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Newsletter for the Week of 23rd January 2023


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Care Crisis Closes Oswestry Charity

An Oswestry charity which has been helping people with life changing illness or injury achieve independent lives since 1994 will be closing in April 2023

Originally known as Transhouse, the charity was set up in partnership with the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital and the Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries. It was  renamed the Ethos Group Oswestry in 2018.

Running three wheelchair adapted bungalows in Oswestry with places for 10 clients, Ethos supported the spinal injuries unit and patients ready to be discharged to adapt to life changing illness or injury providing physical, mental health, and advocacy support to start their journey to independent living.

Trustee Chairman Martin Bennett said:

“Our philosophy has always been to provide a quality service of wrap-around practical and mental health support to people often with complex needs at the darkest period in their lives, to enable and empower them to live fully and independently.

 “Our service has never been the cheapest option, but we believe it to be cost effective not only because it helps to avoid delayed discharges from hospital, but it reduces readmissions to hospital with, for example, pressure ulcers and permits clients who are able to return to work.”

The closure of the charity has been forced by a complex combination of circumstances. The spiralling cost of care and energy bills pushed up the costs of the service, meaning that Ethos was no longer an automatic first point of call for NHS and social services providers.

Added to the financial costs, the shortage of care workers increased waiting times to set up a care package to around 15 weeks if care workers could be recruited.

The charity was also unable to apply for grant funding to help tide it over due to protracted negotiations over eleven years with Habinteg Housing Association for a new lease which would have provided security of tenure.

Based at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital at Gobowen, Ethos has been involved in talks with the hospital trust for some time exploring different options to try to find a solution to the issues facing both the charity and the hospital.

But the rapidly dwindling finances of the charity meant the trustees had to act to fulfil their responsibilities to the charity, staff and clients and took the difficult decision to close.

Existing Ethos clients have been told of the closure and the charity’s team will be working closely with them, their families and care providers to make sure they are able to move into suitable alternative accommodation and continue their progress towards independent living. The charity will also be working with its three members of staff to support them through the closure.

Third sector trends report cover

New Report Available on Latest Sector Finance Trends

Third Sector Trends has been surveying the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector every three years since 2010. In 2022, 6,071 responses were received across England and Wales (an average of ~600 responses in each region).

The newest report, Third Sector Trends in England and Wales 2022: finances, assets and organisational wellbeing is the third of five reports from Third Sector Trends England and Wales for 2022.

Some of the key trends identified in this latest report include:

Relationships with grant making trusts and foundations more flexible

Relationships with grant funders have changed since 2019. The research shows that many grant makers relaxed their approach to funding during the Covid-19 pandemic (percentages refer to TSOs which ‘agree’ or ‘strongly’ agree with statements).

  • In 2019 only 46 per cent of TSOs stated that they received unrestricted or ‘core funding’ compared with 60 per cent in 2022.
  • In 2019 only a quarter of TSOs reported that grant funders had approached them. This rose to 40 per cent in 2022.

Public service delivery contracts only attracting a small section of organisations

Despite government efforts to incentivise and help prepare TSOs to engage in the delivery of contracts, such opportunities still only attract small section of organisations in the Third Sector.

  • Due to their purpose and scale of their activities, fewer than 5% of micro and small organisations have been interested in public-service delivery contracts since 2013.
  • Medium-sized organisations (income £250,000-£1million) have become progressively less likely to engage in bidding for or delivering contracts – falling from 52% in 2013 to 36% in 2022.
  • Only the biggest TSOs (with income above £1million) have sustained involvement in such work (about 60% of bigger organisations in major urban areas and about 50% of bigger organisations nationally.

The report concludes:

“Organisations that deliver contracts are the most likely to be struggling to retain staff and recruit others. If wages are poor, because contract values are too low, then staff will not be available to deliver them.  And to compound this problem, those TSOs which previously chose to subsidise contracts using trading income may struggle now to do this in challenging economic circumstances.”

Earned income from self-generated trading is falling steadily

Self-generated trading includes the delivery of services that clients pay for (such as childcare or community cafes), ticketing for events, rent of space or production and sale of goods.

