Mid-Month November (15 Nov. Payday) Military Payroll Processing Complete

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View your Direct Access Payslip

"Payslips" for the November, 15, 2022 payday are available in Direct Access. Report any discrepancies through the P&A Office (Admin) to the SPO. If SPOs cannot address or need assistance, the SPO will submit a trouble ticket. Payslips can be accessed via the Self-Service "View" menu.

The more you understand some of the basics of the various pay, special pays, and allowances, the better you are able to make sure the information we need to compute your pay each month is up-to-date. The tool available to all military members each payday is the Direct Access Payslip. This report lets you know the information our systems use to process your pay, details about the pay and allowances you are eligible for, payroll deductions, as well as your leave balance. The following guides will help you understand your Payslip.

The mid-month payday is Tuesday,  November 15, 2022. Paydays are the 1st (end-month) and the 15th (mid-month) of each month, or the business day preceding the 1st or the 15th if either should fall on a federal holiday, Saturday or Sunday. Members should not set up automated payments or assume funds will be available prior to published paydays. Members should verify with their financial institutions as to the actual time funds are available to their accounts. See "When is Payday?"  for more information.

Personally Procured Move (PPM) Payment Delays

ALCGFINANCE message 051/22 provides notification of a temporary delay and expected payment timeline for the processing of PPM reimbursements.

Update to the PCS Entitlements / Advances, TLE and Separation Leave Calculator

Added the FY23 Course Code/POET Converter on November 7, 2022. The updated 2022 (Oct-Dec edition) PCS Entitlements / Advances, TLE & Separation Leave Calculator is now online

Preview 2023 TRICARE Health Plan Costs

Depending on your TRICARE plan, you may see changes to your costs, including enrollment fees, premiums, cost-shares, and copayments next year. Check out the 2023 costs for TRICARE health plans.

Continued Suspension of CPOA Requirement for Advancement

CPOA sessions have returned to full capacity after COVID-19 closures, but a significant backlog of students will exist in the short-term future. Until the backlog is resolved, members already advanced to E-7 will receive the highest priority to allow them to compete for E-8. Members above the cutoff for E-7 must follow existing procedures to request CPOA and be ready to attend upon a space available basis.

2022 Reserve Master Chief Advancement Panel Results

Commander, CG Personnel Service Center (CG PSC) approved the final report for the 2022 Reserve Master Chief Advancement Panel (RMCAP) convened on 17 October 2022. The list of eligible Senior Chiefs in ALCGPSC 136/22 is effective 01 January 2023 through 16 December 2023.

Fiscal Year 2023 Clothing and Uniform Allowance Rates

Fiscal Year 2022 Clothing and Uniform Allowance Rates are effective on 1 October 2022.

October 30, 2022 |  Mid-Month News

TRICARE to Host Open Season Webinar on November 17

Don’t miss the “TRICARE Open Season and Your Options” webinar on Nov. 17 at 1 p.m. ET to learn more about this year’s TRICARE Open Season. Who should attend this webinar? Active duty family members, as well as retirees and their family members.

DA Account Recertification

ALCOAST 448/22
SSIC 1000

1. Direct Access user accounts with roles higher than CG Self-Service must be recertified annually.

2. Members who have not recertified their elevated user roles in the last 350 days have until 19 DEC 2022. Members who fail to recertify their elevated user roles will have their user roles reset to Self-Service only.

3. User role recertifications are processed in the Direct Access system. Members have begun receiving notifications in Direct Access and via email if their user roles have not been recertified in the last 350 days. To view notification in Direct Access, log into Direct Access and click on the bell shaped notification icon in the upper right hand section of the screen.

4. Recertification requests are to be submitted to approving officials within the requesting member's command. Approving officials should approve or deny the requests as soon as possible. Requests left in a pending approval status for more than 30 days expire and will be automatically terminated. Members will receive an email notification if their recertification request has been terminated due to failure by approving official to approve or deny the request and to resubmit a Direct Access user role recertification request.

5. The Direct Access User Access Role Certification procedural guide
is available at the following link:

6. Contact the Pay and Personnel Center Customer Care Branch at
785-339-2200 or PPC-DG-CUSTOMERCARE@USCG.MIL for questions.

7. RADM B. K. Penoyer, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1), sends.

8. Internet release is authorized.

National Defense Service Medal Award Termination Date

The ALCOAST (433/22) announces the termination date for award of the National Defense Service Medal (NDSM). The NDSM is awarded based on the United States' conducting large-scale combat operations in designated geographic locations as a result of the terrorist attacks on the United States that occurred on 11 September 2001. The award period is from 12 September 2001 to 31 December 2022.

ALCOAST 445/22, Enlisted Rating Advancement Training System (ERATS) Fall 2022 Update

This ALCOAST announces updates to the advancement policy and procedures related to the Enlisted Ratings Advancement Training System (ERATS).

Direct Access Competency Dictionary Update

T​he Direct Access Competency Dictionary Excel icon(file in MS Excel format) (a spreadsheet that shows all authorized competency codes and descriptions) has been updated by Commandant (CG-1B-1).  

There were a total of 46  competency changes since the latest Dictionary was published and changes since last updated are in blue font color text on the spreadsheet. The changes for this month are as follows:

  • 38 new competencies created from line 2488 to line 2525
  • 3 competencies modified
    • IAM level 1-3 in lines 890, 891 and 892
    • IASAE – level 1-3 in lines 893, 894 and 895
    • IAT – Level 1-3 in lines 896, 897 and 898
  • 5 competencies inactivated and replaced
    • CND-A inactivated and replaced with CSSP-A in line 317
    • CND-AU inactivated and replaced with CSSP-AU in line 318
    • CND-IR inactivated and replaced with CSSP-IR in line 319
    • CND-IS inactivated and replaced with CSSP-IS in line 320
    • CND-SPM inactivated and replaced with CSSP-SPM in line 321