VCSA Newsletter Week of 10th July 2023

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Newsletter for the Week of 10th July 2023


picture of audience listening to Mandy Thorne, High Sheriff

VCSA Annual Assembly Meeting Brings Voluntary Sector Together

Last week, the VCSA held its Annual Assembly at the Shrewsbury Town Football Club. With over 80 people in attendance and dozens of local voluntary and community groups attending, it was an excellent opportunity for local VCSE leaders, staff and volunteers to network, encourage and support one another.

Several organisations held stalls, including Healthwatch, Shropshire MHS, Community Resource, Landau, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Integrated Care System, The National Lottery Community Fund, Save Our Shropshire, MPFT, Read Easy, Marches Energy Agency, the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals, Craven Arms Community Gardens, Taking Part, and InTune Radio.

Many more brought themselves and their enthusiasm for the work they do serving Shropshire and its residents.

The morning opened with remarks from High Sheriff of Shropshire, Mandy Thorne, who thanked VCSE organisations for all they do for Shropshire, and invited organisations to reach out to her for visits, support and engagement, as she is keen to support the sector in any way she can. She also announced that she will be hosting a “thank you” event for volunteers in Shropshire on the 24th of September, and more information about how to nominate volunteers for this event will be coming out soon. She also announced that she will soon be launching new small grants through the High Sheriff’s office that will be delivered in partnership with the Shropshire Community Foundation.

This followed on well for Sonia Roberts, one of the Shropshire Community Foundation’s trustees, to tell attendees about the work the Foundation has been doing to establish funding opportunities and fruitful connections with the business community and with donors to bring more money into the sector to help it thrive. Sonia also announced that the new website for the Foundation has been launched, and VCSE organisations can visit it here.

Julie Mellor and Nicola Daniels, current VCSA co-chairs, thanked last year’s chair, Heather Osborne for her service. They then shared the priorities that were workshopped with members at the 2022 Annual Assembly, and noted some of the highlights of the progress that the VCSA has made on these in the past year. This work is further detailed in the lately released VCSA Annual Report. Sarah Hampson, Insight and VCS Engagement Support Officer at Shropshire Council, who supports the VCSA, then gave an overview of the results from the two pieces of research that the VCSA has conducted in 2022/23, the Cost of Living Impacts report and the State of the Sector Survey report.

The keynote speaker was Charlotte Hollins from Fordhall Community Land Initiative, who spoke about her family’s incredible journey to become England’s first community owned farm, and the importance of community power. Charlotte is supporting a national campaign for community power called We’re Right Here, which you can read more about on their website.

Colin Foot from Shropshire MHS also introduced a new tool for building organisational resilience called TRiM, which you can read more about here. Colin also brought along the Shropshire MHS van, which attendees could view inside. The van is taken along to local markets and events to provide on the ground mental health support and advice in the community. If you would like the van to attend one of your organisation’s events, you can contact Shropshire MHS on

Finally, Julie and Nicola thanked all of the attendees and those organisations not present as well for the incredible hard work and impacts they have every day on Shropshire and its residents.

More photos from the event can be viewed on the VCSA website and our social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

in tune radio logo

Community Radio Station Offering Free Training For VCSE Orgs Who Want to Share Their Stories

INTune Radio CIC, your local Shropshire Community Radio station, wish to feature your charity or community organisation each month to help your organisation communicate your services to a wider audience.

To take advantage of this offer, that can reach pockets of communities throughout our county, and the world, is simple.

INTune Radio wish to train you for free in groups of 10, with the first session being held in Shrewsbury on Wednesday 26th July from 11am.

All you need is your laptop and a smile ready to learn. 

You will learn how to create an audio update schedule, how to record a 3 to 5 minute update, and how to send that to INTune Radio to master.

INTune Radio will take your monthly audio, master it and roll it into their schedules on their show called ’The Mag’ which airs 10 till noon each day.

You will know the day it’s to go out giving you ample time to communicate this to your contacts and on social media.

If we all contribute to telling our contacts, more people will learn about what you do, and why, and this can have positive implications for grants, funding, volunteers and their retention, service take up, etc

You don’t have to be a seasoned presenter, this is community radio, what your organisation will need is positive commitment to continue your audio each month to air.

Please email your name, organisation name, preferred contact email and telephone number to to confirm you and your organisation wish to undertake training. 

Please indicate if you wish to be one of the first 10 organisations in Shropshire to receive training on 26th July at 11am in Shrewsbury. 

This is likely to be popular so please indicate if you wish to be trained in September in either Shrewsbury or Bridgnorth.