  • About 60 per cent of organisations in the Third Sector earn some of their income by delivering contracts or self-generated trading of goods or services.
  • The proportion of TSOs which earn more than 80 per cent of their income from trading has fallen since 2013 from 20% to 14%.
  • The overall proportion of organisations which trade has not increased. In fact it has fallen very slightly, but steadily, from 68 per cent in 2013 to 66 per cent in 2022.

As the report concludes:

“The Third Sector’s own trading activity has been affected by the pandemic.  Many organisations stopped or reduced trading activity during the worst of the lockdowns. Like private businesses, they were not allowed to open for long periods. And, initially at least, when they reopened fewer customers came."

While the report's authors note that the sector's own views of their financial outlook are overall optimistic, this optimism has not historically always correlated with real outcomes. The report concludes with caution for public sector and grant makers to continue to work on sector sustainability moving forward.

Read the full report.


Final Wave of the VCSA Cost of Living Impacts Survey Open Now

The final wave of the VCSA cost of living impacts survey is now open!

Whether you took part in Waves 1-3 or not, please take just 5 minutes to complete these questions and help inform the sector, funders and other stakeholders as to how the cost of living crisis is impacting the VCSE sector in Shropshire.

Wave 4 focuses on income and funding impacts. Take it now! 

Closes Wednesday, 25th January.

NHS asks for feedback on shrewsbury hub

NHS Seeks Views on Proposals for the Shrewsbury Health and Wellbeing Hub from Underheard Groups

NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin wants to hear resident's views on a proposal to create a state-of-the-art hub to benefit the health and wellbeing of patients and the community in the South of Shrewsbury. This phase of community engagement is targeted to those who they have heard less from in previous engagement activity.  

They are seeking the support of community organisations in Shropshire to help them connect with key groups within your networks and to share details of how seldom heard people can get involved in this important piece of work.  

While they are seeking input from everyone potentially affected by the plans for the hub, the NHS is particularly interested in reaching out to and hearing from the following groups:

  • Young people (16-24)
  • Elderly people and in particular those 80+
  • Males
  • People identifying as LGBT+
  • People from diverse ethnic minority groups
  • People with disabilities 
  • Expectant and new parents.

Views are being sought from local communities located around the practices involved in the hub proposal. They are also interested in the views of those who might use the extended services, such as diagnostic services or voluntary and community services. This might include residents in more rural areas and those from outside the immediate areas covered by the practices involved.

Your organisation or network can draw on a number of resources that the NHS has created to help spread the word about the consultation. The toolkit includes:

Those who want to get involved in the consultation should contact Sara Buckley at to start the conversation or to find out more information.

This targeted engagement will continue until the 31st of March, 2023.

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VCSA 2023 Membership Refresh

This year, the VCSA is changing the way it handles membership.

  • Do you want to be contacted with opportunities and news that is specific to your organisation's area of work?
  • Do you want to easily find data on the sector in Shropshire that is up to date and helpful for funding or reporting?
  • Have you ever wondered who else is a VCSA member?
  • Do you wish that the annual State of the Sector survey took a little bit less time to complete?

Then these are all great reasons to renew your membership today! 

The new membership form is now available online, and can be completed by visiting the VCSA website. Each organisation only needs to fill out the form once, and additional contact names can be added whenever you want. Please note, that if you are currently a member and want to continue your VCSA membership, you will need to complete this new form.

Updating your information will also be easy. Each year, you will receive a reminder to check your membership information is up to date, and you will only need to correct any information that has changed. There will be an "update your membership" link on the website very soon, and you can do it at your leisure. It's that simple!

Not a member yet? Then join us! Any voluntary and community sector group or organisation working for the benefit of Shropshire can join free of charge. Your group or organisation can be as active as you choose.

The Assembly allows VCS groups and organisations to:

  • Meet and exchange information, ideas and good practice
  • Discuss common issues and support each other in delivering services
  • Develop shared plans
  • Work more closely with public sector bodies such as Shropshire Council and the Integrated Care System

VCSA members can benefit in many ways, at any level of involvement

  • Hear of networking and funding opportunities
  • Have the opportunity to have a say through local consultations
  • Voice issues and concerns
  • Access helpful reports, analysis and information on the sector
  • Network with other VCS groups and organisations
  • Express an interest in getting involved in local projects or bids
  • Join in at the annual event and attend other VCSA events and workshops


Have Your Say!

