Benchmarks of Success Monthly Newsletter - Issue 04, October 2018

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Monthly Newsletter  -  Issue 04, October 2018

Success Story

October newsletter

With the help of Maryland Adult Education and Literacy Services, Yesenia becomes gainfully employed and is taking the steps she needs to obtain her high school diploma.

Success can be defined in various ways. For many Maryland adults, obtaining a high school diploma would be success. For Marylanders who do not speak English fluently, English language proficiency would be success. The mission of Maryland’s Adult Education and Literacy Services (AELS) is to support these adults to achieve success through instruction to earn a high school diploma, instruction of English language and civics, and obtain employment with a sustainable wage. Read more...

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Benchmarks of Success Video - Jobseekers and General Public

As promised, video four in the Benchmarks of Success video series is now available on the DLLR website. Featuring Maryland Department of Education State Superintendent Karen Salmon, this video focuses on Benchmarks messages of interest to jobseekers and the general public.

Video five featuring DLLR Secretary Kelly Schulz will be released November 21.

Dr. Salmon and Rich Reinhardt

Workforce Partners

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation                        Maryland Department of Human Services

Maryland State Department of Education                                                Governor's Workforce Development Board

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development                            Maryland Workforce Association

Did You Know...?

Six Benchmarks of Success committees are hard at work! Below are committee updates:

  • Executive Steering - provides strategic leadership for the rollout and implementation of the Benchmarks initiative - meets quarterly
  • WIOA Alignment - oversees and coordinates the activities of the Benchmarks committees - convened a workgroup to develop the design, timeline, and budget for a professional development plan to support implementation of the Benchmarks; the output of the group will be presented at the WIOA Alignment Group's November 26 meeting
  • Data and Dashboard - creates a sustainable system supporting local areas in utilizing the Benchmarks to continuously improve the quality of their service delivery - continued its work towards (1) planning a design for the benchmark dashboard and (2) defining benchmark calculation methodology for Strategic Goal #5
  • Professional Development and Technical Assistance - produces, disseminates, and facilitates professional development and technical assistance programming supporting WIOA partners regarding the significance of the Benchmarks and how they can be used to drive continuous improvement - has completed a draft PD plan and draft slideshow presentation to be approved by WIOA Alignment Committee
  • Communications - promotes the Benchmarks statewide and educates local workforce areas on the value, implementation, and outcomes of the initiative - continues to follow the approved Communications Plan by releasing monthly videos and newsletters targeting specific audiences; is developing outreach collateral (estimated delivery time of November 2018); has developed a slideshow presentation and plans are in the works to "apprentice" committee members to deliver the presentation at various meetings across the state; will be redesigning the Benchmarks web page layout (process to start by October 31)
  • Policy - identifies opportunities that support the Benchmarks implementation via policy changes - drafted a Policy Recommendations Report and anticipates finalizing the report next month


Maryland's vision to expand apprenticeships:

Maryland apprenticeships experienced dynamic growth in 2018. Since the beginning of the Hogan administration in January 2015, the number of registered apprentices has grown by approximately 24.3 percent to more than 10,112 by the end of September 2018 - the second time in Maryland's history to celebrate over 10,000 registered apprentices. Since the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program was integrated into Maryland's Workforce System in October 2016, a total of 36 new Registered Apprenticeship programs have been created. Seventeen programs have been reactivated since November 2016. This figure is more than double the number of reactivations from the prior years combined. Read more...


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Upcoming Videos

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December 2018

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