Wayne, the founder of ITR said:

"INTune has been specifically created because during lockdown it became very apparent that there is no countywide communication platform that we can all use and contribute to in Shropshire until now. We should all be able to connect with each other, tell our stories, learn from each other - for the benefit of all our communities. I urge you all to listen in, download our app, tell you friends, family members, and colleagues to download the app and listen in, and even it’s only a few minutes each week. 

We officially launched INTune Radio from space last December which you can see on the website - I wanted to show that because we’re a small community radio station it doesn’t mean that the seemingly impossible is actually possible - we have more events planned soon, so do also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn as we begin to grow by helping others.”

INTune Radio currently have 25 volunteers all working together to create a 24/7 local community radio channel for us all to use to tell our stories along with a fabulous breakfast show each weekday morning and entertainment shows each weekday evening. They welcome further volunteers and they're especially interested in people with sales and new business experience, social media, administration, amongst many others.

To listen, click the play button on the INTune Radio website or download the app from your app store, search for ’Shropshire Community Radio’. Check out their flyer here.

safe places shropshire logo

Safe Places Shropshire

Have you heard about Safe Places?  This is a scheme set up some time ago by Mencap, the charity for people with learning disabilities.  A colourful logo (see picture insert) was created that could be used by shops, cafes or any other business premises to show that they could be used as a short-term safe haven for anyone who might be vulnerable.  Originally this was only for people with learning disabilities.

Safe Places Shropshire was created in 2013 by a group of volunteers, including officers from West Mercia Police.  It was concluded early on that anyone could be vulnerable at any stage of their life. Safe Places Shropshire supports anyone whether they are living with a disability, including dementia, experiencing bullying on the way to school or anyone having a panic attack.

Anyone needing assistance can go into a premises displaying the logo and ask for a ‘phone call to be made to a relative, friend or carer, for that person to come and fetch them.

Their team of volunteers has created nearly 500 Safe Places in Shropshire (which includes Telford & Wrekin).  They have distributed thousands of ‘Help’ cards to users.  On the front page of their website you are able to search for your nearest Safe Place. Try it for yourself.

So- what is in it for you?  If you own a business premises, you could get recognition for the assistance you probably already give to vulnerable people.  If you are a vulnerable individual, you can discover where you can go for help, should you need it when you are out and about in our market towns.

This is a simple, inexpensive community initiative.  If you want to be part of the scheme, contact either Ruby (07941 398933) at or Ann (07970 816030) at

picture of the cover of the summer wellness guide

Summer Wellness Guide Available for Carers

The Shropshire Carers Support Team has put together a summer wellness guide, so carers can have information at their fingertips.

Download and / or print off the guide for advice on how to keep safe and well during the summer – includes handy links to various websites and organisations.

Questions? Email: or phone: 01743 341995

green spaces are go logo

'Green Spaces Are Go' in Telford & Wrekin

Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin residents are invited to embrace the outdoors and step into newly invigorated green spaces as part of Telford & Wrekin Council's "Green Spaces Are Go" campaign, which works closely in partnership with several VCSE organisations in the borough, including Shropshire European Organisation and Shropshire Wildlife Trust, among others.

Throughout the year, a series of captivating activity-themed events and improvements will take place in the borough to help people discover their 'green mover' spirit.

The campaign aims to illuminate the powerful connection between exercising in nature and the boost to wellbeing it can give.

Through Green Spaces Are Go, the council is investing in new geocaching trails, nocturnal bat walks utilising state-of-the-art detection equipment, and nature-infused cycling lessons.

The council has also given various not-for-profit organisations grants to fund several inspiring projects to help spark people's fitness journey.

People will have the chance to immerse themselves in a myriad of activities ranging from archery, outdoor pursuits, hands-on conservation work, orienteering, football, Tai Chi, 'Parkour', and expertly guided sessions at several outdoor gyms.

There are so many activities that there is something for all ages and abilities, certain activities are tailor-made for children and young people, for families and for individuals.

Find out more about the benefits of exercising in a green space and find an event near you by visiting the Green Spaces Are Go website. 

Interested in having your organisation's stories of success featured in our newsletter, website or social media? We want to hear from you! Contact:

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Have Your Say: Current VCSE Engagement Opportunities

Health Needs Assessment for Shrewsbury: Shropshire Councils Public Health Community Wellbeing Outreach Team is collecting the views and wishes of all Shropshire residents regarding their current and future health and wellbeing needs. They feel it’s very important to make sure community voice is heard when decisions are made about where funding is allocated across Shropshire. Right now, they are surveying Shrewsbury residents only. Please help spread the word about this research. Closing date TBD

