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Newsletter for the Week of 3rd April 2023



 SYA Win £1.5m Funding for New Shrewsbury Headquarters

A Shropshire youth charity is getting a new headquarters - thanks to a £1.5m Youth Investment Fund grant win.

SYA - All About Youth is committed to running youth clubs, groups and projects for young people and support voluntary groups across the county. The charity has received the grant for the new building from the Youth Investment Fund.

The new building will replace the charity’s current headquarters at its site at The New Lodge, Upton Lane, Shrewsbury, with PSG - a subsidiary of Shropshire Council - being commissioned as independent construction consultants to manage the project.

Shropshire Council agreed a 99 year lease under the capital asset transfer scheme on Wednesday and SYA have started the planning permission process.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Social Investment Business has announced that SYA is one of the 43 youth services across England that has been awarded a grant to transform and level up opportunities for young people in the first two grant rounds of a Youth Investment Fund of over £300million. 

The funding will enable youth services to transform health, wellbeing, skills, and opportunities for young people. It is a ground-breaking opportunity to prioritise the needs of young people and for youth services to develop and deliver the life-changing services they need and to create a more equal society for future generations.

Richard Parkes, SYA Chief Executive Officer, said:

"These are exciting times for the charity and this is the best news we could have received.

We are committed to extending our range of services over the coming year, making the support we provide accessible to even more young people across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and our new HQ will make that even easier.

There is no doubt young people across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and beyond have had a difficult time during the pandemic and have missed out on so many opportunities and many haven’t had the chance to learn important social skills during important stages of their youth. SYA is ensuring they get those opportunities and enjoy every second of their journey through what can be difficult years.

We are absolutely delighted to win the £1.5m grant from the Youth Investment Fund. It has been an essential part of our quest to provide a more suitable and permanent home for us to carry out the work we do. A new base has been a top priority on our to-do list for a while and we are now in a position to proceed.

It will be built on our present site in Upton Lane and replace the demountable building we've been working from.

We have commissioned PSG to run the build project and they will appoint the builders and other professionals needed to carry out the work. We are also hoping the youngsters who are supported by SYA can be involved in the project and co-design the new building.”

Anna Turner, the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire and SYA Patron, said:

“These are difficult times for all charities who are so dependent on grants and donations to continue carrying out the important work they do.

On behalf of SYA I would like to thank the Youth Investment Fund for the generous grant they have awarded to us - it really is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference to the charity, to the services SYA can provide and most importantly to the young people who benefit from this invaluable support across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.”

The Youth Investment Fund forms part of the Government’s ‘National Youth Guarantee’ to ensure every young person across England will have access to regular out of school activities, adventures away from home and opportunities to volunteer.

You can find out more about SYA and keep up to date on this good news story on their website.

Marianne Grant

Meet Marianne Grant: The New Voluntary Sector Engagement and Partnership Lead

Marianne Grant has recently started in a new role aimed at bringing the voluntary and community sector more centrally into the work of the Integrated Care System in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin,

Marianne, whose background is rooted in working with both the voluntary and health sectors, is eager to begin this work of bringing the two sectors closer together in the county.

In an article about her and her new role for Collaborate, Marianne said:

"It is widely recognised that partnership working with the VCSE makes complete sense for our system and is the right thing to do. We now need to work hard to make this happen, with willingness and confidence to do things differently and to improve on what has gone before.

I see this as a new dawn for the VCSE in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and am incredibly excited to be leading the change. My work will centre on the development of what we call ‘enabling structures’ so that organisations and, in turn, sections of our populations have a greater voice at the decision table.

Over the next year I will be focusing on the development of a VCSE Alliance – more on that soon – as well as seeking out funding opportunities to continue the VCSE’s good work. My ambition is to ultimately enable the sector to move to the top of the pile for any feasible, collaboration opportunities in the future.

We want to flesh out where we see ourselves now as a sector, how we can capitalise on opportunities and harness the wealth of potential we have within our grasp."

Read the full Collaborate article on Marianne. To get in touch with Marianne, you can email her at:

two women smiling at the camera

New Healthwatch Shropshire on Accessing Information in Healthcare Published 

Since 2016, the Accessible Information Standard (AIS) has given disabled people and people with a sensory loss the legal right to get health and social care information they can understand and communications support if they need it. By law, all publicly funded health and social care providers must fully comply with the AIS. Last year local health and social care champions, Healthwatch Shropshire, found that implementation of the standard was patchy across the county.

