Transparency Update Bulletin: January - February 2023

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Transparency Update Bulletin

January - February 2023

Monthly Focus: Transparency Program History and Resources

Business & Economic Development - Enterprise Zones - Higher Education - Oregon Budget Process -Oregon's Data Strategy



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The Oregon Transparency Website provides resources that will help you learn more about state government, how it works, what your taxes buy, how purchasing decisions are made and more! 

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State Data and Transparency Resources

Business Oregon



Oregon Film

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Oregon Open Data

Oregon Open Data Program


Enterprise Information Services

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Oregon GIS Imagery

Oregon Imagery


State Library of Oregon

State of Oregon Library


Department of Administrative Services

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Oregon Transparency Program

Opening State Government to Everyone



Past, Present & Future

In 2009, through the approval of House Bill 2500, the state of Oregon enacted the Oregon Transparency Program and website legislation

The program created an open resource where Oregon taxpayers can easily access the details on how the state is spending their tax dollars and what performance results are achieved for those expenditures.

The Transparency Oregon Advisory Commission (TOAC) was launched to provide advisement on website content and information. TOAC consists of two (2) of each of the following: State Senators, Representatives, Legislative Fiscal Office, state agency and public members. 

The TOAC advises the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) on the creation, content and operation of the Oregon Transparency website, first launched in 2009.


One Stop & Multiple Resources

Transparency website visitors can find information and resources for multiple topics including public meetings, public records, state salaries, revenue, budgets and more.

Transparency Website

The Transparency website staff conducts an annual site refresh which includes updated agency report data, content, resources and features. 

Moving Foward & Future Updates


Website History

The Transparency website is slated for redesign in 2023, which will include an updated aesthetic, content, presentation and integrated information/data tools. This process includes insight from current users, agencies, committees and data to continually improve the user's experience.

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Transparency Bytes


Biz Dev

Business & Economic Development

State agencies and programs, such as Business Oregon, Oregon Film, Tax & Energy Credits and the Oregon Lottery, support the state's business development initiatives.

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Enterprise Zone

Oregon's Enterprise Zones

There are currently 76 enterprise zones in the state of Oregon that create better opportunities for business and employment across Oregon.

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higher education

Higher Education Resources

Explore statewide Community Colleges, Universities, independent/private institutions and related reports.

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OR Budget

Oregon Budget Process

The state budget is a tool used to carry out state law and policy decisions. Oregon's budget development process​ occurs in three major phases.

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Oregon's Data Strategy

Learn how the state manages, utilizes and shares data assets on behalf of Oregonians. A better Oregon through better data. 

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