Healthwatch Shropshire - Diabetes Service Changes: To address the rising prevalence of diabetes in our community STW Integrated Care System wants to transform diabetic care pathways with a vision of improving the lives and treatment outcomes for patients affected by diabetes or those at risk of developing it. In order to do this, they would like to hear from people with diabetes or those who have been identified as being at risk of developing diabetes (pre-diabetic) about their experiences of diabetic care and support. They will then share the responses with the NHS and Public Health to help inform the transformation programme and ensure the patient voice is at the centre of developments. Closing date TBD

Shropshire Electoral Boundary Review: The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published draft recommendations for new divisions, division boundaries, and division names for Shropshire. If you represent a local organisation or community group in Shropshire, please pass this message on to your members or anyone you think who might be interested in the review. Closing 10th July

  • Website with information on the review and proposals
  • Link to feedback form to provide views on the proposals
  • Poster for sharing with communities

Bishop's Castle Community Hospital Survey: Due to staff recruitment and retention issues, the Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust is considering withdrawing from the contract for inpatient services at Bishop's Castle Community Hospital. They are seeking views on inpatient services at Bishop's Castle to inform their future planning. Closing 17th July

Telford and Wrekin Council Healthy Weight strategy. Telford & Wrekin Council are conducting a network analysis to determine who is involved in actions and initiatives to tackle obesity across Telford and Wrekin. This will help to identify the comprehensiveness of their current networks and identify key individuals and organisations that should be involved in shaping the strategy. To achieve this, they would like residents to identify up to 15 people who you talk to about healthy weight and obesity in our borough and add these to the form below. If there are more than 15, please prioritise colleagues and organisations that you interact with most. These individuals may work within the local authority or at external organisations including voluntary and community organisations. If your organisation operates in Telford & Wrekin and should be listed on this form, you may wish to ensure that your service users fill this outClosing 21st July

Shropshire’s Great Outdoors Survey 2023: Annual user survey in order to identify how and where best to use the council’s resources to maintain and improve Shropshire's rights of way network, country parks and countryside and heritage sites. The survey also provides information to support the delivery of Shropshire’s Great Outdoors Strategy 2018-2028. Closing 6th August   

Shropshire Healthier Weight Strategy 2023-2028 Draft Consultation: Members of the public and other stakeholders are invited to give their views on Shropshire’s draft Healthier Weight Strategy. Reducing obesity is a priority for Shropshire Council and Shropshire’s Integrated Care System and the draft strategy describes how we will work together to promote healthier weight for people of all ages, tackling the broader factors that impact on people’s health and wellbeing. It reflects valuable feedback previously received from the public and stakeholders, alongside current evidence, national guidance and local data on the scale and impact of unhealthy weight in Shropshire. Please share with service beneficiaries. Closing 7th September

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Events and Training Opportunities

Community Connectors Meetings July/August

Are you a local group or individual delivering activities that benefit and support the communities of Shropshire? Then please come along to one of the community connector network meetings throughout the county to connect with other local community services, groups and support organisations.

South West

Bishops Castle 19th July Online 2-4pm  

Ludlow 18th July Online 10am to 12pm

Please contact Clare Kennefick to book your place


3rd August Online 10am to 12pm Please contact Natalie Jackson to book your place


12th July Online 10am to 12pm Please contact Lou Woolcock to book your place

SIP logo

Free and Subsidised Training for VCS Organisations in Shropshire

The Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership offers free and heavily subsidised accredited and specialist training for voluntary and community sector organisations in Shropshire. 

Upcoming training courses for July include (click on the links to learn more):

Check out the Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership Website to keep on top of all of the latest upcoming training available through this excellent service.

Shropshire mhs logo

TRiM Reconnect: Bespoke Trauma Resilience Management

Shropshire Mental Health Support (SMHS) is offering a new mental health support service. Trauma Resilience Management (TRiM) Reconnect is a bespoke service designed to provide active listening support to those whose mental health has been affected by them being involved in or witnessing a traumatic event.

TRiM Reconnect is a model used in the early identification of the symptoms of stress. It can be used in an individual/one-to-one setting or within team peer support groups. SMHS has a team of highly trained non-medical practitioners who have undergone specific training allowing them to understand the effects that traumatic events can have upon people. They are not counsellors or therapists, but understand confidentially and are able to listen and offer practical advice and assistance.

How does TRiM Reconnect benefit your organisation?

It saves money - good mental health practices in an organisation can help to reduce sickness absence and presenteeism.

Shows a legal duty of care to employees.

Helps to break the stigma of mental health – this not only supports your people but can lead to early interventions thus reducing sickness absence as above.

Building a resilient workforce through TRiM Reconnect outside the time of a crisis can help during a difficult time or when crisis hits.

How can TRiM Reconnect be accessed?

