May CES Scoop: Meet the CES Leadership co-chairs

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May 2021

This month, in the Scoop

  • Hennepin CoC Coordinated Entry 101 Training
  • Introducing CES Resource Boxes
  • Removing households from the priority list that obtain housing outside of coordinated entry

  • Meet the Co-chairs of the CES Leadership Committees
  • Leadership committee meeting recaps


Hennepin CoC Coordinated Entry 101 Training 

In this training you will learn the following about Hennepin CoC Coordinated Entry:

  • What Coordinated Entry is.
  • Why Coordinated Entry is used.
  • How the Coordinated Entry System Works: Shelter, Assessments & Referrals.
  • Housing Resources for Clients.

Date: Tuesday, June 29th 

Time: 11:00 am - Noon

Register for the webinar here:  

New online resource boxes provide one stop shop for assessors and housing providers

The newly launched resource boxes are a one stop shop for staff who conduct coordinated entry assessments and for housing providers that receive referrals from the coordinated entry system. The goal of the resource boxes is to provide one location with wealth of information to better support your work as coordinated entry assessors or housing providers. The resource boxes will house useful resources like the policy and procedures manual, data entry tips and commonly used forms.

All assessors and housing providers will receive a direct email from the CES team ( within the next week. If you don’t receive an invite and think you should have access, email the CES team ( to ask for access to a resource box.

Removing households from the priority list that obtain housing outside of coordinated entry

We want to keep the priority list up to date, so more people can obtain housing. One way to do that is to remove households that found housing outside of coordinated entry.

If an assessor is aware that someone is getting housed outside of the coordinated entry system, they should remove that household from the priority list. View page 20 of the HMIS Data Entry Instructions for guidance on how to remove the household from the priority list. In addition, if the assessor helped the household obtain the housing, for example in a Board & Lodge or a nursing home, they should enter a HOUSING MOVE IN DATE. 

If a case manager, who is not an assessor, has this information they can inform the CE team ( and we will take care of it. 

Meet the co-chairs of the CES Leadership Committees

The chairs of the CES Leadership committees serve a vital role . A few of their responsibilities include assembling the agenda, facilitating meetings, and monitoring the work plan. The chairs are selected by the members of the committees and typically serve two year terms. We wanted to introduce the current chairs of the committee and share a little about why they joined the CES Leadership Committee. 


Family Coordinated Entry Leadership Committee


Charlotte Kinzley - Family Coordinated Entry Leadership Co-chair

Homeless/Highly Mobile Student Support Services Manager, Minneapolis Public Schools

I joined the Families CES Leadership Committee because I value a coordinated response to homelessness. I see the impact of homelessness on the educational life of our students and the disproportionate impact it has on BIPOC students and families. Before coming to MPS, I spent 13 years at Mary's Place and 6 years at Simpson Housing Services where I saw both the opportunities and challenges families face in achieving housing stability. I believe housing is a right and am grateful to be part of the effort to stabilize housing for students and families.



Charlotte Moris - Family Coordinated Entry Leadership Co-chair

Associate Director of Housing Programs, St. Stephen's Human Services.

I joined the Families CES Leadership Committee in the fall of 2019. My experience working with families in supportive housing programs motivates my participation in the leadership committee. I value the principles upon which coordinated entry is centered, namely supporting households' quick exit from homelessness and ensuring households with the greatest vulnerability are connected to housing resources, and I am invested in being part of system-level changes that result in increased equity across the broader homelessness response system.


Single Adults and Youth Coordinated Entry Leadership Committee


Zarita Hester - Single Adults and Youth Coordinated Entry Leadership Co-chair

Single Adult Housing Case Manager at St. Stephens Human Services.

I have been in the field of social services for about 10 years. Three years here in Minneapolis, and seven in Seattle, WA. I came to the CES Board with knowledge of Coordinated Entry In King County and the want to continue the work in housing . I am a mother of four. An avid Star Trek and Marvel Cinema fan, as well as an individual with lived experience in various areas. It is this experience I draw from in being part of the committee as a co-chair and member.



Susannah King, MSW, LICSW - Single Adults and Youth Coordinated Entry Leadership Co-chair

Social Services Manager with Hennepin County Health Care for the Homeless

I joined the Singles and Youth CES Leadership Committee to improve the coordination and care across homeless services providers and agencies.   I have over 20 years of experience providing mental health and supportive services using an integrated model of care to people experiencing homelessness.    I believe it is important to meet people where they are and ensure they are provided with a housing opportunity and intervention that is person centered and meets their needs.  It is an honor to serve the community in this role. 

Leadership Committee Recap

Single Adults and Youth Leadership Committee

Families Leadership Committee

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