June CES Scoop: Seeking to identify housing case managers for new vouchers

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June 2021

This month, in the Scoop

  • Emergency Housing Voucher update: seeking to identify case managers
  • A referral timeline for housing providers
  • Meet the CES Family Leadership Committee 
  • Leadership Committee Recap 

Emergency Housing Voucher update 

On May 5thHUD issued a notice that designated Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV) to a select group of Public Housing Authorities (PHAs). In Hennepin County, we are collaborating with local Public Housing Authorities to add over 300 Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs) to our community. We anticipate being able to begin administering the EHVs in July 2021.

What we know about the Emergency Housing Vouchers

The Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs) must be administered through the Hennepin CoC Coordinated Entry System (CES). The addition of the Emergency Housing Vouchers will add much needed housing stock to offer housing opportunities to people that are experiencing homelessness and further the work to end chronic homelessness in our community. The EHV’s will use the established prioritization policy (disability, chronic homelessness, and number of months HUD homeless) of the Hennepin CoC Coordinated Entry System. However, because there are no continuing support services provided with the Emergency Housing Vouchers, an additional eligibility criteria for the EHVs will be that, in order to receive a EHV referral, the person receiving the referral needs to be connected to a Housing Case Manager.

Seeking to identify Housing Case Managers

Hennepin CoC is seeking to identify Housing Case Managers who will provide case management services for the emergency housing voucher recipients. Agencies employing the Housing Case Managers and the Housing Case Managers themselves will need to choose to opt into this program and sign an agreement stating that they agree to meet the expectations that are detailed here: Definition of Required Case Management Services for a Hennepin County issued Emergency Housing Voucher.docx

If you or your agency is interested in providing this critical service, please contact Amy.Donohue@Hennepin.us.

A referral timeline for housing providers

A key to a high functioning coordinated entry system is being efficient and timely. Understanding the referral timeline expectations is important, so the system can work together to provide housing. Below is a timeline that starts once a housing provider submits the notice that they have a vacancy in their program and they need a referral from the Hennepin CES Team. 

  1. The CES team refers a household to a Housing Provider
    • If by 10 days the CES team does not have an eligible household to refer, the CES team will contact housing provider to discuss options
  2. Within 2 business days the Housing Provider will acknowledge the referral
  3. Within 1 month of the referral an intake should be completed. This means that in HMIS:
    • a project start date is entered,
    • a program entry created,
    • and the referral outcome is denoted as “Successful” in the CE Event.
    • *Note, if a denial is being made this should occur as soon as the situation is apparent.
  4. Within 3 months from the referral date, it is expected that the housing move-in will occur.
    • Housing Move-In Date should be entered in HMIS
  5. If a denial occurs, a Housing Provider should submit Referral Request form to CE team, denoting that it is a replacement referral. CE Team will prioritize replacement referrals to the extent possible.

* If you are using CES Connect, timeline expectations are the same, however, the communication back to the CES Team should be completed in the CES Referral Outcome Form.

Meet the CES Families Leadership Committee

In past months we have introduced you to the Hennepin County CES Team and the Co-chairs of the CES Leadership Committees. This month we are introducing you to the members of the CES family Leadership Committee.

The CES Leadership Committees are responsible for oversight and monitoring of Coordinated Entry System. The committees are comprised of various Hennepin County stakeholders to ensure consistent application of CES policies and procedures and high quality service delivery for persons and families experiencing a housing crisis.

Meet the members of the CES Families Leadership Committee

  • Lisa Williams-Rolle, Community Liaison, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Shae Roberts, Senior Family advocate, Simpson Housing Services
  • Ivy Yorm, Young Families Housing Support Case Manager at The Link, I represent Youth Provider on the committee.
  • Hayden Brandt, Care Coordinator & First Call Coordinator, Domestic Abuse Project, DV Rep
  • Tenzin Banari, Human Services Supervisor, Hennepin county
  • Laura Knips,, Next Step Assessor, St. Stephen’s Human Services
  • Jess Nelson, Program Director, Oasis for Youth, Suburban rep
  • Stephanie Martin (She/Her/Hers), Early Intervention Program Manager, St. Stephen's Human Services
  • Laurel Lilligren, Director of Family Supports at People Serving People representing family shelter providers
  • Sue Hackett - Aeon

To learn more about The Family Leadership Committee we asked them why they joined the CES leadership committee and to share anything in their background or personal life they want others to know: Get to know the Family Coordinated Entry Leadership Committee.docx..

Leadership Committee Recap

Single Adults and Youth Leadership Committee

Families Leadership Committee

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