Senator David Brock Smith Recaps Some of the Successful Work of the 2023 Legislative Session

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Senator David Brock Smith

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Contact: Shelia Megson
Chief of Staff

Date: June 30th, 2023

Senator David Brock Smith Recaps Some of the Successful Work of the 2023 Legislative Session


SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon Legislature has officially adjourned the 2023 Legislative Session. State Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) is recognizing the adjournment of the session by highlighting important legislation he Chief Sponsored that has passed that will benefit Southwest Oregon and Oregonians across the state:

  • HCR 2 - In memoriam: Kendra "Kennie" Parry (1947-2021)
  • HB 2161 - Increases the value of small forestland owner forest conservation tax credit for Small Forestland Owners (SFOs) by increasing certified stumpage value by 25 percent.
  • HB 2192 - Aligns criteria for alteration, restoration or replacement of dwellings on lands zoned for forest use consistent with criteria applicable to dwellings on lands zoned for farm use. Repeals temporary changes made in 2013 to laws authorizing alteration, restoration or replacement for dwellings on lands zoned for exclusive farm use and further amends those laws.
  • HB 2237 - Changes terms of members of board of property tax appeals from one year to two years.
  • HB 2294 - Establishes program within Apprenticeship and Training Division of Bureau of Labor and Industries to make grants to local service districts and local joint committees that develop and administer pilot projects for firefighter apprenticeship training.
  • HB 2522 - Instructs State Fire Marshal to establish Rural Structural Fire Protection Review Committee to review certain provisions concerning structural fire protection and report on review and related recommendations to one or more relevant committees or interim committees of Legislative Assembly on or before September 15, 2024.
  • HB 2576 - Confers exclusive jurisdiction on Oregon Tax Court for judicial review of questions arising under local government tax laws that impose taxes on or measured by net income.
  • HB 2732 - Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Department of Justice for Crime Victim and Survivor Services Division, for distribution to eligible children's advocacy centers.
  • HB 2898 - Extends time during which recreational vehicle may be sited on lot with single-family dwelling that was damaged by natural disaster.
  • HB 2965 - Cancels outstanding ad valorem property taxes and interest assessed on property transferred from federal government to port district.
  • HB 2966 - Authorizes State Department of Fish and Wildlife to waive certain requirements for black bass and walleye angling competitions if department determines that limiting black bass or walleye populations would benefit native fish species or ecological health of body of water.
  • HB 3086 - Clarifies process of Senate confirmation of members of State Fish and Wildlife Commission. Changes include members chosen by River Basin Regions rather than by Congressional Districts.
  • HB 3382 - Allows local government to adopt land use exception to Goal 16 under certain conditions for applications for deep draft navigation channel improvements in Oregon International Port of Coos Bay.
  • HB 3442 - Authorizes local governments to allow, prohibit, require zone change for or subject to conditional use permit development of certain affordable housing on certain lands within tsunami inundation zones or 100-year floodplains.
  • HB 3584 - Directs schools or school districts to provide electronic communication to parents and guardians of students attending, and to school district employees employed at, school at which safety threat action occurred.
  • HJR 16 - Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to vest power of impeachment of statewide elected Executive Branch officials in House of Representatives and power to try impeachments in Senate.
  • SB 3 - Requires students to complete one half-credit of higher education and career path skills and one half-credit of personal financial education as requirements for high school diploma.
  • SB 479 - Directs State Department of Agriculture to adopt rules allowing donation of meat to charitable organizations and other organizations that offer food for noncommercial purposes.
  • SB 498 – Supports family farmers, foresters, and fisherman by creating a $15 million exclusion from the estate tax for natural resource properties.
  • SB 736 - Requires Department of Education to conduct study to identify how to increase access to advanced instruction for purpose of preparing students for college and career.
  • SB 814 - Declares intent of Legislative Assembly to displace competition under state action doctrine to allow public cargo or passenger port located in this state and any other public port, including member of Northwest Marine Terminal Association, to coordinate, reach agreements on and implement action that is within port's authority, including actions to specify rates and charges, rules, practices and procedures with respect to cargo and passenger service operations and planning, development, management, marketing, operations and uses of public port facilities.
  • SB 835 - Directs Environmental Quality Commission to adopt rules setting forth conditions for approving proposal to permanently connect accessory dwelling unit located on same lot or parcel as single-family dwelling to same subsurface sewage disposal system or alternative sewage disposal system.
  • SB 872 - Instructs State Forestry Department to endeavor to partner with federal agencies to undertake certain activities in federal forests related to fire prevention and request that federal agencies fund portions of activities.
  • SB 1013 - Permits counties to allow certain rural homeowners to site one recreational vehicle on their property.

“As a member of the Minority Party in the Oregon Legislature, no legislation receives a public hearing, moves through a committee or passes a chamber without the Majority Party allowing it to occur,” said Senator David Brock Smith. “I am proud to have been able to work with my legislative colleagues to move these bills forward and appreciate all of the work that went into these pieces of legislation becoming law. I am however disappointed that legislation regarding election integrity, personal and private property rights, and others that I drafted did not move forward. I will give future updates on other sponsored legislation that I worked to also pass, resources that we successfully brought back to Senate District 1 and important legislation that was drafted to protect the rights, liberties and freedoms of my constituents that I will continue to fight for. However today, we focus on the positive gains for our rural Oregon residents, their communities and the businesses that support them,” Senator Brock Smith concluded.





Senator David Brock Smith represents Senate District 1, which includes Curry, Coos and Douglas Counties. This press release and an archive of previous press releases issued by Senator David Brock Smith’s office are available on the web at:



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