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Senator David Brock Smith
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Hello Friends,

I hope this finds you and your family well as we head into spring.

This will be the final newsletter until May as we enter the Legislative Newsletter blackout period of 60 days before the May 21st Primary Election. 

I want to first start with the work to move forward our comprehensive proactive federal forest management strategy that we have been working to build the coalition for success. 


Moving Forward Needed Management of Federal Forests

As you know, I have long pushed for more proactive forest management from our federal agencies on their federal managed lands to bring timber resources to market, creating jobs, while protecting our communities from wildfire. 

I worked on drafting and passing HB 4118 that: Expresses state policy regarding pursuit of projects under Good Neighbor Authority Agreement. Instructs signatory state agencies to work with federal land management agencies to prioritize projects. Requires Governor and Federal Forest Working Group to jointly develop recommendations for goals of Good Neighbor Authority Agreement. Establishes deadline for Governor or designee agency to report recommendations for goals to Legislative Assembly. Appropriates moneys to State Forestry Department for supporting development, planning or implementation of priority projects on federal forestland under Good Neighbor Authority Agreement.

I then worked on drafting and passing SB 872 that: Instructs State Forestry Department to endeavor to partner with federal agencies to undertake certain activities in federal forests related to fire prevention and request that federal agencies fund portions of those activities.

SECTION 1. (1) The State Forestry Department shall:
(a) In collaboration with any forest protective association or agency that is under contract or agreement with the State Board of Forestry for the protection of forestland against
fire, and whose protection area is or may be affected by a fire on nearby federal lands, and
with a focus on protecting lands and rural communities within the wildland-urban interface,
as defined pursuant to ORS 477.027, from fire on federal lands, endeavor to further shared
stewardship to decrease wildfire risk across Oregon through increased partnership with
federal agencies to expand activities under the Good Neighbor Authority Agreement described in ORS 526.275 in federal forests through:
(A) Increasing forest thinning.
(B) Reducing ladder fuels and other hazardous fuel loading.
(C) Restoring meadowland.
(D) Increasing biomass utilization.
(E) Increasing post-disturbance recovery and restoration activities.
(b) Request that the federal agencies fund portions of the activities described in paragraph (a) of this subsection.
(2) Activities undertaken pursuant to subsection (1) of this section must be executed in
a manner that protects and enhances the long-term ecological health of a landscape, in
conformance with the most broadly accepted scientific principles of forestry.

These two pieces of legislation were critical steps in moving forward with a cohesive western states strategy for proactive forest management on federally managed lands to increase production, economic development and family wage jobs while reducing fire risk to our rural communities. 

The data is very clear.

On the ten year average (2014-2023):

  • 82% of acres burned are on federal land.
  • Of the 18% burned on private land, 15% were from fires from federal land.
  • Of the 3% of acres that start and burn on private land, 98% are kept to less than 100 acres.

Moving Forward:

With the passage of my legislation above and the updated data, I have been working to build a coalition of Western State Legislators to move forward a comprehensive proactive federal forest management strategy for a unilateral push on our western state federal delegation. 

I have always said, "our pacific northwest forests are a sustainable, renewable gift to our residents. They sequester carbon, and in doing so they create the most resilient building material on Earth, with a biproduct that is oxygen." Even the environmental for profit non-profits know they can no longer hide behind their "climate change" agenda, when we have the tools and management strategies to protect our federal forests and rural communities from burning to the ground. When they do burn, they release roughly 25% of their stored carbon building material (depending on fire severity), leaving the rest to be released while the trees rot on the forest floor. These thought processes are insane when again, we have the science, data and tools to do so much better.

This is again why I fought to pass the legislation above, so that we may move forward with proven, proactive federal forest management strategies. 

Bootleg fire

On July 6th, 2021, the Bootleg Fire was ignited when lightning struck near the small community of Beatty, Oregon in the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

As you can see from the aerial picture above, the thinning, ladder fuels reduction and prescribed fire saved the portion treated within the Fremont-Winema National Forest, under the worst fire conditions on the third largest wildfire in Oregon history. 

We have the science, we have the data, we have the tools, and I am working to bring the resources we need to implement this strategy within our federal forest system. Working with former Senator Heard, we were able to allocate resources to start the process of building Oregon's only Wildfire Training Center on over 27 acres of land just north of Gold Beach, the mouth of the mighty Rogue River. 