Line managers, human resources, occupational health practitioners or self-referrals can make direct contact with the TRiM Reconnect team via telephone or email;

Tel: 01746 247 149


TRiM Reconnect is fully consistent with the traumatic stress management guidance issued by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

shropshire wildlife trust logo

Shropshire Wildlife Trust Listening Sessions

At Shropshire Wildlife Trust they want everyone across our county to be able to connect with nature and feel able to take action to protect the natural environment around us. To do this they are committed to listening openly to the communities they serve. That’s why they want to support people across the county to be proactive listeners, sharing skills to allow everyone to better understand the people we connect with.

In the workshop you will:

  1. Explore why listening is important and why Shropshire Wildlife Trust want to listen to the Shropshire communities.
  2. Discover positive listening techniques.
  3. Practice listening skills and take these away from to use in your own communities.
  4. Understand our Community Listeners Network, with the option to stay involved and collaborate with others.

Date and times are as follows, and all info is available on their flyer, they will be looking to deliver more of these in the future.

  • Mon 17th Jul 2023, 2pm-4:30pm - Ketley Community Centre, Holyhead Rd, Telford, TF1 5AN


  • Wed 16th Aug 2023, 10am-12:30pm - Chinese Arts & Culture Centre, E4, Stafford Park 15, Telford, TF3 3BB

Spaces are limited so please email ( for a place on one of the above dates.

ludlow ukrainian fundraising flyer

The local  Shropshire Ukrainian community have come together to provide an evening of  entertainment and delicious traditional Ukrainian food. 6pm - 10pm Ludlow Assembly Rooms 15th July.

The event has been organised by Mila Prysyazhna,  and a number of refugees who want to support their homeland. 

All of the money from the event ,will be sent to Ukraine to help families who are in need.

SIC logo

Disability in the Workplace -

The Hidden Talent Pool

Online free webinar

20th July 10-11am

Register here

Why are 75% of businesses globally experiencing a talent shortage while 47% of disabled people in the UK are unemployed? That’s over 10% of the working-age population.

Disabled people are an untapped talent pool, often ignored by EDI strategies.

The disability employment gap is growing, currently at 29.8%, and businesses need to do more to support disabled colleagues present and future.

During this webinar, Alice Hargreaves, COO and Co-Founder of SIC will cover:

  • Disability in the here and now
  • The language of disability
  • Societal bias
  • How to appeal to disabled talent
  • How to retain disabled employees
  • The next steps to becoming an ally

You'll leave with some key changes you can implement now and a wider understanding of disability (covering physical disabilities, hidden disabilities, neurodiversity, mental health, and chronic illness).

SIC are a social enterprise that works to connect the dots between talent short organisations and talented disabled professionals. Founded at the beginning of 2021 by Alice Hargreaves and Rachael Mole, SIC provides training and support to both disabled professionals and businesses. Visit the SIC website to learn more.

mental health forum logo

Shropshire Mental Health Forum Meeting & Networking

Friday, 21st July 9:30-11:30am Shirehall, Shrewsbury

Register via Eventbrite

The next meeting of the VCSA's Shropshire Mental Health Forum will, as always, include an opportunity to network and learn about what others are doing. It will also have a short presentation from MPFT about their grants for significant mental illness prevention, and some forum business, including voting on leadership and the revised terms of reference.

  • Should you have feedback on the proposed refreshed terms of reference, please email this to ahead of the next meeting so that they can be collated for discussion.
  • Should you be interested in serving as chair, secretary, or VCSA Board representative, please email ahead of the next meeting so that the group can be ready to vote (please also feel free to get in touch with any questions about this).

If you missed the last meeting, you can download the notes here. If you want to be included on the forum's mailing list, please email

DSC from here to diversity conference banner

From Here to Diversity 2023 Online Conference

28th September

Increased diversity can offer so many advantages to forward-looking organisations, including; improved performance and better governance,
greater creativity, a wider perspective and increased legitimacy and accountability.

This event will help you and your organisation be inclusive in language, behaviour and processes. We have curated a variety of sessions with experts that cover:

  • Keynote on leadership and diversity
  • New initiatives, the latest talking points and helpful resources in diversity
  • Making your digital content more accessible
  • Inclusive recruitment
  • Committing to EDI (equality, diversity, inclusion)
  • How not to do EDI
  • Supporting neurodiversity as a leader
  • Themed discussion groups (you can suggest topics)

You will go away with tips that will enable you to make the changes within your organisation (and your own behaviour) that will help improve society for all of us.

View full session details here.

Register here

picture of grieving young person

Training: Teaching Young People about Death and Loss

Gain knowledge and skills to help young people cope with loss. This is a schools-based programme in teaching Death Education to young people, but is open to VCS professionals working with young people.

