October 2018 Registration Manual Update

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Please review and distribute as appropriate.

The latest update to the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual (attached) is now available via Registration and Title System (RTS) workstations and at www.txdmv.gov.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to email any comments or suggestions to VTR_Title_Reg-Manual-Update@txdmv.gov (please note the underscores between VTR and Title and Title and Reg).

Updates for this release are marked with red change bars in the text.

Changes have been made throughout the manual to reflect updated form names that resulted from our review of all registration forms.

Chapter 6 – Exempt License Plates
Section 6.2, “Application for Standard Exempt License Plates,” was updated due to a revision of the Application for Standard Exempt License Plates (Form VTR-62-A) which now allows for the entry of six vehicles on the form versus ten on the previous form.

Section 6.2 and Section 20.9, “Foreign Organization Vehicles,” were updated to remove the reference to the Lease Agreement Affidavit (Form VTR-62-L), which was obsoleted by including a statement on Form VTR-62-A to attach a copy of the lease agreement.

In addition, Section 6.2 was updated to remove the “Driver Education” subsection. This subsection detailed the ability for vehicles loaned to a school district to apply for Exempt License Plates. The department does not have statutory authority to issue Exempt License Plates to vehicles on loan to a school district. These vehicles would be required to obtain general issue license plates.

Chapter 16 – Temporary Permits
Section 16.2, “One-Trip (single trip) or 30-Day Trip Permits,” was updated to include a new section that informs county tax assessor-collector offices and regional service centers they should question customers who request more than three 30-Day Permits. Based on customer circumstances, additional permits may be denied if there is reason to believe the customer is avoiding title and registration requirements.

Thank you,

Jeremiah Kuntz, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles



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