools are not connected to EDDIE, nor are they used in state compliance reporting. However, these schools are often used for Federal reporting or created for specific NC requirements.


If you have any questions concerning EOY, please contact the Home Base Team at home_base@dpi.nc.gov.

House Bill 82 Summer Extension Program

LEAs may use State and Federal funds to administer the SELSEP (House Bill 82).  However, if the LEA uses State funds for the Summer Extension Program, they must pay all June expenditures in June.

Only Federally funded employees coded to purpose code 5360 may be paid after June 30 for work performed before June 30.

OCS OFFICE HOURS is on Summer Break and Will Return in August.

OPEN NOW: 2021 NC Charter Applications

The 2021 NC Charter School Application process is open as of Friday, May 28th at 5 pm Eastern Time (ET). The 2021 charter application window will close on July 30, 2021 at 5pm ET. Applicants who are interested in opening a charter school in 2022 under the accelerated timeline, or in 2023 under the standard timeline must submit their charter applications on or before the July 29, 2021 application close date.

Both the online application and $1,000 application fee must be submitted on or before July 30, 2021 at 5pm ET.

The link to the 2021 NC Charter School application is posted on the NCDPI Charter Schools Application page found here

Weekly Top Ten-June 24, 2021

Follow-Up for Monthly NCDHHS Joint COVID Call

Additional resources referenced in the call:

6.1.21 DPI Slide Deck

6.1.21. DHHS Slide Deck

REGISTER: New Technical Contact PowerSchool IPT Certification in August 2021

Principal of the Year Includes Charters


The Wells Fargo NC Principal of the Year program has been expanded to include the Office of Charter Schools at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  Individual public charter schools may nominate a Principal of the Year to participate in the selection process.  The state is divided into eight geographical regions but the Charter Schools will be clustered together to form the ninth region.  Once the school districts and charter school nomination processes are completed, the principal finalist vie to become one of the state's nine Regional Principals of the Year.  The selection process is facilitated in each region by Regional Education Facilitators representing the Division of Transformation at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Each of the nine regional finalists will participate in the state selection process which includes an interview by the state selection team and evaluation of each regional finalist portfolio.  The Wells Fargo Principal of the Year will be announced at a spring state event in Raleigh.  Since 1984, Wells Fargo has financially supported this program in collaboration with the Department of Public Instruction to recognize outstanding principals from the North Carolina public schools.  


Criteria and portfolios have been provided to Board Chairs.  For additional information please see the link below.  https://www.dpi.nc.gov/educators/educator-recognition-programs/wells-fargo-north-carolina-principal-year-program

NCDPI Agency Horizontal Logo

MEMO - Key Dates for 2020–21 Reporting and Updates for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021

IB Important Update - Invoices

Governor's Educator Discovery Award Now Open!


We are excited to announce that Cycle 7 of the Governor’s Educator Discovery Award is now open! The Governor’s Educator Discovery Award is open to all NC preK-12 traditional public and public charter school teachers. Teachers will enter for the chance to win a stipend up to $1,000 to pursue the professional development experience of their choosing. We are so glad to have this opportunity to give back to our educators and support their growth. Click here to learn more about the Governor’s Educator Discovery Award and to access the application. This cycle ends on August 13th, so don’t miss your chance! The graphic below gives details about the application and how to apply. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at ciera.tucker@nc.gov.


Check out the CTE pathways, courses, and credentials here: LINK


Save the date! 2021 CTE Summer Conference (#CTESC21) is Virtual - July 19-23, 2021

#CTESC21 Registration Link: https://bit.ly/ctesc21

Required Participation in USED’s Office of Civil Rights Data Collection


Superintendents and Charter Leaders, 

Please find the attached letter from Superintendent Truitt containing information on the U.S. Department of Education's Civil Rights Data Collection, which requires the participation of every PSU. 

MEMO: Science of Reading Professional Learning and K-3 Formative/Diagnostic Assessment

ESSER Reminder

Dear Charter Directors,
This is a reminder that the 2021-2022 Eligible Schools Summary Report (ESSR) must be submitted in PowerSchool for all local education agencies (LEAs) and charter schools in North Carolina. All charter schools are required to report these data regardless of whether they accept any federal funds and the report is used to meet several requirements, such as School Report Card, CEDARS and Teacher Loan Forgiveness.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Information regarding the data collection can be found at  https://www.dpi.nc.gov/districts-schools/federal-program-monitoring/federal-program-data-collection

School Mental Health Policy Report

Dear Charter School Leaders, 

As you may know, all charter schools are required to report their progress on meeting the guidelines set forth by the NC State Board of Education's SHLT-003:School-Based Mental Health (SBMH) Policy.  This is a new reporting requirement, and we have included the required reporting questions in the Healthy Active Children's (HAC) policy report.  You will be able to complete your report online. In the online reporting portal, you will indicate that you are a charter school, and you will be directed to the SBMH policy questions.  To make it easier for you to assemble your report information prior to going online, a Word version of the online survey is attached to this email. Please complete the online survey to submit your report.  

The information needed to complete the SBMH progress report will come from your School Mental Health Improvement Plan, which is required to upload and must include the mental health training program and suicide risk referral protocol.  

Please note the deadline to complete the HAC Progress Report / School Mental Health Policy Report is September 15, 2021. 

You can access the reporting portal through the link below.   

2021 Healthy Active Children Policy Report Survey

If you have questions or challenges in completing this online survey, please contact Les Spell at Les.Spell@dpi.nc.gov 

We appreciate the time and energy spent in completing this report and look forward to reading each submission. The Healthy Active Children Report / School Mental Health Policy Report is a valuable tool in efforts to provide quality school health systems that will raise academic achievement and promote physical and mental health among North Carolina’s schoolchildren.  

