Resources for GLE, NC's Seal of Biliteracy

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April 30, 2021    

Resources for the GLE

Global Languages Endorsement, NC's Seal of Biliteracy




How Many of Your Students Have Earned the GLE, NC's Seal of Biliteracy?

Global Languages Endorsement (GLE), NC's Seal of Biliteracy

Over 30,000 graduating seniors have earned the Global Languages Endorsement (GLE), North Carolina’s Seal of Biliteracy, since it was first approved as a diploma endorsement in 2015.


For the Class of 2020, who faced challenges with the pandemic, 6% of graduates or 6,244 students were recognized for their multiliteracy in English and at least one World Language.


How many of these 30,000 GLE earners came from your PSU? Find out by checking the spreadsheet for charter schools or districts!


For additional details about the GLE results or the English and World Language requirements to qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy, go to the GLE webpage at


A variety of resources are also posted on the GLE webpage, including:

  • Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ on the GLE policy and its implementation,
  • National reports, articles, and research about the Seal of Biliteracy, and
  • Archived webinars and broadcast materials like the one from March 30 of this year.


school report cards

Beginning in 2021, the GLE information will be posted for each high school on the School Report Cards, along with other global education recognitions like the Global-Ready School (GRS) and Global-Ready District (GRD) designations.

CAST for World Languages

CAST for World Languages

Canvas Mini-Course for School Counselors & Other Educators


This Counselor Advising and Scheduling Tips (CAST) for World Languages mini-course is designed to help guide school counselors and other course advisors in understanding North Carolina World Language course codes, options, best practices, resources, etc., so that these educators can be best equipped to advise students on what courses to take in high school to align with their future aspirations. For example, Module 8 is called Graduating Career and College Ready, and it includes sections on World Language course scheduling and earning the GLE.


Although the content of CAST for World Languages is most relevant for middle and high school counselors, any other school personnel are welcome to take this online mini-course.


If you are a K-12 educator in NC Public Schools, this course is now available as a 0.5 CEU self-paced course through the statewide system.

  • Go to Home Base and login at
  • Enroll in Course #19138 Self-Paced CAST for World Languages using these step-by-step directions, if needed
  • Progress through the course at your own pace
  • Earn 0.5 CEU once you complete the requirements
CAST for WL Home Base instructions
CAST for World Languages Canvas Commons instructions

If you are a K-20 educator who:

  • Wants to adapt this course to offer locally to a group within your instance of Canvas
  • Works in an independent/private school, a community college, or a higher education organization
  • Lives in a different state or country


Use these instructions to download or import the course, in whole or in part, from Instructure's Canvas Commons.


Please see the CAST for World Languages Canvas Course webpage for additional details


FLANC Free SoBl webinar on May 4 at 7 pm