Current VCSE Engagement Opportunities


Shropshire Council Budget Consultation 2023/24: Have your say on the Shropshire Council proposed budget for next year. The responses received will be summarised and reported back to our councillors, alongside the budget proposals. Closing 30th January

Shropshire Political Boundaries Review: The Local Government Boundary Commission wants to hear what residents and organisations think about their local area as part of its electoral divisions review. The Commission is reviewing Shropshire to make sure councillors represent about the same number of electors, and that division arrangements help the council work effectively. It wants to be sure that its proposals reflect community ties and identities. The Commission is interested in views on which communities should be part of the same division. What facilities do people share, such as parks, leisure centres or schools and shopping areas? What issues do neighbouring communities face that they have in common, such as high numbers of visitors or heavy traffic? Have there been new housing or commercial developments that have changed the focus of communities? And are there roads, rivers, railways or other features that people believe form strong boundaries between neighbourhoods? Closing 30th January

Veterans' Survey (Office for National Statistics)Over the next 12 weeks, veterans across the country are able to complete the survey to shape the future of veteran services. Funded and commissioned by the Office of Veterans’ Affairs, this is the first ever exercise to collect feedback from the entire veterans community across the UK. Please share the link with your service beneficiaries and encourage them to complete the survey. Closing date 2nd February

Telford and Wrekin Budget Consultation: Every year, Telford & Wrekin Council formally reviews and sets budget plans. This most recent budget proposal covers the period 2023 - 2024 to 2026 - 2027. Closing 5th February

New Home-to-School Transport Policy: Shropshire Council is proposing a revision to its Extremely Hazardous Routes Policy which is how unsafe walking routes are assessed in relation to home-to-school transport. This revision won't affect the number of pupils entitled to free home-to-school transport under this policy, nor does it have any financial impact for the council. Closing 10th February

Sustainable Affordable Warmth Strategy: Shropshire Council has produced a draft Sustainable Affordable Warmth Strategy.  This sets out the importance of tackling fuel poverty, improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions from domestic dwellings. The Homes and Communities team is inviting your feedback. Closing 5th March

Rural Cost of Living Household Survey: The Rural Services Network has launched this survey in partnership with the Citizens Advice Rural Issues Group. Independent research commissioned by the RSN in summer last year shows rural areas are suffering more acutely from the cost of living crisis compared to urban areas. To lend more weight to the argument for more funding for rural areas the RSN is calling on as many rural residents as possible to complete a Rural Cost of Living Household Survey. The purpose of the survey is to understand more about rural household budgets at, what is, a very difficult time for many. Closing 31st March

Interested in having your organisation's stories of success featured in our newsletter, website or social media? We want to hear from you! Contact:


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Events and Training Opportunities

kingston voluntary action logo

Health & Inequalities - Bitesize Trainings

The Bite-size talks and training seeks to empower residents to have practical, everyday conversations around preventing and living better with long term health conditions. These conditions affect individuals and communities very differently, often resulting from health inequalities, which will also be discussed.

The training will initially be covering in separate sessions: Type 2 Diabetes, Mental Health, Cardiovascular disease, COPD, and Cancer, before they open up to other health areas. The sessions will look at national and local data, and local interventions to which they can signpost.

Sessions will be hosted by Kingston Voluntary Action with guest clinical / professional speakers and a short Q&A to best support those around us.

These sessions are for small VCSE groups, Community Champions or Coaches and anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the five long-term health conditions that Core20PLUS5 is focusing on. Each session covers one of the long-term health conditions.

Upcoming dates:

Thursday 16 February 2023 from 11:15-12:15

Thursday 16 March  2023 from 11:15-12:15

Thursday 20 April  2023 from 11:15-12:15

Register here via Eventbrite.

SSYN meeting

Next meeting Wed 25th Jan. To book your place and receive a meeting link, email Marinke Fontein. 

eye care poster

Register via Eventbrite.

