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Washington State Board of Physical Therapy − Spring 2022 Newsletter

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Physical Therapy and Telehealth
- Q&A -

Telehealth, what is it? What if my patient is not in Washington? Originating site and distant site, which is which? What equipment can I use?

For answers and tips on conducting a telehealth visit, click here.

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Recently Appointed
Rodney Copes
PT, MBA and
Jeffrey Foucrier PT, DPT 

Rodney Copes and Jeffrey Foucrier were appointed by the Governor to the Washington State Board of Physical Therapy in August 2021. Read their brief bios to learn more about their interests, careers, and experience.

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A PT Compact Privilege Benefits Providers & Patients 

In a world of burgeoning telehealth services, increased connectivity of potential patients and providers via social media, and a recognized need for improved patient access to physical therapy services, the Physical Therapy Compact (PTC) may serve to benefit both patients and providers. Under this agreement, eligible physical therapists and physical therapy assistants holding compact privileges may be authorized to practice in multiple states or jurisdictions. To learn more about the PTC and how to obtain a compact privilege, click here.

For the latest information and updates, follow

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The Jurisprudence Exam

You got the education, passed the NPTE, applied for your license, and you're ready to roll. Right?
Not quite. 

Understanding and keeping up with Washington's physical therapy laws is important to the profession, your practice, and to your patients. Read the article to learn about the Washington State Jurisprudence Exam and walk through a sample question. 

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What's The Board Been Up To?

The board has enjoyed a productive year and we are excited to share current issues the board is reviewing, approved actions, as well as a quick glimpse into the many facets of board-related functions. Read the article.

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Meetings are by webinar until COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted.
Attendance registration information is published prior to each meeting.


Your WA Physical Therapy Board currently regulates over 10,000 licensees, nearly 2,500 of which are Physical Therapist Assistants.

The PT Board is composed of six governor appointed members, including four licensed physical therapists, one licensed physical therapist assistant, and one member appointed from the public at large. 

Department of Health Staff based in Tumwater serve to support the work of the board.

of The Board

Kathryn Dale, PT, DSc 

Jennifer Aglubat,
Vice Chair

Dana Johnson
Public Member

Destini Jammeh,

Rodney Copes, PT

Jeffrey Foucrier,



Renee Fullerton
Executive Director

Allyson McIver
Program Manager


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PO Box 47852
Olympia, WA

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