Legislative Update from Senator Bonham

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Senator Daniel Bonham

Legislative Update

Hello Friend,

Welcome back to my newsletter! To recap things this week, here is what I’m focusing on:

Governor’s Budget/Kicker

As a candidate last year, our governor spent $30 million, that's $8 million more to win the election than her nearest competitor. She has a lot to prove and a lot to owe. Winning only 47% of the vote, more people wanted someone else to be governor. The clarion call from Oregonians was for more bipartisanship and cooperative leadership - not a partisan agenda.

In my district, I heard a lot about inflation, cost of living and affordability.


I mentioned these things to Gov. Kotek in a recent meeting, and she assured me that she would steer clear of stealing the kicker. The Democrat-controlled legislature needs to do the same. With an average return of $5,200 per household, it is imperative Oregonians get their money back to assist with rising costs instead of feeding bloated government or paying off special interests.


Watch my latest address on this here.

Remember: Each biennium, the Governor proposes an aspirational budget. The legislature then creates a framework and ultimately passes the final budget for the next two fiscal years.

Budget Bloat

money waste

Between 2001 and 2021, Oregon’s budget more than tripled from $34.1 billion to $121.2 billion per biennium. That is a senseless expansion of government and demonstrates the legislature's unquenchable appetite to spend. 

Since 2001, annual inflation has averaged 2.4%, and Oregon’s population grew by 24%.

Some Of My Bills


My district has two bridges we should all care about: The Bridge of the Gods and the Hood River Bridge. Both are imperative for our region, and I’m working to fund needed seismic upgrades for them with SB 431 and SB 815.

Outdoor Rec

Mt. Hood is the center of my district and an important part of the local and state economy. We need its bountiful activities and unmatched beauty to be available to any Oregonian – regardless of income. I am Chief Sponsor on SB 754, a bill that seeks to restore the use of liability waivers. Skyrocketing liability insurance only makes it harder for businesses, like Timberline, Ski Bowl, and Meadows on Mt. Hood, to provide affordable recreation and fitness options. SB 754 will help limit the liability on businesses and correctly assign it to the individual participating in the activity instead. This bill is a quality, common-sense and bipartisan solution to keeping outdoor recreation affordable.

Property Tax Increase Freeze for Seniors

SJR 6 is another bill I am sponsoring. It will require bipartisan buy-in and currently lacks Democratic support. Tax increases hit those on fixed incomes, like seniors, the hardest. I don’t think it’s fair to ask a senior citizen, with very little recourse to find more money, to pay higher rates.

In case you missed it, click here for last week's newsletter. I’ll be back with more updates soon.

Until then,

Senator Daniel Bonham, District 26

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1726
Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-423​​, Salem, OR, 97301
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