August CES Scoop

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August 2020

This month in the Scoop:

  • VI-SPDAT feedback survey

  • Assessor tips and reminders:

    • Common errors preventing clients from the priority list

    • Recording the Release of Information

  • Housing providers tips and reminders: How to track the status of referrals

  • Recorded Training: When to assess and when to refer

  • CES leadership committee recap 

Survey: How are we doing without the VI-SPDAT?

It has been a few months since the removal of the Vi-SPDAT. We would like to hear about your experience. Have you enjoyed not including the Vi-SPDAT in the assessment process? Do you miss it? Have you noticed a difference?


Take the survey here: VI-SPDAT feedback survey  


Assessor tips and reminders

Errors that exclude households from Priority List:

Without reviewing and correcting the errors, households that should be prioritized for housing are being left off the list.


Catch errors by running the 222 Assessor Agency Check Report

Have you checked out the 222 Assessor Agency Check report? This report should by run on a regular basis to check for data quality issues and to confirm whether a client has been successfully added to the Priority List.

Below, are key errors we are seeing, pointing you where to look on the 222 report to review your project's data.


The following must be true for a person to appear on a Priority List. 

1. There must be an Entry/Exit created by a Coordinated Entry Assessment provider.

That Entry/Exit cannot have an Exit Date (A). Use the 222 report to ensure people you have assessed are appearing as they should on your CoC's Priority List by reviewing the "Clients on PL" tab. 

Entry/Exit sub-assessment


2. There must be a row in the Coordinated Entry Assessment sub-assessment.

This active row cannot have an End Date (B). To review these errors, see the "HoH PL Ended" error code on the Clients Excluded from PL tab of the 222 report

This row must have the answer Placed on Prioritization List selected in the Prioritization Status field (C). To review these errors, see the "HoH Not on PL" error code on the Clients Excluded from the PL tab of the 222 report.

CE Assessment End Date


3. The household (individual or family) must have ONE Head of Household established ("Relationship to Head of Household" = "Self"). To review these errors, see the "No HoH in Group" error code on the Clients Excluded from the Priority List tab of the 222 report.

Section 1 client and household Information


Guidance on how to record the Coordinated Entry Release of Information (ROI)

Make sure households that you are assessing are signing the ROI and you are recording the date the form was singed in HMIS. Here are direction on how to Record a CES ROI Date in HMIS.pdf

Instructions and Videos


Housing Provider Tips and Reminders

Closely track of the status of referrals made to your projects and update their status in HMIS

The CES team is finding a significant amount referrals that were made several months ago that aren't being updated in HMIS. If the referral is not resolved, they are viewed as active. Household that have active referrals to a housing provider will not show up on the priority list, even though they have returned to shelter, and have an open entry to the priority list. 

What to do:

Run the 258 Housing Provider Report regularly to identify active referrals and their status (Pending, Acknowledged, Resolved), Update any referrals that are no longer actively seeking housing with one of your projects. By running this report regularly you will be help households who are eligible for housing move out of homelessness. 

Coordinated Entry assessor micro-learning: When to Assess and When to Refer

Check out the latest micro-learning session provided by Convene. In this session, Convene, along with Matrix Housing Services' CE assessor Tori, discuss when to assess and when to refer. This learning session is menat to provide guidence for assessors and advocates alike.


Check it out here: When to Assess & When to Refer

CES Leadership Committees Recap

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