Benchmarks of Success Issue 09, April 2019

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Monthly Newsletter  -  Issue 09, April 2019

Maryland Department of Human Services' Family Investment Administration Hosts 2019 Workforce Development Convening

workforce convening

Brought federal, state, and local workforce experts together to focus on "Forces Shaping Workforce Development"


On March 27, the Maryland Department of Human Services' Family Investment Administration (FIA) hosted their landmark 2019 Workforce Development Convening. Executive Director of FIA, Netsanet Kibret, delivered the keynote address in which she focused on the importance of understanding how federal goals, expectations, and opportunities regarding workforce development can facilitate the state's needs in the same area.

Providing direction to state workers serving the vulnerable, the first half of the meeting focused on the forces shaping the future of workforce development including the USDA's Food and Nutrition Service priorities, Farm Bill provisions, regional strategic initiatives for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and the labor market with regards to Maryland's economy and workforce.


The second half of the day's proceedings delved into workforce development opportunities on a more micro level, discussing recruitment and retention when it comes to eligible candidates balancing education and employment/training, and addressing the challenges of vulnerable parents trying to navigate work-related responsibilities.

The remainder of the day was dedicated to breakout sessions for state workers to focus on topics specific to their local communities.

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A Success Story

success story

Maryland's Food Supplement Employment and Training (FSET) Program: connecting people who receive monthly food supplement benefits to free job-driven training programs.

Samuel needed a boost. After losing his job in the medical field and being unemployed for the better part of two years, he took a friend's suggestion to enroll in a weatherization program at CivicWorks, one of FSET's training providers. CivicWorks offers a host of skills-based courses and certifications, but Samuel decided on his path in part because he likes building. "I love working with my hands," he said. "It's how I grew up--helping my stepdad with his construction company--but now I know the right way to do everything."

Training for a green career can be challenging. Beyond learning about tools and techniques, trainees need to understand numbers and how things are put together. When he arrived at the program, Samuel says he struggled with math, but he emphasizes that CivicWorks gave him everything he needed--education, time, and resources--to succeed. "I've just felt loved here since day one. Whatever I've needed, they've found a way to help me get it," he said. In fact, CivicWorks was so impressed with Samuel's drive, attitude, and skills that they hired him to become a full-time, on-staff field lead who helps keep installation projects moving.

Still, Samuel has his eyes on the future. He's working toward owning and operating his own construction business, and he urges other potential participants to give their dreams a shot. "If you get the chance to take this program, just do it. Don't give up. This program changed my life--I know it changes lives."

Workforce Partners

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation                        Maryland Department of Human Services

Maryland State Department of Education                                                Governor's Workforce Development Board

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development                            Maryland Workforce Association

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Maryland's Latest Workforce Development Updates

Through inter-agency collaboration, the Hogan administration continues its innovative approach to offering services by providing both employers and employees with the opportunity to improve their performance and thrive in Maryland.


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