The Rogue-Siskiyou Regional Wildfire Training Center’s (RSR) has already received nearly $1 million dollars in state funding and we are currently actively pursuing federal investment, with board members recently back from a week of meetings in D.C. with key U.S. Senators and Representatives advocating for project funding. In tandem, I am working to again build our western states coalition of legislators to also push for the these needed additional federal investments into our comprehensive proactive federal forest management strategy that mirrors the work within the Fremont-Winema National Forest described above. 

We will then be able to have our hardworking wildland firefighters partner with our private timber companies, and transition during the off-season after wildland fire fighting efforts, to proactive federal forest management to reduce fuel loads while increasing supply of federal timber to our mills, that cannot be exported overseas and our mills desperately need.

Not only will this bolster additional full time, year-round employment in our rural communities, these new jobs will not all be tree fallers and firefighters. We will be able to create opportunities for other positions to allow for our youth, our most important asset, the ability to also have good paying, family wage positions so that they have more opportunities to live and raise their families in our rural communities. This of course all while making our federal forests more resilient and protecting our rural residents, their communities and the industries that support them.

These proactive management efforts will start closest to our communities within our Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) as outlined above in SB 872 that I drafted and passed. Focusing first within the WUI's, we can protect our homes and communities, which will not only protect private lands, but lower the cost of skyrocketing insurance premiums that have been ever increasing due to the negligence from lack of management of federal forest lands. 

We will then continue outward, using the science and data we have and we know works, to create a federal forest system resilient to fire. Restoring historic meadowlands that are natural fire breaks, restoring wildlife habitat and protecting our beloved salmon and other wildlife from the perils of wildfire. 

I have been committed to this work for many years and our efforts are building the needed momentum to move this work forward for our rural communities. We have a housing crisis and Governor Kotek wants to build 36 thousand homes a year in Oregon, and we have the sticks to build them. There is no reason we should be importing any logs to be processed, when we have the resources out our back door. 

Working for You

Legislative and In-District Recap 

sen floor

End of 2024 Legislative Short Session Summary

The 2024 Legislative Short Session came to a close three days early on the evening of Thursday, March 7th. Coming into the Legislative Short Session, I had two Top Priorities: Repeal/Reform Measure 110 and secure the states match of $35 million dollars to move forward the third Oregon Veterans' Home to be built in Roseburg. I am humbled to say, we accomplished both of these critically important issues!

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Senator David Brock Smith and Team Secure Funding for Oregon’s Third Veterans’ Home to be Built in Roseburg

SALEM – SB 5701 has included in Section 500 the State of Oregon’s match of $35 million dollars to fulfill ORS 408.385 that states in part: (1) The Director of Veterans’ Affairs shall establish the Roseburg Oregon Veterans’ Home. (2) The director may seek federal grant funds from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for the purpose of establishing the Roseburg Oregon Veterans’ Home. This statute was updated by HB 2578 in the 2011 Legislative Session and was Chief Sponsored by then Representative Freeman, Co-Speakers Hanna and Roblan, Senators Kruse, Prozanski, and the late Senator Joanne Verger.

“I am incredibly grateful for all the efforts and advocacy by so many of our veterans and residents to bring this funding proposal to fruition to support our Oregon Veterans who have given so much to our country for our freedoms,” said Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford). “My father Frank W. Smith served 27 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander, Mustang. His service included 3 tours in Vietnam, mostly on aircraft in combat as an air crewman. He is an incredible husband, father, friend, and community leader who suffers from the terrible debilitating disease, dementia. The completion of this Veterans’ Home in Roseburg will benefit not only him, but 154 of our Southern Oregon Veterans like him.”

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Oregon Legislative Republicans Urge for Immediate Reconsideration of the Proposed Habitat Conservation Plan

Senator David Brock Smith worked with Oregon Natural Resource Industries President Jen Hamaker, Jeffery Leavy and other Natural Resource industry advocates to have the full Senate and House Republican Caucus's sign a letter to Governor Kotek regarding the harmful impacts of her Board of Forestry's vote on their restrictive alternative for a HCP.

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Strengthening Support for Survivors of Child Abuse, Domestic and Sexual Violence

SALEM, OR – Today, the Oregon Senate passed House Bill 4140 with overwhelming bipartisan support. The bill stabilizes and increases support for kids who have experienced child abuse and survivors of domestic or sexual violence.