To support Healthwatch England’s Your Care Your Way Campaign, Healthwatch Shropshire gathered experiences of people locally, raised awareness of the standard within the local community and shined a spotlight on the impact of communication needs not being met. They heard from a range of people with communication needs, their families and carers, receiving suggestions to improve communication and the way information can be provided:

  • Consider print size on letters
  • Displaying patients’ names on a screen when they are called up for an appointment
  • The choice to have information provided via face-to-face appointment
  • Slightly longer appointment times for those with communication needs
  • Staff knowledge of who in the room to provide information to, and what level of detail is appropriate to give

Lynn Cawley, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Shropshire said:

“We all expect to be involved in decisions about our health, treatment and support. But medical and healthcare information can be complex, and if you don’t get clear and understandable information, you might not make decisions that are right for you.

Some people find getting clear and understandable information even harder because they have communication needs that require support. They might need a British Sign Language Interpreter or information in a format like Braille, easy read or large print.”

The report can be found on the Healthwatch Shropshire website, and an easy read version will be available soon.

Image from the Healthwatch Shropshire website.

cover of the report

"Running Hot, Burning Out" - New Data Released on the VCSE Sector's Recruitment and Retention Challenges

Results from the second wave of the VCSE Sector Barometer have been released this morning, and they reveal the extent of the charity sector’s recruitment and retention challenges.

The survey finds that over eight in ten (82%) charity employers have tried to recruit paid staff in the past year, and that over seven in ten (71%) say that recruitment has been difficult. More than half of charity employers (54%) reported that they currently have vacancies, with over eight in ten (83%) saying those vacancies are proving hard to fill.

Consequently, the sector’s existing workforce is shouldering much of the burden, with seven in ten (70%) employers with hard-to-fill vacancies saying that current staff were facing increased workloads as a result, and almost one quarter (24%) citing stress, burnout, and large workloads as a main cause of their retention issues.

Beneficiaries are also being impacted, with some charities having to pause or scale back their operations in the face of worker shortages, while others say they are struggling to maintain current quality standards and meet existing contractual or project objectives.

The above is excerpted from the Pro Bono Economics website. Read the full Second Wave Barometer Report, "Running Hot, Burning Out" here.

cancer champions logo

Multi-Language Videos Now Available to Help Fight Cancer in Shropshire

A series of multi-language videos have been created to raise awareness about the importance of cancer screening – and improve uptake in the area.

The videos have been produced in Mandarin, Punjabi, Ukranian, Bulgarian and Polish and are available to view and download on the newly created Cancer Champions website. They focus on breast, bowel and cervical cancer, as well as a general video to highlight signs and symptoms of cancer.

NHS Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin has partnered with Lingen Davies Cancer Fund and Oswestry-based Qube to deliver the Cancer Champions project - part of a national NHS England drive to address low engagement with health screening in the 20 percent most deprived communities.

Two Cancer Champion Coordinators were appointed in the county and have been working in the wider community to grow a network of volunteer recruits who will be Cancer Champions among their peers, simply raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of cancer, and encouraging people to take up cancer screening invitations.

The videos are available to download for VCSE organisations and GP practices to use in their own facilities, thereby further spreading awareness about the importance of cancer screening invitations – with reference to bowel, cervical and breast cancers.

The videos are available to view on the Cancer Champions website, a short form must be filled out to access them for downloading purposes. For any queries about the Cancer Champions work email

The Cancer Champions website also features more information and guidance for those keen to find out more about the project and training to become a Cancer Champion themselves.

MPFT logo

MPFT Meets with Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin VCSE Groups to Discuss Procurement

On 16th March, the VCSA was happy to host MPFT procurement leaders for a virtual meet with voluntary and community sector organisations across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.

The event was aimed at helping more VCSE organisations in the county to get registered on the MPFT procurement portal.  The portal is the primary way that the MPFT will release information and opportunities for funding around their mental health initiatives in the coming months.

Currently, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin organisations are still underrepresented on the portal, and the MPFT is eager to get more organisations from the county registered.

The video of the presentation is available here, and you can also download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Register today on the MPFT procurement portal by starting here.

state of the sector survey now open

Your Voice Matters:

VCSA State of the Sector Survey 2023

Take part in the biggest survey of charities, voluntary and community organisations in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin!

This annual survey by the VCSA provides an up-to-date picture of the local VCSE sector and build up a valuable evidence base of information.

By taking part in the survey, you will be helping to inform funders, partners and other key stakeholders of the current state and needs of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) in Shropshire.

Survey questions are categorised into four themes; information on organisations, partnership working, challenges/achievements over the past 12 months and looking ahead to the next 12 months. The survey can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

Complete the survey and ensure that your voice is heard! Thank you for helping to present a powerful and robust message for the sector in the county by completing the survey and encouraging other VCSE contacts to do so.