SaTH logo

About Health – Transforming hospital services: the future of Future Fit

Tuesday 24th January 18:30-19:30

Join the ‘About Health’ event on Tuesday 24 January, 18:30 – 19:30, to find out more.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals (SaTH) Hospital Transformation Programme team, including clinical leads, will be giving a presentation on the progress of the Hospital Transformation Programme.  You will be able to find out more on the plans that have been developed, opportunities for you to get involved and what will happen next.

The About Health event is open to everyone and you can submit questions in advance to

Involving People and Communities Workshop

Join in person on 9 February, 1pm to 4pm, at Meeting Point House in Telford to shape the next steps for putting our Involving People and Communities Strategy into practice. The NHS have made positive steps in developing our approach to involving people and communities, but they are committed to work together to further strengthen their approach with input from partners and the communities they serve.

As a new organisation, NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, this year, published its strategy ‘Our Approach to Involving People and Communities’, which was developed following a series of workshops and engagement.    It describes their principles for involving people, their governance, roles and responsibilities, and methods for involvement, aligned to national guidance but influenced by local voices and context.    

This workshop will be the fourth in a series, following on from: 

#1 ‘Involving the VCSE’, May 2021 

#2 ‘Making involvement and co-production business as usual’, September 2021 

#3 ‘Developing our strategy for involving people and communities’, March 2022   

The purpose of the workshop will be:

  • to provide an overview of our approach to involvement and the progress we have made
  • to identify any barriers to achieving what we set out in our strategy and possible solutions and opportunities to prioritise what else do we need to do 
  • to develop our approach to evaluating and measuring the effectiveness and impact of involving people and communities.

They hope you can join us. Refreshments will be provided.  

Click here to register.

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NCVO The Road Ahead 2023 Launch


Date | Wednesday 25 January Time | 12.00–13.00

The NCVO will soon be releasing the Road Ahead 2023. Join the launch event to better understand their key findings and gain tips from a panel of guest speakers.


Register here

woman undergoing functional fitness mot

Community Resource Functional Fitness MOTs


Upcoming dates & locations:

  • 27th January, Bridgnorth, Castle Hall
  • 18th February, Newport, Cosy Hall         
  • 21st February, Church Stretton, Leisure Centre

Download printable flyer here

To book a FREE 2.5-hour appointment call 01743 360641 or email

SIP logo


Meet the SIP Voluntary and Community Support Team


Bishops Castle Library, Enterprise House

25th January 10am - 2pm

The SIP Voluntary & Community Support Team offers free advice, guidance and support to local charitable groups and organisations.

Whether you are thinking of setting up a community group, a fairly new group or organisation, or have been established for many years, they can support you with advice and guidance, training, volunteer brokerage, and grant and funding support.

Come and meet the team and learn more about what they can offer your organisation! 

Download the SIP Team informational flyer.


SAND logo

LGBT+ Awareness Course

SAND's public training

Tuesday 7th February 2023 - Face-to-Face, Central Shrewsbury

£40 per person

Get tickets here via Eventbrite

Targeting staff and volunteers:

  • working in health and social care, voluntary sector, housing and other associated services.
  • working in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin

This half-day LGBT+ awareness raising course has a specific focus on issues impacting on LGBT+ people accessing services as we age. It provides a safe space for people to explore and discuss issues relating to creating safe, inclusive and welcoming environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people, in particular focusing on older and old LGBT people. 

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Job / Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer ‘Buddies’ Sought to Help People Feel Less Isolated

Shropshire charity Community Resource is inviting people to volunteer to help those who are isolated become more active and to help alleviate inactivity and social exclusion.

Community Resource already has over 50 people volunteering for projects including supporting people with hearing and sight loss, helping at dementia support groups, assisting at ‘Functional Fitness MOT’ Falls Prevention events and acting as representatives for people in care homes.

The charity is keen to hear from potential ‘Buddy’ volunteers; individuals who would be interested in accompanying people who are feeling isolated and alone and need some motivation, support, or encouragement to get involved in local activities. Activities that volunteers participate in may include exercise classes, walking groups or yoga classes.