“It is critically important that the Legislature supports Oregon’s child advocacy centers so they can meet escalating behavioral health needs and evidence-based interventions for children who experience abuse and victims of human trafficking. I am confident HB 4140 can make tangible differences for the communities and children they serve,” said Senator David Brock Smith (R - Port Orford), a co-sponsor of HB 4140.

The legislature is also passed appropriations sponsored by Senator David Brock Smith, Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp and others to support survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

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Financial Relief for Wildfire Victims Passes Oregon Senate

SALEM, Ore. – Today, the Oregon Senate unanimously voted to pass SB 1520, a bill which allows Oregon wildfire victims to recover and rebuild their lives without the additional strain of taxation or settlements related to their wildfire losses. The measure proposes to exempt legal settlements from state income taxes for wildfire occurring after January 1, 2020, that were declared state and federal emergencies.

“I appreciate the work of Senator Boquist and am grateful for our colleagues in passing SB 1520,” said Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford), a chief sponsor. “Too many of my constituents from Curry to Douglas Counties have lost their homes to wildfire due to a lack of management of our federal forest lands. SB 1520 exempts taxes on settlements associated with the loss of their homes due to wildfire. This is the right thing to do.”

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Senator Brock Smith, Representative Goodwin Introduce Amendment to Address Illegal Immigrant Fentanyl Dealers

SALEM, Ore. – Monday, Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) and Representative Christine Goodwin (R-Canyonville) introduced a common sense amendment to HB 4002 that would flag ICE when a fentanyl dealer and manufacturer is in violation of federal immigration law.

Illegal cartel drugs like fentanyl continue to flow across America’s borders and into the veins of Oregonians at record levels. That is why a group of legislators including Brock Smith and Goodwin expressed their strong support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his efforts to secure portions of the southern border in a letter earlier this month. The -4 amendment addresses this issue on the ground by utilizing local law enforcement in coordination with federal immigration authorities.

“The Biden Administration has refused to enforce our immigration laws and because of it, we’re seeing mass illegal immigration across the southern border. Oregon is not immune to the consequences of an open border,” said Senator Brock Smith. “Measure 110 made Oregon a destination for cartels and illegal drug traffickers to poison our kids and communities without consequence. The -4 amendment to HB 4002 is needed to save lives by deporting illegal drug dealers.”

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Oregonians Win as the Oregon Senate Recriminalizes Hard Drugs through Historic Vote in Repealing/Reforming Measure 110

"I went into this '24 Legislative Short Session with two top priorities. To repeal/reform Measure 110, that would give law enforcement the tools they need to save lives while protecting our residents, and to secure the needed $35 million dollars to begin the process of establishing Oregon's Third Veterans' Home in Roseburg," said Senator David Brock Smith.

SALEM – Today, the Oregon State Senate voted to repeal/reform Measure 110 and end the decriminalization experiment that has cost so many Oregonians their lives and has torn families and their communities apart.

“Since the Majority Party refused to address recriminalizing drugs in the 2023 Legislative Session, I called for a Special Session to repeal Measure 110 in October of last year, to save lives and give our law enforcement officers the tools they need to protect the health, lives, and safety of our residents, said Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford). As the Joint Committee On Addiction and Community Safety Response was formed and began their work, my Senate and House Republican colleagues joined Representative Reschke and I on the call for a Special Session to repeal the failed experiment that was Measure 110 and recriminalize hard drugs.”

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Oregon Coastal Caucus Urges BOEM to Address Concerns Before Advancing Offshore Wind Projects

BOEM’s Compliance with proposed Oregon legislation crucial to responsible and meaningful engagement with Oregonians 

SALEM, OR – Today, the Oregon Legislative Coastal Caucus has issued a resounding call for the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to address significant concerns before advancing offshore wind projects off the coast of Oregon. In a letter to BOEM Director Klein, the Caucus expressed extreme disappointment with BOEM's decision to finalize two Wind Energy Areas (WEAs) without adequately addressing the concerns of coastal communities, industries, and tribes.

“BOEM’s recent and surprising move to finalize the WEAs in the face of the overwhelming opposition from a broad group of stakeholders is just wrong,” said Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford). “My Coastal Caucus colleagues and I have been fully engaged in bringing together a broad spectrum of voices and passed HB 3375 in the 2021 Session to create further public engagement and set the table for organizations like the Midwater Trawlers Cooperative to continue in their efforts. I strongly urge Director Klein, the Biden Administration and BOEM to halt any further action and truly engage with our communities and stakeholders.”