Take the survey now - and then share it!

Interested in having your organisation's stories of success featured in our newsletter, website or social media? We want to hear from you! Contact:

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Have Your Say: Current VCSE Engagement Opportunities

Healthwatch Shropshire: Healthwatch Shropshire wants to know about people’s experience of making complaints about their NHS or social care services, not only if people achieved the outcome they sought through the complaint but also their experience of making the complaint, did they feel supported, did they have the information they needed, how they were treated and if they felt listened to. Closing date TBD

Aging Well Strategy Telford & Wrekin: Telford & Wrekin Council are collecting views and comments on the draft Aging Well Strategy through a public consultation. They want people's feedback to make sure the needs and aspirations for people to live well for longer in Telford and Wrekin are met. Closing 6th April

Shropshire Disability Network: Shropshire Disability Network is seeking views on experiences with the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) as they understand there has been a recent surge with individuals suffering from bad experiences (including the loss of a PIP claim) in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Closing 7th April

Shropshire Council Customer Services Consultation: Shropshire Council is consulting on proposed changes to its Customer Service Centre (CSC) opening times. The Customer Service Centre handles some complex issues for Shropshire’s residents in relation to Adult Social Care, concerns for children, risk of homelessness or financial crisis affecting families. These types of contact from people will always need a skilled adviser and will not be affected by the proposed changes. However many other calls are for the more “generalist” side of Shropshire Council’s CSC and are for relatively simple requests that can be made another way, particularly using online requests.  It is the opening hours for these services that form the proposal for change. Closing 23rd April

Please help encourage clients and service users to participate. Here are ways to give feedback:

  • Online survey
  • If you can’t go online, copies of the consultation are available at the following Shropshire Council libraries;  Bayston Hill, Bridgnorth, Church Stretton, Gobowen, Library at the Lantern, Ludlow, Market Drayton, Much Wenlock, Oswestry, Pontesbury, Shrewsbury, Wem and Whitchurch 
  • At Shropshire Council’s Shropshire Local sites in Ludlow and Shrewsbury 
  • If you would like the survey in an alternative format, please email to request a copy or call 0345 678 9077 and explain any support you need to allow you to respond.

Please also help spread the word about this consultation! Here are some social media assets for you to use:

Veterans' Health Priority Setting Partnership Survey: Veterans, their friends and family and the healthcare professionals who work with them are sought to answer a short survey. This is being done as part of a Priority Setting Partnership led by veterans, family members, charities and healthcare professionals and supported by the Office for Veterans’ Affairs. The partnership want to hear about areas of veterans’ physical and mental health and wellbeing that need further investigation.  This survey will be a crucial influence in deciding what research should be funded in the future to shape healthcare. Closing 30th April

Children in the Early Years (aged 0-4) Stakeholder Survey: Shropshire Council invites you to participate in the first stakeholder engagement survey for Shropshire’s Children, Young People and Families Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) which will focus on Children in the Early Years (aged 0-4). Please share widely across all service areas supporting children and families in Shropshire. Closing 1st May

Housing Floating Support (Sustain) Proposed Changes: Shropshire Council currently contract with a number of support providers to deliver housing-related floating support across the county. These support providers are known collectively as the Sustain Consortium, or ‘Sustain’. The council are reviewing these contracts and will be putting new contracts in place from October 2023. The council propose to change the way that potential service users are referred to floating support and how floating support is allocated. It's important to the council that they hear from service users and stakeholders to help set out requirements for floating support from October. Closing 1st May

Prepayment Meter Experiences Survey: Ofgem and Citizens Advice are launching a national evidence-call to ask energy customers to share their experiences of moving to a prepayment meter (PPM). The eight-week partnership is a key part of Ofgem’s comprehensive market review of prepayment meters and remote switching, to ensure suppliers are meeting their legal obligations in protecting customers. It is calling for the experiences of customers who either have had PPMs installed to recover unpaid bills or those actively choose to use pay-as-you-go to manage their budgets. Closing 4th May


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Events and Training Opportunities

Stay logo

Places Still Available for Free Domestic Abuse Training

FREE domestic abuse training available to organisations across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin on the following dates:


Tuesday 18th April: Rape & Sexual Violence (9.30am-12.00pm)

Wednesday 19th April: FGM & Harmful Practices (1.00pm-3.00pm)


If you would like to book yourself, or a colleague onto the training then please pop an email over to either  or

elevate classes

Elevate has more Strength and Balance fall prevention classes starting in May. For people aged 60 and over across #Shropshire. £5 per class, pay as you go. Limited places.

