Project update: Everett Link Extension

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Project update

A photo of a Link light rail train crossing a bridge at sunset with the silhouette of Mt. Rainier in the background

A photo of a Link light rail train crossing a bridge at sunset with the silhouette of Mt. Rainier in the background

Elected Leadership Group provides direction on alignments to be studied further

In June, we announced two new route alignments to be studied, one along I-5 and one along SR 99/Evergreen Way, as a response to public comments and Board direction to explore cost savings during the realignment process.

At their meeting on September 28, the Elected Leadership Group (ELG) provided direction to no longer study the I-5 and SR 99/Evergreen alignments in the Level 2 evaluation. They expressed concerns about the I-5 and SR 99/Evergreen alignments, including:

  • These alignments are inconsistent with the Representative Alignment adopted by the Board in the voter-approved Sound Transit 3 plan.
  • Compared to the Representative Alignment, the I-5 and SR 99/Evergreen alignments do not serve some areas of the community, including the largest employment center in the region and certain historically underserved populations.
  • As part of ST3 planning, similar alignments along I-5 and SR 99 were studied but were ultimately not adopted by the Board.
  • The removal of stations and reduction of light rail service is too great of a tradeoff to continue to study the I-5 or SR 99/Evergreen alignments.

The ELG noted the concerns raised by the Community Advisory Group, community organizations and members of the public, specifically around equity issues, gentrification and displacement. They stated their commitment to bring light rail and associated benefits to current residents and businesses while working to address issues like housing affordability and potential changes to community culture and character.

What’s Next?

We will continue evaluating the alternatives recommended for further study by the ELG in April.

View the current alternatives being studied

Results of this evaluation will be shared with the ELG, the Community Advisory Group and the public this winter and will not include I-5 or SR 99/Evergreen Way alignments. The public will be invited to provide comments during a public scoping comment period at that time.

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