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PNWER, Sutherlin FFA and Oregon Cattlemen's Association Legislator of the Year Award

I have had the opportunity to be a delegate to the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) since joining the Oregon Legislature in 2017, focusing on economic development, natural resource and energy policy.

Sutherlin High School FFA chapter officers, representing 152 FFA members at Sutherlin High School came to visit their Capitol. The Officers were: President Jada Gary, Vice President Marley Griggs, Treasurer Lainey Sherman, Reporter Hailey Holgate and Sentinel Gabrielle Cook. They were joined by their Instructor/FFA Advisor Wes Crawford, Sutherlin High School Agricultural Science & Technology. Our farmers, ranchers and producers are the backbone of our communities and I so appreciate our FFA members and their work.

I am honored to receive the Oregon Cattlemen's Association top award from my friend and colleague, Wallowa County Commissioner and OCA President Todd Nash. Thank you to OCA's members for all of your work and support of the State Meat Inspection Program.

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Oregon Senator David Brock Smith to Co-Chair CSG West’s Public Safety Committee

The Council of State Governments West (CSG West-which includes the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming) has appointed Oregon Senator David Brock Smith as Co-Chair of the Public Safety Committee for 2024. Senator Brock Smith represents District 1 in the Oregon Senate, which encompasses all of Curry and most Coos and Douglas Counties. He will serve alongside Co-Chair Senator Matt Claman of District H in the Alaska Senate.

“I look forward to working with colleagues across the region on public safety issues affecting our communities and to foster collaboration to address them,” stated Senator Brock Smith. “Here in Oregon, Measure 110 has caused drug addiction, homelessness, and crimes to increase unchecked. Working together across the national western region, we can assist each other in finding meaningful solutions and solid tools for our law enforcement officers to protect the health, life and safety of our residents,” concluded Senator Brock Smith.

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Oregon Republicans Stand with Texas on Securing the Border, Send Letter to Governor Greg Abbott

SALEM, Ore. – Yesterday, a group of Oregon House and Senate Republicans along with
the Chair of the Oregon Republican Party penned a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott
applauding his unprecedented efforts to secure the southern border in the absence of
support from the White House and federal agencies.

Read More HERE and HERE, read more about the movement of illegal drugs in Oregon HERE

Bay Area Chamber Economic Forum, International Port of Coos Bay, Dorothy's incredible work saving lives in WWII and her 100th Birthday Celebration, Douglas County School District's Superintendents Meeting, Coquille River STEP Associations Annual Meeting

I had the opportunity to join community and business leaders of Coos County and speak at the 31st Annual Bay Area Economic Outlook Forum.

I have been working with stakeholders on the Pacific Coast Intermodal Port Project for a number of years. This project will provide additional capacity for imports, create a new gateway for Oregon and U.S. exports, and generate significant positive economic development for rural Oregon, growing the export opportunities for our farmers, ranchers and producers of Southwest Oregon, while greatly reducing their transportation costs. The PCIP will be the first fully ship-to-rail port facility on the U.S. West Coast, significantly reducing the number of trucks on the road. We were able to secure $40 million dollars toward this project.

I had the honor and privilege to join Dorothy Nickerson and local Veterans to celebrate her 100th Birthday at the VFW in Gold Beach. Dorothy is still as sharp as a tack and the memories she shared of her life with me and other attendees were inspiring. 

Representatives Osborne, Boice, Wright and Goodwin joined me in speaking with some of our Douglas County School District Superintendents. We had a robust discussion about our students, their education and district infrastructure. We have incredible students and they need our support in their education and extra curricular activities. Many of us have been opposed to the Oregon Department of Education's reduction in graduation requirements. We were however able to pass legislation that I sponsored last session that requires students to complete one half-credit of higher education and career path skills and one half-credit of personal financial education as requirements for high school diploma.

I was incredibly humbled and honored to receive the Coquille River STEP Associations Oregon Salmon A+ Legislator of the Year Award at their recent annual meeting for my work on these critical issues. Thank you all again for your impassioned work. It is a privilege to work with you for our residents and their communities on these important issues. We will continue to expand these partnerships and their opportunities with my Legislative Coastal Caucus colleagues up and down the Oregon Coast and into our inland river systems. 

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Mercy's Annual Youth Fundraiser, ONRI's Annual Meeting, Oregon Wine Association, Roseburg High School AP Government Class on Measure 110, Umpqua Homes Inc., CASA of Douglas County, Douglas Timber Operators

Over the last 30 years, Mercy Foundation’s Festival of Trees has raised more than $5 million to benefit youth and families through programs that promote health and wellness. 

