Project update: Everett Link Extension

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Project update

Photo of Link Light Rail traveling on an elevated guideway, Everett Link Extension

A Link light rail train travels along an elevated guideway.

Additional alternatives to be studied

Last month we shared information about which alternatives the Elected Leadership Group chose to advance into the Level 2 evaluation as part of the Everett Link Extension alternatives development process. In response to public comments and to provide the Sound Transit Board with a range of options to consider, we have also added two new route alternatives to be studied. You can see a map of these alternatives below and a map of all alternatives being studied in Level 2 on the project website.

Map of Everett Link Extension station and alignment, Everett Link Extension

The new alternatives are:

  • Route alternative along I-5 between Mariner and the intersection of SR 526 and I-5, with stations at Mariner and a new station alternative near Everett Mall.
  • Route alternative along SR 99 and Evergreen Way between Airport Road and SR 526, with stations at Mariner, SR 99/Airport Road and SR 526/Evergreen.
  • Additional sites for OMF North locations were evaluated to serve these routes, but none were found to meet our criteria for further study except for the OMF site at 164th & I-5. This site was evaluated during Level 1 and will be brought back to support the new alternatives.


We have asked for public input on potential station, route and OMF North locations throughout the project. During early scoping, held Nov. 1 – Dec. 10, 2021, we received suggestions for additional alternatives to consider. We reviewed all early scoping comments, listened to this feedback, considered Sound Transit Board direction to look for cost savings, and are now studying these two new alternatives in the Level 2 analysis. Thank you for helping shape the future of light rail in your community!

See the full map

Next Steps

This summer, the project team is conducting technical analysis on all Level 2 alternatives shown in the map linked above. We expect to share details from the analysis later this year, including advantages, challenges and tradeoffs. We are conducting this analysis before asking for feedback so we can share what we learn about the options. There will be opportunities around the end of the year for feedback on which options should move forward into environmental review.

Sound Transit welcomes feedback via email and phone, and we are happy to set up briefings with organizations to provide more information. Get in touch with us!

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