Pre-class assessments will take place in April – clients should register interest to be contacted for an assessment before starting a class.

Monday afternoons:

Greenfields Court, Bridgnorth - from Monday 15th May

The Hub, Pontesbury - from Monday 15th May

Tuesday afternoons:

Mayfair Centre, Church Stretton – from Tuesday 2nd May

Easton Oswestry Community Centre (EOCC), Oswestry – to start ASAP


Crowmoor Church Hall, Shrewsbury – from Wednesday 10th May

Thursday mornings:

Bargates Hall, Whitchurch – from Thursday 4th May


Anyone interested in the classes must complete a one-page referral form which can be found:

mental health forum logo

Mental Health Forum Relaunch and Networking

Friday, April 21st 9:30-11:30am, Shirehall, Shrewsbury

Join us!

All VCS organisations who have mental health and wellbeing as their focus are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting, even if you are not yet a member of the forum or the VCSA. Come and network and see what it’s all about!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the networking event in January. We hope to continue the conversation and relaunch the mental health forum.

Time: Arrive and chat from 9:15 . Event runs from 9:30-11:30am

Agenda will cover:

1. Introductions and updates

2. Background of MH Forum and review of ToR

3. Election of officers and meeting dates

4. Discussion and networking

Register here

putting people first workshop poster

'Putting Your People First' Interactive Sessions on Mental Health in the Workplace

Friday 28th April 2023

09:00 – 12:00

Hadley Park House Hotel, Hadley Park East, Telford, TF1 6QJ         

The event includes refreshments and a light lunch, courtesy of Hadley Park 

Tickets:                 £20 per person attending

West Mercia Search and Rescue are supporting a Mental Health in the workplace initiative “Putting Your People First”; aimed at managers and individuals who are looking for techniques to help identify people within the workplace who may need extra support.

How is mental health in the workplace affecting your organisation or business?

According to the Mental Health Foundation: 

  • Mental health issues in the workplace impact employee engagement, productivity and reputation.
  • Currently 15% of people experience mental health problems in the workplace and 13% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions.
  • Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8million annually.

If you are interested in “Putting Your People First” and gaining a different perspective on mental health then join an event that will introduce you to some of the latest thinking and techniques, and reveal some tools and new ideas.

The environment will be fun and informative, whilst helping you understand more about how your mind impacts your daily life and how you can support others to make real change quickly.

Not just a talk – the session will be interactive.

Tickets and more information can be found on the Eventbrite site.  

They are looking for business sponsorship to help promote this amazing event. Let people know about your business or organisation, bring a stand and become an official sponsor for just £150, but donations are welcome as well as raffle prizes. If you would like to be an event sponsor then please get in touch by completing the online form.    

British red cross logo

British Red Cross: Barriers and Enablers to Volunteering

24th April 10-12pm ZOOM


The aim of the online workshop is to offer a creative, ideas and knowledge sharing space where the barriers and enablers to volunteering can be considered with people who have lived experience of poverty.

The workshop invites people with lived experience of poverty and living on a low income to join them for a conversation to discuss the barriers and enablers to volunteering whilst living on a low income. British Red Cross, as a charity are actively seeking to ensure that their volunteering is inclusive, welcoming and offers flexible opportunities to suit potential volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Part of ensuring that they can offer inclusive volunteering opportunities is asking for feedback.

The workshop will be a two hour online conversation that feeds into wider research being completed by the charity into barriers and enablers to volunteering. There is also an in-person workshop Event being held in Crewe, England on 28th April 2023 which people are invited to attend.

Thank you Vouchers will be offered - £35 Love2Shop - in recognition of people's participation in the event.

Please share this opportunity with your beneficiaries.

Registration link.


Free 'Good for the Planet, Good for the Pocket' Workshops 

Save Our Shropshire are presenting a series of workshops “Good for the Planet – Good for the Pocket” over the next few months. These workshops are free to attend, and are sponsored by the Telford Climate Change Fund.

If your organisation's clients might benefit from these free workshops, please help to spread the word about the upcoming events:

Jubilee House, Telford Thu Apr 20 7:00 PM 

Brookside Central, Telford, Wed Apr 26, 7:00 PM.

Reserve a place via Eventbrite, or just turn up on the day. 

SPIC logo

First Aid Training

Shropshire Partners in Care is a not-for-profit organisation supporting over 250 independent adult social care providers across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Established in 2003, they exist to represent, upskill and champion local adult social care providers and their staff. They offer quality and reasonably priced First Aid training at our offices in Annscroft, Shrewsbury, primarily to their Members, but also to non-Members such as schools and community groups. All First Aid Training is nationally accredited by The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB). 