I want to thank Oregon Natural Resources & Industries Board (ONRI) and members for all of their incredible advocacy. It was a privilege to join them at their annual meeting and hear from their board and members. I appreciated Oregon Angler's Alliance presentation by my friend Leonard Krug, as we work together on a lot of salmonid issues in our district and around the state. I want to also thank Representatives Goodwin, Boice and Stout for joining us.

Our winegrowers and vineyards are a critical part of our region and district's economy. I have the honor of serving as the Co-Chair of the Oregon Legislative Wine Caucus. 

I had the pleasure to join the AP Government Classes at Roseburg High School to have a discussion regarding Measure 110 and listen to their perspective on the impacts to their families, Roseburg and their surrounding communities.

I want to thank UHI Executive Director Natasha Atkinson and two of her Board Members for their work for one of our vulnerable populations in Roseburg and Douglas County. Representative Boice and I had the opportunity to join them at their office before visiting a number of their properties, while learning more about their efforts and meeting some of their staff and residents. 

Representative Boice and I had the opportunity to join Commissioner Freeman, CASA of Douglas County's Executive Director Angela Gross, her staff and volunteers for their Annual Pajama Drive. Court Appointed Special Advocates play a critical roll for our youth in distress. I have been working with CASA for well over a decade, as a former County Commissioner and liaison to the Juvenile Department, District Attorney, Child Advocacy and Sheriff's Office, and now as a member of the Legislative Ways & Means Subcommittee on Public Safety. 

Representatives Osborne, Goodwin and Boice, Douglas County Commissioners Kress, Freeman, Boice and I had the pleasure to join DTO members for their annual awards celebration at Melrose Vineyards. 

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President Biden's BOEM Offshore Wind, Umpqua Community College's Legacy Ball, Honoring Veterans, Senate President Wagner Visits Roseburg and Bandon for Douglas, Coos & Curry County Community Leaders Listening Session and Supporting Our Oregon Agriculture

I have been pushing back on the federal agency Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (CLICK HERE) push for offshore wind off of my southern Oregon coastal District since long before 2019. BOEM had their first task force meeting on this in March of 2011 and part of the initial process was the Territorial Sea Plan.

I had the opportunity to join Representatives Osborne and Goodwin, Douglas County Commissioner Freeman and hundreds of Umpqua Valley community leaders and residents to support Umpqua Community College.

I was honored to join Representatives Osborne & Boice, Douglas County Commissioners Freeman & Boice (Commissioner Kress was judging the parade) and Congresswoman Hoyle at the Annual Roseburg Veterans Parade. 

Many of you may remember and participated when we were able to bring, for the first time, the Oregon Legislature's Joint Committee on Ways & Means (the Legislative Committee that is tasked with the state's budget) to Roseburg in April of last year to listen to your funding priorities. 

In November, we had the opportunity to have Oregon Senate President Robert Wagner to listen to some community leaders of Douglas, Coos and Curry Counties in Roseburg and Bandon about those same priorities and more.

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Oregon Outdoor Recreation, Douglas County Livestock Association, Legislative Days at the Capitol, Constituents in Salem, Holding the Majority to Follow the Law, Measure 110 Repeal

I had the opportunity to join hundreds of Oregonians at the Mill Casino in Coos Bay to present our work, six years in the making, on moving the Oregon Coast Trail forward. 

I had the opportunity to join over 400 of our incredible residents at the Douglas County Livestock Association Annual Meeting in Roseburg. As a member of the minority in the Oregon Legislature, legislation does not get a public hearing without the majority allowing it to happen. I introduced HB 3372, the legislation to create the State Meat Inspection Program, during our 2019 Legislative Session. This legislation essentially created a USDA meat inspection program through ODA for Oregon, where small processors that meet USDA standards can process and package the product that can then be sold commercially within stores in Oregon. It is a huge win for our producers, our small processors, our rural communities across the state and their residents.

I attended a court hearing brought by Oregon Right to Life and two of my Republican colleagues, Senator Weber and Representative McIntire. At issue in the court case is a law that the majority party of the legislature refused to follow. The law in question requires summaries of bills to be written in a manner that meets an objective standard of readability so all Oregonians can understand how the law may effect their livelihoods. It was meant to bring transparency and accountability to the laws that your Senators and Representatives pass.