Thanks for all you do.


Les Spell

Data and Policy Consultant

NC Healthy Schools

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction



School Mental Health Policy Report pdf

School Mental Health Policy Report doc

School Financial Reporting Section



Exceptional Children Division

CECLI is our Charter Exceptional Children's Leadership Institute we offer to charter coordinators in their first couple of years, to provide support and guidance in navigating EC as the EC coordinator/director. This PDF contains a link that provides the memo outlining what we are offering, a registration link and directions to ensure the application is completed and submitted on time.  

Please review the attached EC Division communication updates and Guidance. 

Corrective Action

Technical Assistance Materials Statewide corrective materials have been made available through the shared drive http://bit.ly/SEAcaFOLDER

Resources Galore

School Business Updates

June 24, 2021 - Home Base Bulletin

CSADM Phase II Info

World Language PD & Opportunities (Late June - Early July)

NC Center for Safer Schools NEWSLETTER_ June, 2021

June 2021 K-12 Monthly Mathematics Update

NCDPI School Counseling Updates

Opportunity: Announcing the 2021 Injury-Free NC Academy on Comprehensive Suicide Prevention

Let’s Get Ready! A Family’s Guide to Support Kindergarten Readiness

2019-2022 Allotment Policy Manual for Funding that is Pandemic Related

Resources for GLE, NC's Seal of Biliteracy

Digital Learning Standards Course for 2021

Please be sure to keep EDDIE up to date!


Office of Charter Schools (OCS) Updates



Performance Framework Note:

All items of evidence for meeting measures during the 20-21 school year Must be submitted in Epicenter by June 30th. Please carefully read any feedback instructions you have received. If you are experiencing a browser run time error Please follow the steps below and reach out to joseph.letterio@dpi.nc.gov

Clearing cache

Planning Year Calendar 2021-2022

The Office of Charter Schools is pleased to release the dates for the 2021-2022 Planning Year Professional Development calendar. All schools (boards and school leaders)  in the Ready to Open process are required to attend five (5) planning year sessions as well as the New Charter Leaders Institute in June, 2022, as part of the successful completion of the Ready to Open and Planning Year process. While these sessions are mandatory for brand new charter schools, we invite those who may new to a leadership role at an established charter school to join the virtual sessions, or access the materials online, under the Planning Year tab of the Office of Charter School's website.

SLA 1 - Summer School Guidance & Policy Recommendations - 

SL2021-7 requires each LEA to develop a school extension learning recovery and enrichment program.  Charter schools are encouraged to submit a plan for grade levels served by the school.  The program is to exist outside of the instructional calendar, meaning it cannot be an extension of the 2020-2021 academic year and must conclude prior to the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.  For year-round schools, the program can be extended through October 1, 2021 by providing the program during track-out periods.  

OCS Consultant Sites:

Performance Framework Companion Site


Professional Learning 101


The Scoop With Coop-All Things Renewals 


Ready to Open/Planning Year

Other News about Our Charter Schools:


Rocky Mount Telegram reports - Charter school(Rocky Mount Prep) to launch new college, career paths


UA FFA won their second state championship on May 20.

Alpha Drones

The Fayetteville Observer reports -
Fayetteville students train to become drone pilots at Alpha Academy


Perspective | During COVID-19, N.C. charter schools are helping to lead the way.

Purple Star Designation

OCS thanks and congratulates 5 schools recognized by the 2021 Purple Star Award for serving the families of those serving in our nation's armed forces:

  • Alpha Academy
  • Anderson Creek Academy
  • Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies
  • Peak Charter Academy
  • Wayne Preparatory

Leadership Opportunities:

The brand new School of the Arts for Boys Academy (SABA) has several opportunities:

American Renaissance School Spanish Teacher for K-5 and 5-8

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy - Multiple Opportunities!

Cape Fear Center for Inquiry: School Director

Carolina Charter Academy - Multiple Opportunities!

Carolina International School Principal

Carolina International Art, PE, Biology, 6th Grade, Interventionist

Casa Esperanza Montessori Head of School

Casa Esperanza Montessori School Finance & Operations Director

Magellan Charter 5th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher

Chief Academic Officer for North Carolina Cyber Academy

Old Main STREAM Academy School Principal

Old Main STREAM Academy Staff

Pine Lake Prep - Multiple Opportunities!

Raleigh Charter High School - Multiple Opportunities!

Rocky Mount Preparatory School - Multiple K-12 Opportunities

Socrates Academy - Multiple Opportunities!

Union Academy Charter School Middle School Principal and High School Guidance Counselor

Whom Should I Contact at the Office of Charter Schools?


Please note that response times to voicemails left on our phones will be much slower than usual due to the COVID-19 response efforts. Sending us an email is ideal.  Clicking the link on our names will bring up an automatic email prompt. Thank you!

OCS Main number: 984 236 2700 ocs@dpi.nc.gov

Dave Machado         984 236 2702

Director of the Office of Charter Schools

Shaunda Cooper      984 236 2712

Consultant, Renewals & Stakeholder Support

Claire Porter              984 236 2707

Consultant, Planning Year & Ready to Open Process

Ashley Baquero         984 236 2708

Consultant, Amendments & Compliance

Joseph Letterio       984 236 2703

Consultant, Epicenter Tech Support & Performance Framework

Darian Jones           984 236 2705

Consultant, Professional Development

Melanie Rackley     984 236 2712

Consultant, Charter Applications

Jay Whalen              984 236 2711

Program Administrator, NC ACCESS Program

Barbara O'Neal        984 236 2706

Program Coordinator, NC ACCESS Program

Davida Robinson   984 236 2878

NC ACCESS Subgrant Program Manager

Lakisha Robbins  984 236 2704

NC ACCESS Finance Administrator