In April 2023 they have spaces available on the following courses: -


Course Title



Price Per Person


1 Day Emergency First Aid in Ludlow, Market Drayton or Telford

13th April

Spiro Clinic, Ludlow


Safeguarding Adults Awareness

19th April

Online - Zoom



Should you be interested in booking a place on any of these courses, please contact Non-Member Bookings on 01743 860011 or email

partner logos SIP, shropshire council and qube

Mental Health Training for VCS Organisations

A full complement of mental health training to support VCS organisations is now being offered through the Shropshire in Partnership Mental Health Project based at Qube, Oswestry. 

The first course, Mental Health First Aid will be offered on Monday, 20th March 9am - 5pm Mayfair Community Centre, Church Stretton.

Interested organisations can sign up for the remaining courses via the Qube website or download the flyers below for information on individual upcoming workshops.

Managing Stress & Burnout

17th April

5th May

25th May

5th October

Resilience & Stress

22nd May

24th October

Suicide First Aid Lite

28th April

21st September

20th November

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Job / Volunteer Opportunities

shropshire disability network logo

Volunteer Opportunity: Shropshire Disability Network

Shropshire Disability Network is currently seeking for a Volunteer Secretary to assist the charity with its secretarial support.

They are asking for any applicants to send in their CV and a Covering Letter explaining why they believe they would be the ideal candidate for the role. All CV's and Covering Letters should be sent to

Download the Job Description and Person Specification.

shropshire wildlife trust logo

Shropshire Wildlife Trust Seeking Trustees

Shropshire Wildlife Trust are looking for new trustees to join them in autumn 2023.  In particular they would like to see more trustees aged 18-30, and more from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, to help ensure that they address the needs of the population as a whole.

You do not need years of management experience or specialist knowledge of conservation, just an enquiring mind and a genuine interest in our vision and goals.  They will arrange a comprehensive induction programme for new trustees, and training and mentoring as required.  Trustees are not paid but expenses are covered.

To apply, please email telling them why you want to be a SWT Trustee, how you fit the role requirements and what skills and experience you can bring.  Or if you prefer you can send them a two minute film about yourself, your interests and life experience, and why you think you might make a good trustee.


For 2023 the closing date for expressions of interest is 24 April 2023.

Find more information, including a role description on the Shropshire Wildlife Trust website.

SYA logo

Job Opportunities: SYA

SYA is recruiting for multiple roles, including:

Community Fundraising and engagement manager

  • Full time (Annualised hours)
  • Salary up to £30K depending on experience
  • Base: The New lodge, Upton Lane, Shrewsbury. Some home working is anticipated)
  • The role will entail networking, community fund raising and developing a business and philanthropic donor base.
  • Mentoring & support will be given to the successful candidate

Closing date 6/04/23 interviews morning of 13/04/23

For more details, Job descriptions and Person specifications please email Richard Parkes. 

For an application form click here.

Read about more opportunities and apply on the SYA website.

CS Youth Drop In Volunteers Needed

hands together ludlow logo

Job Opportunity: Hands Together Ludlow  

Hands together Ludlow are looking for a Food Projects Coordinator

 28hrs a week over 4 days                           £24,000pa pro rata

The role is responsible for all their food related activity including the community fridge, community lunch and healthy eating courses, as well as building our community partnerships and developing new activity. .

Find out more on the Hands Together Ludlow website.

a good thing logo

Volunteer Opportunity: A Good Thing, CIC

Help A Good Thing to grow their brand-new online charity platform  in your local area! Come on board as a community champion: use your communications skills to drive more businesses and charities to sign up.

A Good Thing is a not-for-profit set up with one mission: to send less to landfill, and more to a good cause. They are rolling out fast across the UK, momentum is building, and they are growing a network of passionate local volunteer champions right across the country to drive their growth.

You’ll be using your connections (friends, family, colleagues, neighbours...), as well as your insights into the local area, to help them to build the numbers of businesses and charities signing up in your part of the UK. You might do this through making connections with businesses in your area, taking A Good Thing to the doorstep. Or you could approach businesses virtually, using your expert written communication skills to create communications that will engage and inspire them. You’ll definitely be using social media and your brilliant online networking skills to build links and relationships where you live.

Come on a journey towards reducing waste and boosting wonderful local charities at the same time.

