December 10 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

Financial Audit Report

When we released the SIA Financial Audit information earlier this year, we indicated that this audit is structurally designed to be embedded in the school district or eligible charter school’s annual financial audit. Additionally, we indicated that we would do our part to internally align with existing structures to receive a copy of each district or eligible charter school’s financial audit. We are pleased to share that we have partnered with the ODE’s School Finance team in an effort to streamline our processes.

Action Items for School Districts and Eligible Charter Schools

  • Submit your 2020-21 Financial Audit Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021 via email to the School Finance team at by January 3, 2022

**This is in alignment with current practice and guidance from School Finance.**

  • Present your 2020-21 Financial Audit Report to your governing board.

**The board presentation is in alignment with current practice. There is no additiona l requirement for the presentation to be SIA specific. Discretion remains with the auditors to present on findings relevant to SIA funding.**

  • Post your 2020-21 Financial Audit Report to your district or eligible charter school website, and ensure a copy is available in the main office. 

**There is no need for you to submit the URL to ODE, please just ensure the 2020-21 Financial Audit Report is posted on your website.** 

  • Submit your board meeting minutes, verifying the presentation of the 2020-21 Financial Audit Report, via attachment on your SIA Q2 Reporting Dashboard, due January 31, 2022.

**Please keep in mind that the 2020-21 Financial Audit Report only needs to be presented to your board as a regular agenda item (not a consent agenda item). There is no requirement for board approval of the 2020-21 Financial Audit Report.**

The SIA and School Finance teams are committed to streamlining this process. As such, the School Finance team will share all audit documents with the SIA team, eliminating the need for school districts and eligible charter schools to submit the information more than once to the ODE.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the SIA Team at

Transition to EII Integrated Message

As part of our collaborative effort to move forward with integration across the programs in our office, we will be launching an EII Integrated Monthly Communication. This monthly message will replace this SIA Bi-Weekly email, and will include information on the following programs:

  • High School Success
  • Student Investment Account
  • Continuous Improvement & School Improvement
  • Every Day Matters
  • Early Indicator and Intervention Systems 

We look forward to continuing to share important SIA information in this new communication.


Thank you to everyone who has submitted their 20-21 Period Three Progress Report, Annual Report, 21-22 Quarter 1 Report, and Plan Updates! We currently have approximately 90% of all these reports and updates complete and approved. If you have any outstanding items, please connect with our team ( as soon as possible to wrap these items up before the Winter Break!

This Week's Frequently Asked Question

Q: Our district priorities have shifted and I need to update my budget accordingly. What’s the best way to go about doing this?

A: All first quarter columns on the customized reporting dashboards will be locked at the end of December. Due to this, any updates or changes to district budgets should be done during the second quarter progress reporting window. If there are changes which need to be made before then, please contact your District Grant Manager, or reach out to

Resources We're Excited About

In order to live into the spirit of the SIA and support district efforts toward change, our team has learned from and shared out several resources over the past eight months related to the two major aims of the SIA: 1) Increasing academic achievement and reducing disparities for student focal groups and 2) Meeting students’ mental or behavioral health needs. Today, we share Living Into the Spirit of the Student Investment Account, a compilation of all SIA resource shares to date, along with a summary below of four major themes that were elevated throughout the course of the SIA resource share:

  1. Shifting Adult Mindsets and Becoming Aware of Limiting Assumptions
  2. Building Authentic Relationships
  3. Respecting Student and Community Knowledge
  4. Eliminating Systemic Barriers

As we transition into the integration of programs and a shared communication platform, we intend to continue to build shared knowledge alongside grantees and elevate local, situated wisdom through the sharing of Oregon’s stories. Stay Tuned!

Additional Resources

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