Download the Flyer Here!

Sue Chalk, Head of Service at Community Resource, said:

“Research has shown that physical activity is vitally important for the physical and mental health of people of all ages. Many of us would like to be more active but the idea of turning up at an activity such as an exercise class on our own can be very daunting.

“As a ‘Buddy’ you could provide the support that enables someone to take that crucial first step to get involved in something new. As a result, you are helping them become more active, more resilient, participating in their local community and meeting and socialising with new people with common interests.” 

To become a Buddy, volunteers will be given appropriate training and undertake a DBS check, which Community Resource will arrange. There are no set criteria for the amount of time someone needs to give, with flexible opportunities depending on people’s availability.

Sue added:

“You may be newly retired, have just moved to the area or would simply like to support your local community. Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to volunteer and try to make a difference. If you have some spare time, think you could help and would like to get involved we would love to hear from you.”

To find out more and express your interest, please contact Community Resource on 01743 360641 or email


Age UK Seeks Volunteer Recruitment Assistant


£18,703 Pro Rata


BASED IN 4 Bellstone Shrewsbury SY1 1HX


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Age UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin. They are seeking a motivated individual to support us with their ongoing volunteer recruitment. This will include helping to process volunteer applications to ensure they respond to enquiries speedily.

The successful applicant will be required to support the volunteer recruitment officer to promote their need for volunteers, process applications accurately and in a timely manner and assist with volunteer induction and training.

You will require good IT skills, an eye for detail and an ability to maintain accurate records.

Closing date: Monday, 23 January 2023

Interviews: Wednesday, 1 February 2023

For further information and an application pack (please note they do not accept CVs) contact:

Age UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin,

4 Bellstone, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 1HX

Tel: 01743 233123  Email:

save our shropshire logo hand holding globe

Volunteer Opportunity: Venue Manager for Carbon Literacy Training

Save Our Shropshire are delivering a series of workshops across Telford and Wrekin in 2023 in village halls, community centres and similar locations. We need a volunteer to support this activity

They are looking for an organized venue manager to handle the operations, maintenance, and bookings for venues which we will use for their workshops. In this role, you will be required to enquire about venues, secure bookings, liaise with local managers of venues, and coordinate the logistics of events.

There is a more detailed description and information about how to apply on the Save Our Shropshire website.

Do you have a job or volunteer opportunity you would like us to promote? Please send your information to and we will include it in our next newsletter!

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Grant and Funding News

New SC logo banner

Applications Now Open for Shropshire Council’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund Pot

Following the recent announcement of £12.4 million of UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) money, Shropshire Council are pleased to announce that the first window for applications is now open for feasibility and research work.

Please note: Applications close on Saturday 28 January 2023.

The funding, from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, is available to registered legal entities, including VCSE sector organisations, who are looking to undertake feasibility and research work that will support the delivery of UKSPF in Shropshire. Organisations can apply for single projects up to a maximum value of £30,000.

This call is for feasibility and research work only and eligible activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Externally commissioned work
  • Primary and desktop research and options analysis
  • Surveys, ballots, and other public consultations
  • Proof of concept development
  • Evaluation exercises.

Expenditure not suitable for the funding include:-

  • Planning or other statutory fees
  • Running costs or salaries
  • Post-RIBA stage 2 (in relation to construction projects).

Organisations have until Saturday 28 January 2023 to apply, and further details on how to do so are available on the Invest in Shropshire website. The site also includes links to detailed information about UKSPF. Further opportunities for applying for UKSPF funds will be announced in due course.

A briefing paper with updates from Shropshire Council on the UKSPF released 12th January is available to download here.

If you have any queries or wish to speak with a member of the team in more detail, please email

Smart Energy GB in Communities Fund Reopens for 2023

Smart Energy GB, the national campaign for the smart meter rollout, launched the five-year Smart Energy GB in Communities Fund in May 2016 with the aim that every home in Britain would be offered a smart meter within five years at no additional cost.