Click here for more information and to apply for this volunteer opportunity.

royal british legion logo

Volunteer Opportunities: Royal British Legion

The RBL is the nation's biggest Armed Forces charity providing care and support to all members of the British Armed Forces, past and present, and their families. It is the national custodian of Remembrance and safeguards the Military Covenant between the nation and its Armed Forces. It is well known for the annual Poppy Appeal, and its emblem the red poppy. Currently the RBL is looking to recruit for the following volunteer roles:

Broseley Poppy Appeal Organiser – Arranging the volunteers who take out the boxes of poppies and collecting tins across Broseley, either to static shop locations or House to House - ensuring their paperwork is up to date, ordering the stock required, arranging for the volunteers to collect and distribute the poppies, arranging for it to be returned, thanking volunteers, and informing them and the community on the funds raised.

Telford Central Poppy Appeal Organiser - Arranging the volunteers who take out the boxes of poppies and collecting tins across Telford Central - ensuring their paperwork is up to date, ordering the stock required, arranging for the volunteers to collect and distribute the poppies, arranging for it to be returned, thanking volunteers, and informing them and the community on the funds raised.

Bridgnorth Poppy Appeal volunteers – during Remembrance the RBL has a fundraising stall in Aldi Bridgnorth, the current volunteers who man this stall are looking for help filling in the rota.

To apply for any of these roles, please follow this link Volunteer with RBL | Charity Volunteering | Royal British Legion

Do you have a job or volunteer opportunity you would like us to promote? Please send your information to and we will include it in our next newsletter!

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Grant and Funding News

Hubbub Announces Further Community Fridge Hub Grants

Organisations in the UK with an active community fridge can now apply for a grant to develop additional ‘food hub’ activities for local residents.

The funding is intended to increase the social and environmental impact of community fridges by allowing them to deliver their own activities that will bring local people together and provide access to healthy, affordable and sustainable food. This could include skill-sharing, growing, meals on wheels initiatives and community meals or cooking.

Successful applicants will each receive a grant of £7,000, which can be spent on the following:

  • Materials relating to the Food hub activity (eg, cooking or food growing equipment).
  • Utilities relating to the delivery of the project activity (eg, power or water).
  • Staffing costs to cover the time spent planning and delivering the activity.
  • Volunteer expenses.
  • Display materials, signage and information.
  • Training for the activity delivery team such as food hygiene and safeguarding.

The fund is open to constituted voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations, providing they are already registered with the UK Community Fridge network.

There will be an online information session at 2pm on 20 April 2023. Register here for this.

The deadline to apply is 23.59 on 31 May 2023. Further information and applications can be found on the Hubbub website.

The Pixel Fund Reopens for Applications

The Pixel Fund is offering grants of between £2,500 and £5,000 for small to medium-sized registered UK-based charities to deliver a wide range of projects that improve the mental health and well-being of children and young people aged 26 and under.

The trustees have a strong preference for organisations with an annual income of less than £10 million with priority for organisations with an annual income of less than £2 million. Typically, no single grant will be worth more than 5% of an organisation’s annual income.

There is a multi-stage application process, wherein an organisation must contact The Pixel Fund to discuss their proposal and complete a due diligence form before being invited to complete a full application.

Applications can be submitted at any time. Visit the Pixel Fund website for more information and to apply.

Emergency Funding for Black and Minority-led Groups Impacted by the Cost-of-Living Crisis Across England

The Phoenix Way (TPW) is offering up to £20,000 for Black and racially minoritised community-led organisations across England that have been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. This is part of the wider TPW aim to address structural inequalities faced by Black and racially minoritised communities in influencing and accessing grant funding, transform the relationships between funders and Black and racially minoritised organisations, and develop shared leadership.

In the first funding round of 2023, a total of £1 million is available for one-off emergency grants to support groups working with children and young people at risk of becoming involved in violence that are struggling to pay for increased core costs, increased project, and activity costs, or need to adapt or increase their services due to the cost-of-living crisis. 

Groups must: 

  • Be led by representatives of and work within Black and racially minoritised communities (at least 70% of their leadership, volunteers and beneficiaries are from Black or racially minoritised communities). 
  • Work with people and communities that are primarily under 18 and are at a high risk of becoming involved in violence, particularly with children and young people impacted by systemic issues such as poverty, racism, gender-based violence, and wider structural disadvantage. 
  • Take an asset-based approach to their work with children and young people. 
  • Have annual operating budgets of up to £150,000 per year. 
  • Are based in England. 

Funding can be used flexibly to cover core and/or project costs that the cost-of-living crisis has impacted, including rent, utilities, cost of living increases in salaries, equipment, and activities. 

The deadline for applications to Round One is 8 May 2023 (midnight). For more information and to apply, visit the Ubele Initiative website.

