Transparency Update Bulletin April - May 2023: Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) - Revenue Resources

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Transparency Update Bulletin

April - May 2023

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) - Revenue Resources

Pinocchio in Oregon - Business & Economic Development - Enterprise Zones

Oregon Transparency Program Summary



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The Oregon Transparency Website provides resources that will help you learn more about state government, how it works, what your taxes buy, how purchasing decisions are made and more! 

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State Data and Transparency Resources

Business Oregon



State Library of Oregon

State of Oregon Library


Enterprise Information Services

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Department of Administrative Services

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Oregon Open Data

Oregon Open Data Program


Oregon GIS Imagery

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Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)


What is Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)?

ORS 183.310(9) defines "rule" as any agency directive, standard, regulation or statement of general applicability that implements, interprets or prescribes law or policy, or describes the procedure or practice requirements of any agency.


Access Oregon Administrative Rules Database (OARD)​

The Oregon Administrative Rules Database (OARD) allows users to readily browse and search for rules information.


Agency Links to Oregon Administrative Rules

HB 2370 requires agencies that maintain webpages with agency rules to display those webpage links on the Oregon Transparency website. You can also download the Administrative Rules listing from

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Revenue Resources


A variety of revenue sources fund the operation of our state government. 

The state budget allocates all revenue resources including General Fund, Lottery, Federal, and Other Funds that pay for public services. The budget may also authorize debt financing for projects and activities.



Multiple Reporting Data

The revenue report shows the total General Fund, Other Funds, Lottery Funds, and Federal Fund revenues, projected to be available to agencies during the biennium. View the Report


Oregon's Budget Process

  1. Agency Request Budget: Agencies start the budget early in even-numbered years to develop their Agency Request Budget.
  2. Governor's Recommended Budget: The Governor and the Chief Financial Officer review the budget requests. They use the Governor’s priorities, budget policies, and current law to make budget decisions. The Governor’s Recommended Budget document summarizes those decisions.
  3. Legislatively Adopted Budget: Once the Governor's Recommended Budget is received, legislative committees review the proposed budget. They hold public hearings to request feedback from each agency and the public. The Legislature votes on each budget bill. The budget bills that are enacted into law make up the Legislatively Adopted Budget.

Budget Resources and Links



Oregon Lottery Funds

Lottery dollars play a vital role helping support thousands of projects across the state and in every one of Oregon’s 36 counties. Today, almost 26% of Lottery funds are allocated for job creation and economic growth, assisting a variety of Oregon’s industries. Read the Report

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Transparency Bytes



Pinocchio in Oregon

Award-winning Portland produced stop-motion feature film directly impacted the Film Industry and Oregon's stop-motion animation legacy. This internationally celebrated film spent nearly $46 million in production in the state.

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Biz Dev

Business & Economic Development

State agencies and programs, such as Business Oregon, Oregon Film, Tax & Energy Credits and the Oregon Lottery, support the state's business development initiatives.

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Enterprise Zone

Oregon's Enterprise Zones

There are currently 76 enterprise zones in the state of Oregon that create better opportunities for business and employment across Oregon.

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Transparency History Bulletin

Oregon Transparency Program

Opening state government to everyone. The transparency program created an open resource where Oregon taxpayers can easily access the details on how the state is spending their tax dollars and what performance results are achieved for those expenditures.


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