Legislative Update from Senator Bonham

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Senator Daniel Bonham

Legislative Update


Welcome back to my newsletter! This week, I addressed:


We recently passed the 500th day anniversary of redistricting, and I spoke on the Senate Floor about it; watch here. Going through redistricting was one of the most painful and partisan processes I’ve been through in the legislature, and we ended up with a map that does not reflect fair representation in Oregon.

The maps have Republicans packed into districts and Democrats spread out, cementing blue majorities for the next ten years.

While Oregon is solidly “blue” on a federal map, that’s not always the case with statewide issues. Our governor, Tina Kotek, required $8 million more in campaign spending than her closest opponent to eke out a victory last fall. A fair district map would reflect the diverse and competitive makeup of Oregon’s electorate.

I call upon this 82nd Legislative Assembly to be an example; a beacon for the rest of the country, to show it is possible to make the redistricting process fair.

I am chief sponsor of SJR 9, a bill that puts an independent redistricting commission in place. 

kgw redistricting report

We need to start this process now, so Oregon is ready for the next census. We need to remove partisanship from the maps as best we can, and an independent redistricting committee will help move us forward.

Gerrymandering is cheating!

Natural Gas Bans

I recently spoke on the Senate Floor in opposition to an ordinance passed by the Eugene City Council to ban new natural gas hookups. Watch my floor speech here.

The Eugene City Councilors are not representing their constituency with this ordinance and are instead catering to the nonsensical environmental special interest agenda by rejecting the path to put this ordinance on the ballot and usurp the rights of the voters.

A poll by DHM Research shows 78% of Eugene voters support the use of renewable natural gas. Importantly, 70% of Eugene voters oppose the ban on natural gas hookups in all homes and buildings. With these data points in mind, natural gas is cleaner and more efficient than other traditional fuels. It produces less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

If you compare it to other fossil fuels or to coal, natural gas has 117 pounds per million BTUs as opposed to 200 pounds from coal or 160 from other distillate fuels.

Benefits of natural gas include its availability, distribution network, low cost, and low emissions. It is an affordable, clean energy that is part of a balanced energy system in Oregon. 

gas kitchen

We should not be going away from this and forcing people into more expensive sources of energy.

Why would I care about what one city does, even if it’s not in my district? A new ordinance can potentially set a precedent and have negative ripples throughout the state.


I am continuing the fight for Oregonians to keep their $5,200 (average per family) kicker check. I think folks are struggling under the weight of inflation and rising costs. Watch my latest address on this here.

In a meeting last week, I thanked Gov. Kotek for specifically not including the Kicker money in her budget. I felt like she affirmed that it was not in her plan to touch that money. The legislature must follow that example and stay away from the Kicker checks.

Read the previous newsletter with more information here.

In-District/Constituent Moments


My staff and I spent last Friday in Estacada. The timber town has grown into a remarkable place filled with character and hard-working people. Check out the photos on Facebook here

We had the opportunity to meet with the Estacada Public Schools Superintendent Ryan Carpenter and tour the Middle School with Ben Hargrave.

We toured the Locke Buildings at their Estacada industrial campus, and I met with Estacada city councilors and the mayor, Sean Drinkwine, and capped things off on a lunch tour at Time Travelers Brewing - a shining example of what hard work and dedication does for the community.


It is an honor to represent these folks in the Oregon Senate.

Gorge-ous Night Out

gorge ous 5


Thank you to all the wonderful representatives and vendors from my district and the surrounding areas who attended the Gorge-ous Night Out in Salem.

It was a great night to celebrate and highlight the current successes and upcoming projects in the Columbia Gorge.

I’ll be back with more updates soon.

Until then,

Senator Daniel Bonham

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