August Message - Aligning for Student Success

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Aligning for Student Success - August Message

Summer is here and we hope you are enjoying some change of pace and building energy for the year ahead. 

EII is excited to share 2022-23 estimated allocations to support this year’s implementation for the SIA, HSS, and EIIS programs. You’ll find additional details below. These numbers provided are estimates that can change but are provided to support your planning. We don’t anticipate big changes. Final allocation amounts will be reflected in your Grant Agreement/Amendment once those are approved by the Department of Justice and sent out.

Please note that these estimates are for the immediate year. We are also working on preliminary planning estimates for the 2023-25 biennium, to be released in the early fall, to support your planning under the Integrated Guidance.

We continue to consolidate and align messages from each of the programs in EII in the details that follow. 

Student Investment Account

High School Success

Early Indicator & Intervention Systems

If you have any questions regarding your estimated allocation, please reach out to our office at

New Resource Available: Supplemental Integrated Guidance for Budget Shortfalls

How do you meet the expectations and requirements of the Integrated Guidance when you are subtracting rather than adding resources?

EII has developed a supplemental guidance document as part of the overall Integrated Guidance offerings. This guidance includes an introductory overview of ADM definitions and calculations, an explanation of how allocations for each integrated program are determined, when or why allocations might change, a discussion of community engagement in expectation of a budget shortfall, and a guide to decision-making, including guidance to mitigate the impact of shortfalls. As noted below, EII staff will be at the Summer COSA Conference and can help with any additional planning questions regarding this need. 

Join us at the COSA Summer Conference! Our office will be offering the following sessions: 

  • Thursday, August 4 
    • 11-12pm - Centering Student Learning by Engaging with Families 
    • 2:15-3:15pm - Stronger Planning & Spending: Learning Lessons and Reviewing What We Know about District Spending Patterns
    • 3:30-4:30pm - District Planning Session - ODE staff will be available to support with Integrated Guidance planning and questions 
  • Friday, August 5
    • 8:30-9:30am - Centering Student Learning by Engaging with Families (repeat session)
    • 9:50 - 11:50am - District Planning Session - ODE staff will be available to support with Integrated Guidance planning and questions.

Important Dates & Deadlines

Early Indicator & Intervention Systems

High School Success

  • August 15, 2022: HSS expenditure reports and claims are due via HSS SmartSheet Dashboard for annual reporting. Please follow the directions in this newsletter to complete expenditures and reporting on the dashboard. Expenditure reporting office hours can be found under High School Success Program Specific Updates.

Program Specific Updates

Early Indicator and Intervention Systems (EIIS)

ODE and Department of Administrative Services, Procurement Services have released a Request for Proposal (RFP) titled “Specialized Professional Learning Series, Resources And Materials to Support Implementation of Early Indicator And Intervention System.” ODE is seeking proposals from individuals, companies, and organizations to provide professional learning, technical support and coaching to Oregon schools in order to implement and enhance Early Indicator and Intervention Systems in schools across the state. In order to download the RFP and related documents, you must first be registered with OregonBuys. Please note: This message is for awareness only. ODE cannot answer any questions about this opportunity or provide you with a copy of the Request for Proposal documents. 

 Key Information

  • RFP Title - Specialized Professional Learning Series, Resources And Materials to Support Implementation of Early Indicator And Intervention System
  • OregonBuys Bid # S-DASOBO-00003776
  • Single Point of Contact – Jennifer Jolley at the Oregon Department of Administrative Services,

ESSA Partnerships (CSI/TSI) 

Districts with CSI and TSI schools have been asked to provide progress updates for identified schools. The information shared is an important part of ODE’s ESSA plan and provides essential information to help with accountability determinations. Review the message linked above and submit required information by August 31, 2022.

This is a reminder that both the 2019-20 Supplement and 2020-21 ESSA Partnership funds expire September 30, 2022. Please reconcile these funds before turning to spend down the 2021-22 Partnership funds which expire September 30, 2023. 

In January, districts receiving ESSA Partnership Grants for CSI / TSI were asked to submit progress updates via the Winter Survey. At this time, not all districts have submitted their Winter Update Survey. A hold has been put on all ESSA Partnership EGMS claims for districts who have not reported on their Winter Update. Claims submitted will be rejected until the Winter Update Survey has been completed.

High School Success (HSS) 

August 15th all expenditure reports and claims are due. We are no longer using SMapply, instead the expenditure reporting process will be completed in your HSS SmartSheet Dashboard.  There are two sections due for annual reporting this August. The first section is the expenditure report with a budget narrative. The second section consists of narrative responses describing the school or district’s progress towards previously identified goals and outcomes. Make sure to include a description for any activity with which you used HSS funds. 

The Smartsheet forms are required to be submitted by August 15, 2022.

Program staff will be available for questions during office hours (Join Office Hours);

              August 2, 9 - 10AM

              August 4, 9 - 10AM

              August 9, 2 - 3PM

              August 11, 2 - 3 PM

Please follow the directions in this newsletter to complete expenditures and reporting on the dashboard. Reach out to your ODE point of contact for any questions. 


When will our Grant Agreements or Amendments be ready to sign? Should I be looking for them in my email soon? The Biennial Calendar says July 2022 is the release date.

EII is currently working with ODE Procurement and Department of Justice to finalize the Grant Agreements/Amendments for the 22-23 School Year. We hope to launch these finalized agreements by the end of the summer/early fall. Once Grant Agreements/Amendments are ready, you will receive a notification from Smartsheet prompting you to sign the Agreement/Amendment and return it to ODE. ODE procurement will then execute the document and you will have access to your funds in EGMS. Please note that no matter the date you receive a copy of the executed Grant Agreement/Amendment, you will still be able to backdate your expenses to July 1, 2022 once your funds are available.

Highlighted Resource

In addition to the Care and Connection resources released last year, a dynamic new resource,  Oregon Classroom WISE (Oregon CW), has been developed in response to requests for additional resources and tools to support the mental and emotional well-being of students and school staff. This resource offers a suite of free, self-guided resources covering important topics such as best practices for supporting youth experiencing life challenges and distress; skills for handling challenging behaviors; and building safe, healthy relationships. There are customized learning pathways for community based organizations, educators, administrators, mental health professionals, students, and families to address their specific needs - and we encourage you to share them broadly to increase mental health knowledge and skills in your community. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Dr. B Grace Bullock.