In 2023, there are three funding streams, each targeting a specific audience:

  • Grants for organisations reaching people who are in fuel poverty: £15,000 to £25,000
  • Grants for organisations reaching people who are lacking basic digital skills: £10,000 to £15,000
  • Grants for organisations reaching people who are carers: £7,000 to £10,000.

Applications will be considered from regionally based organisations preferably with local networks that can deliver support to people in one of the target groups. Housing associations and local authorities are eligible to apply for this fund.

Projects need to address the fund’s objectives, which are to support those who might find it difficult to engage with the smart meter rollout.

Activities should involve both direct engagement such as face-to-face events, phone-calls and online sessions; and indirect engagement such as newsletters, website content and social media.

The deadline to apply is 12 noon on 10 February 2023. Visit the National Energy Action (NEA) website for more details and to apply,

Large Grants Available from Charles Plater Trust

In the latest round of funding, Charles Plater Trust will distribute up to £400,000 to organisations throughout England and Wales for activities that contribute to one of its three aims:

  • Leadership of Laypeople: Projects that deepen the awareness of Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Social Thought to better equip people to take on leadership roles in tackling poverty, exclusion, economic inequality and environmental concerns.
  • Social Action: Projects that deliver tangible outcomes to tackle poverty, exclusion, economic inequality and environmental concerns for marginalised people and communities.
  • Applied Research: Projects that develop and apply Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Social Thought, in partnership with those who are delivering social action work, to ultimately improve public policy and practice.

Grants of £5,001 to £60,000 will be made to registered charities with an annual turnover of less than £10 million.

Applicants do not need to be Christian as long as their aims align with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

The funding should be used to cover project revenue costs only.

The deadline to apply is 17 March 2023 at 5pm. For more information and to apply, visit the Charles Plater Trust website.

Small Grants to Support Refugees in England

In partnership with Benefact Trust, the Church Urban Fund has opened a second round of Refugee Support funding.

Grants of £500 to £5,000 are available to Christian churches or registered Christian charities working across England.

In order to be considered eligible, charities must be recognised members of Churches Together in England. Churches must be in good harmony with other Christian churches in their locality.

Grants must be used for specific projects and activities, including:

  • Personal items such as clothing, mobile phones, bicycles, baby items.
  • Expenses for volunteers or facilities.
  • Integration and settling activities.
  • Language support.
  • Home items.

Funding is primarily intended to support Ukrainian refugees, but work with Afghan refugees will also be considered.

Applications are open on a rolling basis until 31 March 2023. Visit the Church Urban Fund website for more information and to apply.

National Lottery Awards for All Accepting 2023 Event Applications

Groups applying to the National Lottery Community Fund’s Awards for All programme in England can request funding for the following major events in 2023:

  • The Coronation of His Majesty the King on 6 May.
  • The Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool from 9 to 13 May, and the UK’s role hosting it on the behalf of Ukraine.
  • The 75th Anniversary of Windrush on 22 June, and the contribution the Windrush generation and their families have made to the UK.

This is in addition to the fund’s usual guidance, and all projects must:

  • Involve people and communities from the start.
  • Build on people's strengths.
  • Be connected in their community.

Applications are accepted from constituted voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations and statutory bodies such as local authorities and community councils.

Grants of between £300 and £10,000 are available for up to one year.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Visit the Awards for Alpage to apply.

IOP Public Engagement Grant Scheme 2023 Opens for Applications

The Institute of Physics (IOP) provides grants for physics engagement projects that align with IOP’s Limit Less campaign. The framework for the 2023 grant scheme is informed by the learning accrued over the last couple of years with respect to equality, diversity and inclusion, the digital divide, and personal wellbeing.

Grants of between £500 and £5,000 will support projects starting before 2 October 2023 and completed by 22 December 2023 that:

  • Target the audiences prioritised by the IOP’s Limit Less campaign - families with young people under the age of 16 that identify with one or more of the following groups:
    • Girls and young women
    • Disabled young people
    • LGBT+ young people
    • Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
    • Black Caribbean young people.
  • Develop relationships between physics and public participants to grow beyond initial contact.
  • Reinforce messages being delivered by existing engagement schemes by adapting to new locations, communities or circumstances.
  • Build strong relationships between physics, physicists and diverse communities through co-developed and delivered engagement projects.