Lloyds Bank Foundation Launches New £3m Racial Equity Fund

Lloyd Bank Foundation for England and Wales have launched a new £3 million funding programme with a focus on supporting people experiencing racial inequity to break free from poverty and achieve their potential. It anticipates that 40 grants will be awarded across England (excluding London) and Wales.

Registered charities, charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) and community interest companies (CICs) who are led by the communities they serve and with an annual income between £25,000 and £500,000, can apply for a three-year, unrestricted grant of up to £75,000. Alongside the funding, the Foundation will offer each charity or CIC a range of tailored additional support to help organisations to strengthen, be more resilient and develop further.

The funding will support organisation who are delivering their services in the following way:

  • In-depth services – delivering a range of services supporting individuals through a structured pathway over a prolonged period. This could include services to overcome immediate needs but will also lead to longer-term support.
  • Personal plans – working together with the people they support to understand the challenges they may be experiencing and agree on how to help them find a way to overcome them.

A free information webinar and live Q&A panel will be held on 20 April 2023 (10:30 am to 12:00 pm). Registration is required and can be done via Eventbrite.

The deadline for grant applications is 31 May 2023 (5pm). For more information and to apply, visit the

National Lottery Awards Now Open for 2023

The National Lottery’s annual awards programme is now accepting nominations across the following categories:

  • Community and Charity
  • Arts, Culture and Film
  • Heritage
  • Sport
  • Environment
  • Young Hero (under 25s)

Individuals and small groups of people across the UK that work or act for a National Lottery funded organisation or have received National Lottery funding can be nominated for an award.

The winner from each award category will receive a £5,000 prize along with their National Lottery Awards trophy.

Nominations are open until 12pm on 16 May 2023. Find out more on the National Lottery Awards website.

Road Safety Trust Accepting Small Grants Applications

Public and non-profit organisations across the UK can now apply for the 2023 funding round of Road Safety Small Grants.

This year, funding of £10,000 to £50,000 for up to 24 months is available.

Applications are accepted from local authorities, police forces, fire and rescue services or UK based registered charities, legally constituted not-for-profit social enterprises or community interest companies.

Eligible projects include pilots/trials, expanding successful trials across a new area, and/or the evaluation of interventions. Projects should have the potential for being brought to scale, with the ultimate goal of reducing deaths and injuries both locally and across the UK.

The Small Grants programme is focused on practical projects, rather than research.

Requests for 100% project costs will not be eligible. All projects should have other sources of funding, either cash or in-kind. This contribution can come from the applicant or other partners

Groups can book a 1:1 slot with the Grants Team for 6 April 2023.

The deadline to apply is 4 May 2023. For more information and to apply, visit the Road Safety Trust website.

UKSPF logos

Shropshire Council to Release Details of Calls for UK Shared Prosperity Funding This Week

Shropshire Council anticipates launching the first main call for UKSPF proposals for the main strands of UKSPF funding this week.

VCSE organisations in Shropshire are encouraged to apply for these funds and should start thinking about how their bids might fit within the investment priorities of Communities and Place; People and Skills; and Business Support.

Below, you will find a list of the interventions that have been prioritised for Shropshire within each strand of the funding.

You can click here to see a spreadsheet with the full descriptions of these priorities, as well as example projects, objects and indicative outputs and outcomes, which should help you start planning your bid.

Communities and Place priorities:

E1: Funding for improvements to town centres and high streets, including better accessibility for disabled people, including capital spend and running costs.

E4:Enhanced support for existing cultural, historic and heritage institutions that make up the local cultural heritage offer.

E6:Support for local arts, cultural, heritage and creative activities

E11: Investment in capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society and community groups.

People and Skills priorities:

E33: Supporting economically inactive people to overcome barriers to work by providing cohesive, locally tailored support including access to basic skills.

E36: Intervention to increase levels of digital inclusion, with a focus on essential digital skills, communicating the benefits of getting (safely) online, and in community support to provide users with the confidence and trust to stay online.

E37: Tailored support to help people in employment, who are not supported by mainstream provision
to address barriers to accessing education and training courses.

E38: Support for local areas to fund local skills needs. This includes technical and vocational qualifications and courses up to level 2.

Business Support priorities: 

E16: E16: Investment in open markets and improvements to town centre retail and service sector infrastructure, with wrap around support for small businesses.

E17: Funding for the development and promotion (both trade and consumer) of the visitor economy, such as local attractions, trails, tours and tourism products more generally.

E20:Research and development grants supporting the development of innovative products and services.