To book: Teaching Young People about Death & Loss

CEDAR EDUCATION is a registered Community Interest Company that provides death and bereavement education to teachers, young people, their families and professionals. In 2020, we received the Queen's Award for Volunteer Services for our Innovative Teaching and work with young people. We are now enrolling teachers for a new course for secondary schools. These teacher-training workshops are designed to help you develop death education for PSHE, RE or general lessons across the curriculum. This course will also be open to adults and professionals who need this information.

This is a 2-day workshop that will run from 9:30-4pm on Fridays. Part 1: Understanding Death, 13 October 2023; and Part 2: Understanding Grief, 20 October 2023.

10hours CPD certificate

The course will cover the following topics:

  • The nature of death and dying
  • Understanding grief
  • Helping young people cope with loss
  • Creating a supportive environment for bereaved students and those who are not bereaved, but affected by a death.
  • Developing lesson plans on death and dying

To be eligible for the course, you must:

  • Be a qualified secondary school teacher, head teacher or mental-health lead, youth-worker, and/or,
  • Have an interest in death education and bereavement support
  • Be committed to working with young people

If you are interested in registering for these workshops, please visit  Eventbrite for more information, terms and conditions of booking. Closing date for registration is 1st October 2023.

These workshops are subsidised and places will be limited. Registration is essential. Workshop fees include:

  • Workbook & activities
  • Good Grief Leaf
  • 10hrs CPD Certificate
  • Lunch and refreshments

Looking for Local Health-Related Events and Information?

Looking for health-related events and meetings local to your area? The VCSA recommends subscribing to the Community Connectors newsletter for all of the latest local event information, including classes, clubs and social groups that are related to health and wellbeing. You can subscribe by emailing

Download the Community Connectors Leaflet for more information on what they are and how you can get involved in social prescribing in Shropshire.

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Job / Volunteer Opportunities

lingen davies logo

Health Engagement Coordinator

Lingen Davies Cancer Fund are looking for a Health Engagement Coordinator that will work closely with their Live Life lead, to deliver their health engagement work, with a primary focus on raising cancer awareness for early diagnosis, cancer screening and prevention.

You will be responsible for developing programmes of work throughout our region, using a range of activities and settings to effectively engage with the public. This will include making maximum use of the Lingen Davies Health Promotion Van to take engagement activities out into the community.

The role will be three or four days per week, and hours will usually be worked between 8am and 6pm to meet the needs of the organisation, however some evening and weekend work will be required. Flexibility is expected to ensure relevant public events are attended.

To be successful, you will need exceptional organisational skills and have the initiative to manage your workload.

Salary: £25,000 (pro rata)

Deadline to apply: 5pm 10th July

Full details and how to apply are available on the Lingen Davies website

sight loss shropshire logo

Sight Loss Shropshire Tech Coordinator

Sight loss, Technology, Communities. If these words strike a chord with you, we might have the perfect job for you!

Local charity Sight Loss Shropshire are looking for a Tech Coordinator to provide training and advice on smart phones, tablets and other devices that can help people with sight loss in their day-to-day life. Leading a group of volunteers you will be delivering tech support across Shropshire.

Hours: 12 hours per week, flexible

Salary: £12.50 p.h.

Deadline to apply: 16th July

Location: Across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin. All travel costs reimbursed.

Download the role description here or find out more on the Sight Loss Shropshire website.  

Application: CV and cover letter to

CAB shropshire logo

Citizens Advice Shropshire is recruiting!

Are you passionate about making a difference, making society fairer and working for an organisation that values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination?  

Citizens Advice Shropshire is recruiting an experienced Advice Session Supervisor or a Trainee Advice Session Supervisor.

They encourage and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and will consider trainee positions.

Advice Session Supervisor / Trainee Advice Session Supervisor

Salary: £24,914 to £29,190 depending on experience

Contract: Full time 37 hours per week, permanent.

Location: The successful applicant would be based in Shrewsbury office and must be able to work flexibly across the county when required.

Start: As soon as possible

Post may be subject to a DBS check.

Further details and application form (no CVs) are available from their website:

Closing date:  Midnight on Sunday 23 July 2023

Interviews:     Thursday 3 August 2023 (If date isn't convenient another may be arranged, depending on availability)

Do you have a job or volunteer opportunity you would like us to promote? Please send your information to and we will include it in our next newsletter!

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Grant and Funding News

7Stars Foundation Accepting Applications for Second 2023 Funding Round

7Stars Foundation is offering grants of up to £2,500 for registered charities with an annual turnover of less than £1.5 million across the UK to deliver projects and activities that support young people aged 16 years and under across the priority themes of abuse, addiction, child carers, and homelessness. 