I want to thank my fellow Senate Republicans for joining me and Representative Reschke in calling on the Governor to deal with the Measure 110 crisis. As stated in my press release and to the Governor, “Measure 110 has failed Oregonians and the overwhelming majority want change,” said Senator Brock Smith.

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Standing With Israel, Supporting our Umpqua Valley Youth and Oregon Forest Resources Panel

Like you, we condemn the abhorrent terrorist attacks on the Israeli people and stand with them and our Jewish communities. 

I had the privilege to join Representative Osborne and hundreds of community residents to support the youth of Roseburg and the Umpqua Valley at the 16th Annual Celebrate Kids Dinner & Auction for the Boy's & Girls Club of the Umpqua Valley.

I had the honor to be invited as the Senate Republican to speak to our Oregon forest landowners at their Oregon Forest Industries Council Annual Meeting.

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Senator David Brock Smith Appointed to the Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority Board

SALEM – The IFA Board is the policy and advisory body to the Infrastructure Finance Authority within Business Oregon. There is only one Senator allowed to serve on the Board and the term is four years.

“I am honored for the opportunity to serve on Oregon’s IFA Board and appreciate Senate President Wagner for his confidence in my knowledge and ability to help manage the work of the Infrastructure Finance Authority, their critical infrastructure projects and the resources that fund them,” said Senator David Brock Smith.

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Senator David Brock Smith Recaps Some of the Successful Work of the 2023 Legislative Session

SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon Legislature has officially adjourned the 2023 Legislative Session. State Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) is recognizing the adjournment of the session by highlighting important legislation he Chief Sponsored that has passed that will benefit Southwest Oregon and Oregonians across the state.

“As a member of the Minority Party in the Oregon Legislature, no legislation receives a public hearing, moves through a committee or passes a chamber without the Majority Party allowing it to occur,” said Senator David Brock Smith. “I am proud to have been able to work with my legislative colleagues to move these bills forward and appreciate all of the work that went into these pieces of legislation becoming law. I am however disappointed that legislation regarding election integrity, personal and private property rights, and others that I drafted did not move forward. I will give future updates on other sponsored legislation that I worked to also pass, resources that we successfully brought back to Senate District 1 and important legislation that was drafted to protect the rights, liberties and freedoms of my constituents that I will continue to fight for. However today, we focus on the positive gains for our rural Oregon residents, their communities and the businesses that support them,” Senator Brock Smith concluded.

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Virtual Tour of Your Senate District 1 Capitol Office

Many of you do not have the opportunity to visit your Senate District 1 office in the Capitol.

As you will see in the pictures below, a lot of the decorations are from our Senate District 1, as well as awards from various organizations for my work. The inner office has of course our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution hanging on the wall.

I have always flown our American Flag in our Capitol Office window. An LED light comes on automatically at night to light the flag for all to see from the street.








office 7





Senate District 1 is Large and Diverse


Senate District 1, Southwest Oregon's Fish, Farm & Forestry District that spans from the Timber Capitol to the Coast, is and has been my home for three generations. I absolutely love Southwest Oregon, its residents and I appreciate every diverse corner that makes it the best in the state. 

From leading the Republican effort to stop Cap & Trade, to creating the Oregon State Meat Inspection Program, fighting for our 2nd Amendment, personal and property rights, helping our crab fishermen, working to restore salmon runs and habitat, doing all we can to stop federal BOEM's offshore wind, to repealing/reforming Measure 110 and giving our Law Enforcement Officers the tools they need to protect the health, life and safety of our residents, I have and will always be committed to the residents, their communities and the businesses that support them, of Douglas, Coos and Curry Counites in our Senate District 1. 


Thank you

It is a honor and privilege to work for the residents of Douglas, Coos and Curry Counties in District 1 as your Oregon State Senator. I will continue to fight for our rural conservative values, our residents, communities and the businesses that support them. We must remain vigilant, to protect our children, our families and our communities from democrat policies that will degrade our rural communities and our beloved Oregon.

Please CLICK HERE for more information and work for our residents. 

Please CLICK HERE to view videos of my work on your behalf. 

Thank you for your all of your continued advocacy and support.

Be safe and God Bless you, your family and your neighbor. 


Yours Truly, 

David Brock Smith

Senator David Brock Smith

Together, We Will Build a Better Oregon

Senator David Brock Smith

Senate District 1
Curry, Coos, and Douglas Counties
Southwest Oregon’s Fish, Farm, and Forestry District.
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1701
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-316, Salem, Oregon 97301