Transparency Update Bulletin: March 2023

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Transparency Update Bulletin

March 2023

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Oregon Produced "Pinocchio" Wins Multiple Awards

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Pinocchio in Oregon.

Award-Winning Portland Produced Stop-Motion Feature Impacts Film Industry and Oregon's Stop-Motion Animation Legacy.


Pinocchio Award


Celebrating the Oregon Pioneered Art Form: 

Stop Motion Animation

The animated feature film, “Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio”, won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at this year's ceremony. This adds to the film’s other awards including the Golden Globe, British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) and Critics Choice Awards. 


Global Reach and Local Support

With over four years of production through Portland based animation studio, ShadowMachine, this internationally celebrated film spent nearly $46 million in production in the state, including $35 million in local labor, directly impacting 500 jobs. The film received $5.6 million in state incentives.


Recognized Stop-Motion Artistry

The talented artists that created “Pinocchio” represent award-winning work by Oregon's flourishing stop motion film industry here in the state, beginning with Will Vinton and Bob Gardiner’s 1975 Oscar win for their animated short “Closed Mondays”. The list of recognized animation includes the "California Raisins" advertisements and feature films such as “Coraline" and “ParaNorman”.




Oregon: A Creative Filming Destination 

From Emmy winning television productions, Oscar nominated feature films, world class animation and award-winning interactive games, Oregon continues to be a film production destination for creative media producers from around the world. Oregon Film, #OregonMade Creative Foundation and other film-centric organizations collaborate to perpetuate Oregon's film industry reputation. 

Numerous major motion pictures have been filmed in every corner of the state, including "Goonies" (Astoria), "Stand by Me" (Brownsville), "Animal House" (Eugene), "Paint Your Wagon" (East Eagle Creek - Baker County) and "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" (Salem). 


Oregon Film

Oregon Film

Learn more about previous filming locationsOregon's film history, current production locations and film events through the Oregon Film website.


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Opening state government to everyone. The transparency program created an open resource where Oregon taxpayers can easily access the details on how the state is spending their tax dollars and what performance results are achieved for those expenditures.

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There are currently 76 enterprise zones in the state of Oregon that create better opportunities for business and employment across Oregon.

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Oregon Budget Process

The state budget is a tool used to carry out state law and policy decisions. Oregon's budget development process​ occurs in three major phases.

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