Funding is offered across the following streams:

  • Project grants of up to £2,500 to cover the costs of projects that:
    • Enable young people to have the best start in life and aim high.
    • Have a direct impact and respond to a need in an immediate manner.
    • Are hosted in geographical areas of deprivation and socioeconomic disadvantage.
    • Respond to one or more of the funding priorities of 7stars Foundation.
    • Address a lack of provision (due to a lack of funding from alternative sources).
    • Provide immediate support, not just in the short-term but with long-term benefits too.
  • Shine Bright grants of up to £1,500 for registered charities to purchase items and resources to protect and support the children they serve through the cost-of-living crisis.
  • Direct grants to individuals affected by the Foundation’s themes, supported by outreach, social or care workers, or legal professionals. Applications must be submitted by the supporting professional/organisation.

For Child Carer projects, preference will be given to projects offering long-term impact and/or sustainable support (such as mentoring or outreach programmes) over recreational trips.

The next deadline for applications is 31 August 2023. For more information and to apply, visit the 7Stars Foundation website.

Single Grant Available to Support Veterans’ Mobility

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust is delivering a new funding programme aimed at supporting disabled veterans to access mobility equipment that meets their needs and improves their quality of life. 

The fund offers one single award of up to £2.52 million over five years for an organisation to deliver in-kind grants in the form of specialist mobility equipment.

Registered charities can apply to this programme, provided they have been registered in the UK for more than two years and are experienced in working with veterans and supporting those with disabilities.

The funding should be used to enhance veterans’ mobility through the provision of specialist equipment, such as mobility aids and orthotics such as splints and braces, that are not usually available through the NHS.

Grants can cover a wide range of costs associated with project delivery including the purchase of mobility equipment, staffing for the duration of the project, transport costs and a reasonable contribution to overheads.

There will be an information webinar on 17 July at 10amSign up here for the webinar.

The deadline to apply is 9am on 14 August 2023. Visit the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust website for more information and to apply.

Endangered Crafts Fund Reopens for Second 2023 Funding Round

Heritage Crafts Association is offering grants of between £500 and £2,000 to support crafts that are currently listed as endangered or critically endangered on the Red List of Endangered Crafts and provide opportunities for makers and trainees who wish to develop or share their skills in crafts that have been identified as being most at risk.

Through the Endangered Crafts Fund, funding can be used for activities such as:

  • Ensuring the longer-term viability or survival of heritage craft skills by implementing changes that will benefit both environmental and financial sustainability, for example:
    • Investing in more efficient machinery.
    • Developing reduced-carbon routes to market.
    • Exploring the use of alternative materials while maintaining the heritage character of the practice.
  • Direct skills transfer, for example:
    • Taking on a trainee.
    • Some or all the costs of training with a craftsperson.
    • The cost of attending a specialist training course.
    • Undertaking a self-directed programme of training with one or more craftspeople.
    • Indirect skills transfer, for example:
    • Preparing to teach courses.
    • Developing written or online training materials.
    • Online or video content to support skills.
  • Ensuring the longer-term viability or survival of heritage craft skills, for example:
    • Developing a new, innovative approach to heritage craft skills.
    • Specialist tools and equipment to facilitate skills transfer.

Further support from an Endangered Crafts Manager is also available, including mentoring and business support and signposting to other opportunities.

The deadline for applications is 6 October 2023. For more information and to apply, visit the Heritage Craft Association website.

Funding to Support Summer Youth Services in Anti-Social Hotspots in England

The new Million Hours Fund is providing an initial £3 million for youth organisations to offer additional opportunities for young people to play sport, take part in arts and develop life skills this summer.

Provided by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport working with the National Lottery Community Fund’s Awards For All programme, the funding forms part of the Government’s Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan, which aims to eradicate antisocial behaviour from local communities, and the Government’s ‘National Youth Guarantee’, which will ensure every young person aged between 11 and 18 in England has access to regular clubs and activities, adventures away from home, and volunteering opportunities by 2025.

Grants of between £300 and £10,000 for up to one year are available.

To be eligible for funding, projects must:

  • Take place in, and/or benefit young people living in, one of the eligible wards in England. Eligible wards have been determined by allocating wards to each Police Force Area (PFA) based on youth population, and then selecting those with the highest reported number of antisocial behaviour incidents from within the PFA.
  • Deliver additional youth provision (existing provision is not eligible).
  • Start during, or before, the 2023 school summer holidays (24 July to 3 September 2023).
  • Primarily benefit young people aged 11 to 18, and up to 25 years for young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

The funding can be used to support:

  • Organisation's running costs.
  • Equipment.
  • One-off events.
  • Staff costs.
  • Training costs.
  • Transport
  • Utilities.
  • Hiring more youth workers
  • Venue hire
  • Volunteer expenses.
  • Small land or refurbishment projects.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the National Lottery Community Fund's Award for All England criteria.

