Transparency Update June 2022 - Oregon Expenditures

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Transparency Update - June 2022


Multi-Agency - County Lottery - School District - Energy Related Tax Expenditures



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Oregon Transparency Newsletter: June 2022 - Expenditures

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Join us monthly as we explore new website data and transparency topics. 

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The Oregon Transparency Website provides resources that will help you learn more about state government, how it works, what your taxes buy, how purchasing decisions are made and more! 

This month we’ll explore the wide range of Expenditure data, information, charts, reports and resources provided through the Oregon Transparency website. 

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blue lineMulti-Agency Expenditure

Multi-Agency Expenditures

This multi-year report provides information on expenditures (i.e., cash transactions/payments) for the agencies that utilize the Statewide Financial Management Application (SFMA) issued for fiscal years 2021, 2020 and 2019.

Multi-Agency Expenditure Report

blue lineOregon Lottery Expenditure

County Lottery Expenditure and Funding

Each of the 36 Oregon state counties report expenditure information, including how they spent lottery funds for economic development. 

Where does the money come from and where does it go?


lottery video

Lottery funds support economic development. Learn More


blue lineESD Expenditure

Oregon School District Expenditures

The data and information contained in these ESD expenditure reports (i.e., cash transactions/ payments), include:

  • All payments for the fiscal year that were applied to an expense account.
  • Contract and amendment data and information issued by fiscal year.
  • If applicable, payments to employees whose records are specifically protected from disclosure per a protective court, order were removed. Payments to all other employees are included.

ESD Expenditures, Contracts and Salary Report


Oregon Education

Nineteen (19) Educational School Districts (ESDs) serve 36 Oregon counties.



blue lineenergy

Energy Related Tax Expenditures and Credits

Tax expenditures is any law that exempts, in whole or in part, certain persons, income, goods, services or property from the impact of established taxes. 

Tax credits are tax provisions and direct government expenditures including businesses incentives in the form of a tax credit or a direct payment by the state to businesses. 

Tax Expenditure Reports

DOR Statistical Reports


house renew

Bovine Manure Tax Credits





Solar Plus Storage Rebate Program




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