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Wisconsin Office of the State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski

Dear Wisconsinites, 

I hope that you have enjoyed the past few months of summer! Whether you spent your time outside in the warm weather, up north at the lake, watching the Milwaukee Brewers play, or eating a cream puff at the Wisconsin State Fair - summer is a wonderful time in Wisconsin. With fall right around the corner, I want to share a summer update on how my office has been serving you!

Over the past few months, my office has been working to invest in our communities, advocate for transparency for taxpayers, stand with Wisconsin workers, and more. I am proud to share this work with folks from Ashland to Racine in our latest newsletter. I look forward to continuing to build a strong Wisconsin and serving as your State Treasurer. Please know I can always be reached at


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2022 Summer Update

Supporting Small Businesses and Celebrating Black Owned Business Month

Small businesses are critical to our state’s economy, with the US Small Business Administration finding that over 99% of businesses in Wisconsin are small businesses and that about half of Wisconsinites are employed by a small business. This summer, I visited business owners in Madison and Milwaukee to listen, to hear how they are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to learn what they need to continue to be the engine of our economy.

First, in Madison, I stopped by The Deliciouser’s new space to hear how they’re continuing to expand on their thriving spice business. Marcia and Patrick received a Main Street Bounceback Grant, which has helped them continue to grow. Then I met Peggy, owner of The Livingston Inn, and her two cute pups! I appreciated her sharing her story about the challenges she faces and the opportunities we have to help small business owners. Read more about these visits here.

Treasurer Godlewski with The Deliciouser
Treasurer Godlewski at the Livingston Inn

August was Black-Owned Business month, and to celebrate the Black entrepreneurs in our state and uplift the need for support for these businesses, I joined Representative LaKeshia Myers and Senator Lena Taylor to visit local entrepreneurs in their district. The first stop was at the Granville Business Improvement District’s new multipurpose retail space. Serving as an entrepreneurial hub, this site will provide an array of resources and retail space to support local business owners. Next, we visited several businesses within the Granville network, including Adom African Market, Mchete’s African Treasures, the Igbo Community Center, and Falling Into Loving Arms Daycare. The owners spoke about the challenges they’ve faced in receiving financing to help their businesses grow. To learn more about Black-owned businesses in Wisconsin, and to read more about the visits, see here.

Black-Owned Business Visits

Simplifying the State Budget

Learn how your tax dollars are spent with our Taxpayer Report!

When I first took office, it was clear that there was not an accessible, easy-to-understand outline of the state’s budget for Wisconsinites to learn about how their tax dollars are being spent. Budget documents are available to the public, but they are hundreds of pages long and full of government jargon and confusing calculations. That’s why my office worked to create a practical, digestible look at how taxpayer dollars are spent. To read our second Taxpayer Report, see here.

Celebrating Homeownership Month in Wisconsin

This June I proclaimed Homeownership Month in Wisconsin, recognizing the importance of homeownership for Wisconsinites and the barriers too many face when finding a place to call home. Owning a home not only builds financial security but also creates stronger communities across our state. Every Wisconsinite deserves the opportunity to own a home because when we invest in homeownership, we invest in a better future for Wisconsin.

As part of the month-long celebration, Take Root Wisconsin (a statewide homeownership network created by the Treasurer’s Homeowners Task Force to help Wisconsinites buy, fix, and stay in their homes) hosted its first-ever virtual summit! I am proud that, just one year after it was launched, this organization is bringing together a unique coalition of state officials, local treasurers, nonprofit leaders, realtors, housing experts, and legal advocates to build a foundation for sustainable homeownership in Wisconsin.

Take Root WI Summit

Calling on Speaker Vos to end the Gableman investigation

Since October 2021, I have been calling on Speaker Robin Vos to end the investigation of the 2020 presidential election results in Wisconsin. This summer, the Office of the Special Counsel was finally closed. Far too many taxpayer dollars were wasted on this sham investigation that has failed to find any substantial evidence of election fraud. Read my most recent letter to Speaker Vos here.

Investing in our Communities with the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands

Infrastructure Month graphic

I believe our local communities are the heart of our state, and we must be there to provide necessary resources so towns and cities of all sizes can thrive. As Chair of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), I am proud that we are able to help finance public purpose-projects, including many critical infrastructure projects. This July, my office celebrated Infrastructure Month by highlighting some of these key investments. Since I became chair in January 2019, the BCPL has provided almost $150 million in financing for over 230 infrastructure projects, including:

  • $38,254,224 for roadwork, sidewalks, and street improvements
  • $1,363,500 for bridge repairs and replacement
  • $1,060,200 for flood recovery
  • $6,750,000 to finance the construction of a public safety building in the Town of Greenville
  • $5,000,000 to the Town of Delavan for financing for the construction of a fire station
  • $878,000 to finance the construction of a town hall and truck shop in the Town of Wood River

Calling on the Legislature to Act to Protect Healthcare Freedom

I was proud that the Governor called our legislature back to work to take action and repeal the criminal abortion ban from 1849 that is still on the books in Wisconsin, but was disappointed that legislative Republicans failed to follow the will of Wisconsinites. As Wisconsin’s State Treasurer, I know that reproductive freedom isn’t just a healthcare issue, it’s a critical economic security issue too. Studies show that when women aren’t allowed to make their own health care decisions and are turned away from an abortion, they can face setbacks in employment, end up living in poverty at higher rates, and have higher amounts of debt. Not only are there individual impacts for people who are faced with unintended pregnancies, but there will be consequences for the business community as they seek to recruit and retain workers. Research has shown that employers in states with abortion restrictions often face higher rates of turnover and absenteeism, and face challenges in attracting employees. You can read my statements on the special session here and here.

Wrapping Up Fiscal Year 2022

Learn more about our Top 5 accomplishments of the past fiscal year, including our innovative 401(K)ids bill and our work with the Wisconsin Paper Council, by watching our recap video here!

Top 5 FY 2022

Unclaimed Property: Do You Have Money Waiting?

Do you have money waiting for you? You might!

The State Treasurer's Office works to promote the return of unclaimed money and property, from forgotten rebates, savings accounts, and estates. To search for Unclaimed Property under your name or your relatives, click here, and you can check if you have any unclaimed property here or by calling (608) 264-4594.

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