Applications are currently being accepted through the National Lottery Community Fund's Awards for All programme.

Benefact Group’s Movement for Good Awards Larger Grants

The Benefact Group is providing £500,000 in larger grants of £10,000 plus to help charities turn their creative ideas into practical solutions that benefit society.

The funding can be used within three years and for a blend of project and core funding costs.

Projects must support one the following themes:

  • Heritage/arts/culture – to help celebrate, preserve or protect our heritage and culture.
  • Education/skills – to enable learning and development, particularly among young people.
  • Rural/community development – to support and build our communities, particularly in rural areas.
  • Climate change/environment – to contribute to our collective challenge to tackle impact on the climate and environment.

Applicants may submit more than one application but an eligible charity can only win one grant.

To be eligible, charities must:

  • Have been in existence for at least six months.
  • Be a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales; Charity Commission in Northern Ireland; the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator; the Jersey Charity Commissioner or the Guernsey Registry as applicable in respect of the Channel Islands, or the Central Registry in respect of the Isle of Man.

Visit the Movement for Good Awards website for full details on how to apply.

The winning charities will be contacted on or before 31 December 2023. The winners will be publicly announced on the Benefact Group website.

The closing date for applications is 28 July 2023 (midnight). For more information and to apply, visit the Benefact Group website.

New £6m Fund Offers Loan/Grant Package to England’s Smaller Charities and Social Enterprises

The new £6 million Thrive Together Fund provides a funding package of loan (75%) and grant (25%) to eligible voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, who are based in and delivering social impact in England.

The fund is managed by Social Investment Business, and delivered in partnership with The Architectural Heritage Fund, Co-operative and Community Finance, Fredericks Foundation, Groundwork and Homeless Link.

The funding is intended to expand the reach of social investment to smaller organisations or those based in disadvantaged areas, targeting funding where it can be most effective at promoting equitable outcomes, and ensuring that any interventions enhance the social and economic capacity of a community.

The fund offers a blend of loan (75%) and grant (25%).

  • Amount available - between £25,000 and £150,000 (inclusive of 25% grant).
  • Repayment term - between 1 and 6 years (inclusive of any capital repayment holidays).
  • Interest rate of 7.5% fixed per annum on the loan balance.
  • Arrangement fee - 2% on loan value (added to loan balance.
  • Repayment – capital repayment holiday of up to 12 months at the start of the loan (optional)
  • No early pre-payment fees.
  • Unsecured.

The funding can be used for most purposes including, but not limited to:

  • Purchasing an asset.
  • Redeveloping/ refurbishing/ improving an asset.
  • Continuing or growing a product or service.
  • Working capital for ongoing operating expenses, acquisition.

The 75% loan element can be used to refinance existing debt over a more patient period. The 25% grant element cannot be used for refinancing.

Incorporated voluntary, community or social enterprise organisations can apply.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be registered in England as either a Charity, Community Interest Company or Community Benefit Society.
  • Have a viable borrowing request (that can reasonably be expected to meet its repayment obligations).
  • Have a minimum of two years’ operating activity.
  • Have a minimum turnover of £100,000 in their last financial year.

Commenting on the new fund, Neil Berry, Director of Programmes at Access – The Foundation for Social Investment, said:

“Blended finance is particularly effective at supporting small and medium sized charities and social enterprises to increase their impact, build their resilience and reach more people, particularly in underserved communities.”

Applications are currently being accepted. There are no deadlines. For more information and to apply, visit the Social Investment Business website.

GSK Health Inequalities Programme

The GSK Health Inequalities programme is open to registered charities that are at least one year old, located and working in the UK, with a total annual income of between £20,000 and £150,000. Up to 15 charities will receive up to £10,000 in unrestricted funding and access to training and development valued at £2,700.

Health inequalities are avoidable and systematic differences that include access to care, quality and experience of care, life expectancy, and wider factors such as environment and housing. The alarming scale of these inequalities was exposed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We know that a huge amount of the work around tackling health inequalities is carried out by very small charities working in their communities. We also know it can be hard for these organisations to access unrestricted funding and support for their leaders. This is particularly true for organisations who themselves may experience disadvantage, such as those led by people from ethnic minority communities, people with disabilities, people from the LGBTQ+ community and others.

The GSK Health Inequalities programme will support aspirational leaders who want to develop their organisations. It is designed to run alongside the GSK IMPACT Awards and support the next generation of award winners. We know from our long history with the GSK IMPACT Awards that the combination of funding and leadership support can really help a charity realise its ambitions.

For more information and to apply, visit the King's Fund website. Deadline is 5pm on 14th August.

