Integrated EII Monthly Communication

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Welcome to the new Integrated Monthly Communication from the Office of Education Innovation and Improvement!

The Office of Education and Improvement (EII) at ODE is excited to launch its first Integrated EII Monthly Communication to support the integration of programs within our office that includes information and updates for the following initiatives: 

  • Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP)
  • Early Indicator and Intervention Systems (EIIS)
  • ESSA Partnerships (CSI/TSI)
  • Every Day Matters (EDM)
  • High School Success (HSS) 
  • Student Investment Account (SIA)

Our goal through this new monthly message is to streamline the number of communications sent by our office and begin laying the groundwork for the integration planned across programs for the 2023-25 biennium. This monthly message replaces individual, program-by-program messages you may have previously received, such as the Student Investment Account message. Moving forward, our office will release the monthly message on the last business day of each month starting in January. From time to time we may release a message outside of this rhythm on an as-needed basis.  

Update on Integrated Guidance 

ODE recently shared a memo announcing the development of Integrated Guidance specific to the initiatives in the Office of Education Innovation and Improvement, as well as the CTE-Perkins V program in the Office of Teaching Learning and Assessment. This guidance is still in development with an anticipated release date of late January/early February 2022.

Important Dates & Deadlines 

January 1, 2022: SIA Quarter 2 Progress Report Opens

Early January 2022: ODE will be requesting ESSA Partnership districts to submit a Winter Update survey

January 2022: Look for EIIS grant agreements

January 31, 2022: SIA Quarter 2 Progress Report Due

January 31, 2022: SIA Financial Audit Report Due

Thursday January 6th at 4:00pm: Drop-in office hours for EDM and Early Indicator and Intervention Systems (See "Program Specific Updates" section below for additional details.)

Tuesday January 11th at 10:00am: Drop-in office hours for EDM and Early Indicator and Intervention Systems

Wednesday January 19th at 1:00pm: Drop-in office hours for EDM and Early Indicator and Intervention Systems

Thursday January 27th at 4:00pm: Drop-in office hours for EDM and Early Indicator and Intervention Systems

Program Specific Updates

Early Indicator and Intervention Systems

The EIIS grant-in-aid application window has closed for the 2021-22 school year. Thank you to all schools and districts who opted in to participate! Grant agreements will be sent out by December 31 - please watch your inbox for this form. We are developing a variety of technical assistance, workshops and coaching series to support shared learning in implementing EIIS, data literacy, and equity-centered decision-making. More information about these learning opportunities will be shared in January 2022. 

ESSA Partnerships

As a process reminder, all ESSA Partnership claims made in EGMS should be accompanied by submission of the budgeting and claim tool, describing the specific activities being claimed against and documenting alignment to larger district and/or school improvement strategies. The tool is submitted via the form linked in the final tab. ODE staffers will verify claim description and alignment evidenced in the tool before approving associated claims in EGMS. Although districts may have described claims using earlier versions of the tool we ask that moving forward submissions utilize the updated tool linked in this message and on the web page.

Every Day Matters (EDM)

In collaboration with the Student Investment Account, High School Success, and Career and Technical Education programs, school districts can braid their funding sources to develop place-based strategies that support their students and communities. Moving forward, grant-in-aid will be provided through ESDs, rather than directly from ODE to school districts. 

Starting in January, we will be offering combined drop-in office hours for EDM and Early Indicator and Intervention Systems - connect with ODE staff, Saskia Dresler and Dany Douglas, to bring forward your questions, share successful strategies, and collaborate on your district's plans. 

Click here to access the zoom meeting. This will be the consistent link for all drop-in office hours. See "Important Dates and Deadlines" section above for specific dates and times.

High School Success (HSS) 

Final eligibility requirement meetings will be taking place in January and February and are currently being scheduled. If you are not currently meeting requirements in all four areas, we will reach out to you by Thursday, December 16 to schedule. If you are unsure if you need to schedule a meeting or cannot locate the link to schedule a meeting, please reach out to the High School Success team or your regional point of contact.

We are working to improve access to HSS plan information and reporting of expenditures--more to come next month!

Student Investment Account (SIA)

The final SIA message was sent out on December 10 and an SIA special message will be released this Friday, December 17. Archived issues can be found on the SIA Update page.


Q: Will school districts and schools be receiving another allocation of ESSA Partnership funds for the 2022-23 school year?

A: ODE is monitoring requirements from the US Department of Education pertaining to the identification of CSI/TSI schools and subsequent requirements pertaining to school improvement resources. Current recipients of ESSA Partnership funds should plan for the 2021-22 ESSA Partnership funds being the final in the series.

Q: How much of my allocation can I claim in EGMS once my SIA grant agreement/amendment is fully executed?

A: Based on the distribution schedule articulated in your grant agreement, you will be able to draw down 50% of your 2021-22 SIA allocation once your grant agreement/amendment is fully executed. As the SIA is designed to be a disbursement grant, we ask that grantees claim the full 50% at one time, prior to December 31, 2021. The next 25% will be available on January 1, 2022, and we ask that grantees claim this portion by March 31, 2022.

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