Aligning for Student Success - November Message

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Aligning for Student Success - November Message

Our team recognizes that you’re balancing the day-to-day school activities along with learning into new programs, such as the Early Literacy Success Initiative. With that in mind, this month’s message aims to be brief with key information on: 

  1. Reminder: 2023-24 Integrated Programs Quarterly Report Due October 31 
  2. Information on Integrated Plan Change Process 
  3. 2021-23 Expenditure and Annual Reporting for SIA and HSS
  4. New Data Brief Released! Student Sense of Belonging in Schools: Connection to Outcomes

2023-24 Integrated Programs Quarterly Report Due October 31

As a reminder, grantees’ first Integrated Programs Quarterly report was released through your Integrated Programs Reporting and Application Dashboard (RAD) on October 1, and is due on October 31.

To support grantees in completing this first quarterly report, we have updated the Integrated Programs Reporting and Application Dashboard Technical Guidance to include technical support for quarterly reporting under the Integrated Guidance (see page 33). If you are interested in a more condensed version, please see the Integrated Programs Quarterly Report Quick Guide.

Information on Integrated Plan Change Process 

For the 2023-25 Integrated Programs, there are three types of plan changes: 1) Budget Change, 2) Activity Change, and 3) Outcomes and Strategies Change. Please review the Integrated Programs Plan Change Quick Guide 2023-24, which provides more details on the differences between each type of change and the next steps. The Integrated Programs Budget Codes support you in tracking the various budget codes to reflect plan changes properly. Our team encourages plan changes to be requested during the quarterly reporting period and for grantees to connect with their District Grant Manager to support these changes. 

2021-23 High School Success Expenditure Report & Student Investment Account Annual Report

The SIA Annual Report and HSS Expenditure Report reporting dashboards will be available through your Integrated Programs Reporting and Application Dashboard (RAD) under the Reporting section in the 2021-23 Reporting Links sub-section. This will be the last time these Annual Reports will be separate as they transition to one Integrated Programs Annual Report for 2023-25. Both open on November 1, and are due on November 30.

The Grant Management and Monitoring team will be offering several office hours opportunities throughout November to support you. Please see the dates and times below and join at a time that is most convenient for you.

Office Hours:

As always, please reach out with any questions to your District Grant Manager, or email

New Data Brief Released! Student Sense of Belonging in Schools: Connection to Outcomes

Our team is pleased to announce the publication of a new data brief examining the connection between student sense of belonging and educational outcomes. The brief details the clear and strong relationship between caring adults and student success: caring about students is fundamental to belonging and to academic excellence. Students who agreed that adults at their school care about them are substantially more likely to be regular attenders, and to be on-track to graduate, and that remains true even among students who report that they do not like going to school. 

Important Dates and Action Items

Career and Technical Education 

  • CTE Revitalization Grant - November 1, 2023: Technical Assistance Webinar #4 Office Hours for Applicants at 3:00 pm. Please refer to the RFA for the Office Hour link.
  • CTE Revitalization Grant - November 6, 2023: 5:00 pm Deadline for Submission.
  • For more information, please visit the CTE Revitalization page or reach out to with questions. The webpage also provides links to recordings of recent technical assistance webinars and materials presented during those sessions.

Perkins V

  • October 27, 2023: CTE Program of Study Yearly Updates due for schools.  
    • All updates must be completed. Tied to funding allocations.
  • November 7: Perkins 2022-23 Annual Fiscal Report Webinar
  • November 15: Final Perkins EGMS claims for 2022-23
  • November 15: Perkins Annual Fiscal Report due for 2022-23

Integrated Programs

  • October 1, 2023 - October 31: 2023-24 Quarter 1 Report Window

High School Success and Student Investment Account

  • November 1, 2023 - November 30, 2023: 2022-23 Quarter 4/Annual SIA Report Window 
  • November 1, 2023 - November 30, 2023: 2022-23 HSS Annual Report Window

Reminder: The Required Monthly Submission and Reporting Calendar lists all required school district submissions for the 2023-24 school year.

Program Specific Updates

Early Indicator and Intervention Systems

Early Indicator and Intervention Systems Professional Learning: A Lever for Student Success and School Improvement

Two different learning series will be offered during the 2023-24 school year - EIIS: Foundations for Student Success and EIIS at Middle and High School. Each of these learning series will be offered at no cost to Oregon public schools and districts. Designed and facilitated by Education NW and FHI360, these learning series will provide participants with resources and skills to expand and deepen EIIS best practices. Both series include synchronous and asynchronous sessions, as well as optional consultation with Facilitators. All sessions are virtual and districts and schools are encouraged to have four to six person teams of educators and leaders participate. 

Both learning series will be repeated several times during the 2023-24 school year and there may be more than one learning series group per session depending on the number of participants who register.

Please view this flyer for more information about the schedule for each learning series and registration links. To register your team for the learning series for the 2023-24 school year please complete the Registration Form.

ESSA Partnerships (CSI/TSI)

Update: Identification of Schools and Funding Implications

The Oregon Department of Education has been working with the US Department of Education (D.O.E) on an amendment to its plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act. The amendment made permanent changes to the accountability model as well as minor technical changes to Oregon’s plan (click here for additional information). 

The amendment impacts the methodology that Oregon applies to determining cut scores for rating data used to inform school identification. This is explained in more detail here under “ESSA Plan Amendment Update”. 

This change will increase the total number of schools identified for Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) which will also impact the funding provided to districts to work on improvement efforts. Allocations will be revised to offer stability to districts who received Federal School Improvement funds last fall (click here for additional information about last year’s funding shift) and to offer funding to school districts serving high numbers or percentages of newly identified schools. 

Before September 30, 2024, all schools in Oregon that are designated for CSI or TSI support must develop and submit a school level improvement plan to ODE in alignment with processes and structures in place for the Integrated Guidance and Plans. Additional information and resources are in development and will be shared as soon as possible.

Every Day Matters

The RFA for the Integrated Community Partnership grant has now been posted in OregonBuys. All application materials are available on OregonBuys, under S-58100-00008392. The focus of the Integrated Community Partnership Grant is to support community-centered projects that address the root causes of chronic absenteeism for the 2023-25 biennium. 

Applicants must be a:

  • Community-Based Organization (“CBO”); 
  • Culturally-Specific Organization (“CSO”); 
  • Early learning hub or an early learning provider; 
  • Education Service District (“ESD”);
  • Tribal Government; or 
  • A Consortia of the above eligible entities.

Please share this information with any of your community partners who support student and family engagement and remove barriers to attendance in your community. Please submit questions to Ufemia Castaneda at


Q: When does ODE anticipate grant agreements being sent to grantees? 

A: Based on what our team knows today, the DOJ is completing their legal sufficiency review of grant agreements and plans to have them back to ODE very soon, hopefully within the next week or two. Our team is ready to send them out once they are finalized. We’ll send grant agreements out program by program as we have them, rather than wait for all programs (EIIS, HSS, SIA) to be finalized before sending them out.