GSK Impact Awards

The 2024 GSK IMPACT Awards are open to registered charities that are at least three years old, working in a health-related field in the UK, with a total annual income between £150,000 and £3 million.

GSK IMPACT Award winners receive a whole host of benefits including funding, training and development, publicity and national recognition.

  • Up to ten winners receive £40,000, in unrestricted funding with the overall winner receiving an additional £10,000.
  • Up to five runners-up receive £4,000 in unrestricted funding.
  • Award winners are offered free training and development valued at an average of £9,500 for each organisation.
  • You do not need to present a new project, and you decide how to spend the award money.
  • Winners will be asked to complete a brief report (less than one page) outlining how they have used their donation.

Deadline for Stage 1 submission is 1st September. For more information and to apply, visit the King's Fund website.

Lloyd’s Bank Foundation Offering Local Collaborations Grants

The latest programme of funding from Lloyd’s Bank Foundation England and Wales will support local collaborations led by small charities working to:

  • Make the social security system work better for people facing the greatest challenges.
  • Make sure people facing complex issues have access to suitable accommodation.
  • Improve support and services for asylum seekers and refugees.

The fund offers grants of £100,000 over two years, with the opportunity to extend this by an extra year and an additional £50,000.

To be eligible, collaborations must:

  • Have at least three organisations in the partnership.
  • Want to influence an issue/challenge locally that aligns to the programme's themes.
  • Support and enable people with direct experience of the issue to influence change.
  • Challenge discrimination and inequalities.
  • Be in a defined local or regional geography that makes sense for the work (town/city, local authority, across counties, region).

The applicant charity (the organisation that will receive the grant) must have an annual income of £25,000 to £1 million.

Grants can support a range of influencing activities such as research, policy development, analysis and activity at the local or regional level to engage decision-makers including local authorities, metro mayors, regional bodies, statutory agencies, housing associations, as well as the media and public. The funding cannot be used to cover service delivery.

There will be an information webinar on 13 July 2023, 10.30am to 12.15pm. Register for the webinar here.

The deadline to apply is 22 September 2023 at 5pm. For more information and to apply, visit the Lloyds Bank Foundation website.

Applications Now Open for Ecology Outreach Grants

The British Ecological Society (BES) is now accepting applications for the second 2023 round of its public engagement grants programme.

The fund offers grants of up to £2,000 and is open to all individuals and organisations in Great Britain that are able to organise public engagement events in ecology. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Members of the BES
  • Researchers
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Community groups

It is essential that applications promote and engage the public with the science of ecology, meeting at least two of the following objectives:

  • Increase public understanding of, and engagement with, ecology.
  • Stimulate discussion about ecology and its implications for society.
  • Inspire and enthuse people of all ages about the science of ecology, especially those not previously interested.
  • Develop skills in communicating the science of ecology.

All objectives must be aimed at a non-academic audience and all projects must provide a clear demonstration of direct interaction with the public.

The deadline to apply is 23.59 on 30 August 2023. For more information and to apply, visit the BES website.

MPFT logo

MPFT Seeks to Sub-contract Grant Funding for Community Mental Health Transformation

Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT) are looking to Sub–Contract the management of its grant funding allocation and work in partnership with the Trust. 

The Provision of the service is required to support and achieve a number of key objectives, supporting community and voluntary organisations who are working with service users within the following geographical areas:

  • North Shropshire
  • South Shropshire
  • Central Shropshire
  • Telford and Wrekin

The Service is designed to: 

  • Provide funding to Grant recipients
  • Assist with application assessments and scheme management
  • Ensure grants are issued for delivery of the project aims.


The service aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Alliance building - To develop strong community networks and build thriving mental health eco-systems within communities
  • Co-production - To keep lived experience perspective at the heart of everything we do
  • Community Engagement - To build strong and deep links within communities and from the grass roots
  • Strengthen the local voluntary and community sector
  • Delivering a place based approach
  • Delivering funds to support community mental health transformation


The management of funding scheme(s) (Grants) to the local voluntary and community sector to support community mental health transformation. A place based approach focused on local needs, will under pin the delivery of the funding scheme(s).

The Management of the funding scheme(s) shall include the required process and administrative work needed throughout the grant life cycle this include but is not limited to;

  • Scheme set up
  • Review of applications
  • Award process
  • Dispersal of funds
  • Post award monitoring and reporting

Download the full guidance here. Submissions due 12noon 28th July 2023.

To be eligible to bid for this contract, your organisation must be registered on the MPFT Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). A complete guide to registering on this system can be downloaded here.

Don't forget to check out the VCSA's latest funding roundup, which is now available to view on our website, or you can click here to download a copy now.

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