There is no list of what might be covered under expenses, resources or accommodation. As the scheme is aimed at reaching underserved groups, IOP wants to make sure groups can fund the things they need to make their project work. As long as an expense can be justified, it will be considered.

Applications will be accepted from individuals and organisations across the UK and Ireland, including but not limited to community groups, not-for-profit organisations, IOP members, museums, libraries, arts groups and researchers in academia or industry. Applications will also be considered from self-employed and freelance science communicators, artists, and content producers.

IOP will host online project discussion sessions on 2 February (4-5pm); 13 February (6-7pm); and 21 February (10-11am). Contact to find out more about these.

There is a two-stage application process. The deadline for initial applications is 12pm (midday) on 27 February 2023. For more information and to apply, visit the IOP Public Engagement Grants website.

Energy Redress Scheme Reopens to Applications

Energy Saving Trust is administering the latest round of Energy Redress Scheme funding, with a funding pot of £3 million split across the following streams:

  • Small Project Fund: grants of between £20,000 and £49,999 for projects that will support energy consumers in vulnerable situations.
  • Main Project Fund: grants of between £50,000 and £300,000 for projects that will support energy consumers in vulnerable situations.
  • Innovation Fund: grants of between £20,000 and £200,000 for projects that will develop innovative products or services to benefit energy consumers.
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction Fund: grants of between £20,000 and £200,000 for projects that encourage householders to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • The Main and Small Project funds are open only to registered charities while the Innovation and Carbon Emissions Reduction funds are also open to Community Interest Companies, Community Benefit Societies and Cooperative Societies.

Groups must be operating in England, Scotland or Wales to be eligible.

Grants can be used for capital or revenue funding and can provide up to 100% of the project cost. Projects lasting up to two years can be funded.

Organisations that have not yet registered with the scheme must do so 10 working days before the closure of the fund to allow time for eligibility checks to take place.

The deadline to apply is 5pm on 30 January 2023. Visit the Energy Saving Trust website for all information and application details.

Adult Social Care Preventative Small Grants Programme: 2023-2024

This programme is designed to provide a grant funding opportunity for community-based activity that supports wellbeing and independence. Funding is up to a maximum of £5,000 per grant for activity delivered between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024. It is aimed at voluntary organisations and community groups working in Shropshire.

They're welcoming funding applications for community-based activities that enable people to stay physically and mentally well, and that support independent living and prevent avoidable admissions into hospital. Funding should contribute to growing existing activity and/or the development of new ideas and start up initiatives that support the wellbeing of Shropshire’s residents.

Community-based activities and groups are vitally important in maintaining our individual wellbeing and independence, and in creating strong and resilient communities. 

The funded activity must contribute to one or more of the council’s priorities for grant funding which include activity which supports:

  • Admission avoidance
  • Supporting discharge from hospital settings
  • The cost-of-living pressures
  • Health and mental wellbeing
  • Falls prevention and reduced levels of inactivity

Furthermore, applicants will need to demonstrate how they support The Shropshire Plan and the Adult Social Care principles. These are:

  •  Healthy, safe communities where I belong 
  • Supporting our most vulnerable, disadvantaged adults, providing early support and prevention, before situations become a crisis 
  • Living in a place I call home 
  • Leading the life I want to live
  • Putting Shropshire back in the community 
  • Focusing on outcomes for customers 
  • Providing value for money 
  • Considering the impact of our activities on the climate 
  • Empowering effective collaborations for positive change 

Applications will be reviewed and scored based on the extent to which the proposed activity supports these priorities and key criteria.

The grant application form and the guidance and information document can be accessed here: Adult Social Care Preventative Small Grants Programme 2023-2024 | Shropshire Council

For more information, please contact Ness Hicken or Lisa Middleton:

Closing date for applications - Friday 3rd February 2023 at noon.

Don't forget to check out the VCSA's latest funding roundup, which is now available to view on our website, or you can click here to download a copy now.

Don't forget to check out our list of grants with rolling deadlines as well!

Don't see something on this list that should be here? Please contact us and let us know.


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