December CES Scoop

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December 2020

This month, in the Scoop:

  • New Assessor request form

  • Steps to add clients back to the priority list

  • CES Connect reminders

  • Coordinated Entry Leadership Committee recap

New assessor request form

All trained assessors need to be approved by the Hennepin CES Team. The Hennepin CES Team will limit the number of authorized assessors based on access points, specialized population, and the need to improve data quality of assessments.

To request to be a Coordinated Entry assessor, in Hennepin County, submit the Assessor Request Form to

This form can also be found at, under the service provider drawer. 

Adding back to the priority list after removal due to multiple declined referrals

When a person, declines three or more housing referrals, they are removed from the priority list. The reason people are removed is to create opportunity for others to receive a housing referral. 

See the "Multiple Declined Referral Policy" for details, including the reasons for denial that are considered. 

It is important for assessors and case managers to keep in mind, that just because someone is removed, does not mean they can't be added back to the priority list. 


Assessors and case managers can add clients back to the priority list if they were removed -- follow these steps

If it is determined that the CES is the best fit for the client, the Assessor and/or case manager will:

  1. Update the CES assessment and ensure that the client’s information and preferences are accurate, and
  2. Add the client back onto the priority list.  
  3. Add comments about the housing plan moving forward into the notes section.

CES Connect Reminders

CES Connect is a Hennepin County tool used for Coordinated Entry

CES Connect is an alternative to HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) that allows for secure assessment of populations who cannot or chose not to have their assessment completed in HMIS. It also provides a combined priority list for CES Administrators to fairly assess which clients are eligible for housing vacancies. 

Tips for CES Users

  • Referrals of CES participants that are assessed in CES Connect will be sent via encrypted email from CES team. A standard email template will be used. The email will contain a PDF of the assessment completed in CES Connect.
  • The majority of assessments will still be completed in HMIS and therefore referred through HMIS
  • Outcomes of referrals sent via encrypted email need to be reported utilizing the Referral Outcome Form (attached) and emailed to CES team ( Please note, there is no space to enter the name of the participant, please utilize the Client ID provided in the assessment.
  • These referrals should be treated the same way as referrals made through HMIS

Housing providers should work closely with assessors due to de-identified assessments

Many of the assessments entered into CES Connect are de-identified. No name, full DOB, or direct contact information is collected at the time of assessment. Housing Providers need to work with the assessors to get in contact with referred participants. CES Connect Assessors have been informed and trained on this component. CES Team does not know the name or contact information of the de-identified clients, we have the same information provided to Housing Providers in the assessment.

Leadership recap

Family CES Leadership committee

Singles CES Leadership committee

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