E23:Strengthening local entrepreneurial ecosystems, and supporting businesses at all stages of their
development to start, sustain, grow and innovate, including through local networks.

E26:  Support for growing the local social economy, including community businesses, cooperatives and social enterprises.

E29: Supporting decarbonisation and improving the natural environment whilst growing the local economy. Taking a whole systems approach to invest in infrastructure to deliver effective decarbonisation across energy, buildings and transport and beyond, in line with our legally binding climate target. Maximising existing or emerging local strengths in low carbon technologies, goods and services to take advantage of the growing global opportunity.

E30:Business support measures to drive employment growth, particularly in areas of higher unemployment.


More information about this funding will be posted through this newsletter mailing list and our our social media as soon as it becomes available.

Support for Youth-Focused Climate Events Across the UK for Great Big Green Week 2023

Save the Children is offering grants of between £300 and £800 for not-for-profit organisations across the UK to support activities and events taking place as part of the Great Big Green Week 2023 (10 to 18 June) that engage young people and children to raise awareness of the impacts of the climate crisis and its effects on children and young people.

Projects and events that engage a diverse range of young people and families are strongly encouraged, particularly from groups that work with or support children and young people who:

  • Are from families on low incomes.
  • Have migrated to the UK.
  • Are from racialised communities.
  • Have experience in the care system.
  • Are LGBT+ or from an LGBT+ family.
  • Are disabled or live with someone who is disabled.

Priority will be given to activities that support local groups to create new connections that support people, organisations, and MPs to take climate action locally, ideally taking place in the week leading up to, during, and/or the week after Green Big Green Week 2023 (10 to 18 June).

Funding can be used for project and event delivery costs, such as equipment, venue hire, refreshments, attendance or license fees, transport, utilities, volunteer expenses, and publicity costs.

The deadline for applications is 13 April 2023. Find out more and apply via the Save the Children Great Big Green Week website.

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Soft Market Testing: 

Provision of Information, Advice & Support Services (IASS) for Children and Young People (CYP) with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Shropshire Council would like to take the opportunity to undertake Soft Market Testing in relation to innovative, efficient and cost-effective approaches to the provision of Information Advice and Support Services (IASS) for Children and Young People (CYP) with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND)

Please note that the purpose of this process is for the council to discuss with the market and affirm their current understanding of what the market has to offer to assist the Council to deliver the service from 1st September 2023.

This process is intended as soft market testing only and is an exercise designed to test commercial market capabilities of meeting a set of requirements which would include enough interested suppliers to maintain competitive pressures.

The full soft market testing information pack can be downloaded here, which includes the questionnaire for completion. You can also find the full information about this soft market testing on the Shropshire Council website.

Completed questionnaires (see Appendix 1 of the downloadable form) should be returned to Yvonne Oliver – Children & Young People Commissioning Lead: by 5.00pm on Tuesday 11th  April 2023.

If Suppliers have any questions about this soft market test, such questions should be submitted to the Council through an email to The Children & Young People Commissioning Lead at

Allan and Helen

Update: Digital Skills Programme Funding Information

Shropshire Council will shortly be releasing details of 3 years’ funding for the Digital Skills Programme 2023 to 2026. The funding intends to provide 3 aspects of digital support for residents living within the local authority’s area:

  1. To enable digitally-excluded people to access a programme of free one-to-one digital support in a community setting.
  2. To provide Digital Drop-Ins where people can access free one-off digital support. Only providers offering one-to-one digital support can provide a Digital Drop-In.
  3. To make available a limited number of Free Equipment Grants for people in greatest need.

Providers in receipt of funding are expected to be members of the Good Things Foundation. Membership is free and more information can be found here

Eligibility for the Digital Skills Programme 2023 to 2026 has broadened. To be eligible to receive support, participants must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be aged 65 and over
  • Live alone Provide unpaid care for a friend or family member or receive formal or informal care
  • Have a disability or health condition
  • Be in receipt of Pension Credit or other means-tested benefit

Digital Drop-In and/or one-to-one digital support can be delivered by trained Digital Volunteers or suitably experienced paid members of staff. This is an outcomes-based model of delivery and regular reporting/monitoring/data sharing is an essential element.

This is the final call for organisations who are interested in learning more about this opportunity to get in touch. If your organisation would like to discuss this opportunity further, contact Andrea Miller at Shropshire Council

To be included in the e-list to receive updates about how to apply for this funding, please send Andrea your email address.

Pictured: Digital Volunteer Allan Read with learner Helen Whiteley from Ludlow.

Don't forget to check out the VCSA's latest funding roundup, which is now available to view on our website, or you can click here to download a copy now.

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