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March Message - Aligning for Student Success:

The Office of Education Innovation and Improvement is excited to announce that Aligning for Student Success: Integrated Guidance for Six Aligned Programs was released in early February! In support of this new guidance, the office has launched a new webpage and is facilitating engagement sessions to share high-level information, answer questions, and deepen understanding about this integrated approach. 

Our office appreciates everyone who has already attended an engagement session and the wealth of thoughtful questions and feedback that these sessions have brought forward. The next district and ESD session is on March 3, 2022 at 2:00pm. Registration for the event is available here and a recording of a previous community session is also available. If you have questions about the new guidance or the engagement sessions, reach out to

Important Dates and Deadlines:

March 10, 2022 at 12:00: SIA Plan Change Webinar- Register Here

March 2022: HSS Eligibility findings will be sent out to all recipients who completed winter formal reviews.

Program Specific Updates:

Early Indicator and Intervention Systems (EIIS)

EIIS grant recipients are able to make claims for EIIS allowable expenses until June 30, 2022. Claims can be applied retroactively from July 1, 2021.

Combined drop-in office hours for EIIS and Every Day Matters (EDM) - connect with ODE staff, Saskia Dresler and Dany Douglas, to bring forward your questions related to attendance.

EIIS & EDM March Office Hours dates and times: 

Every Day Matters (EDM)

Combined drop-in office hours for EDM and EIIS - connect with ODE staff, Saskia Dresler and Dany Douglas, to bring forward your questions, share successful strategies, and collaborate on your district's EIIS plans. Please see Early Indicator & Intervention Systems (above) for office hour times and registration.

ESSA Partnerships Winter Survey reminder

In late January, ODE requested ESSA Partnership districts submit a Winter Update no later than March 2, 2022. Please review the message and reach out to should you need assistance in completing the survey.

ESSA - Accountability & School Improvement Addendum

ODE is requesting and inviting public comment by Friday, March 4th on a one-year addendum to how the agency identifies schools and districts for federal school improvement. More information pertaining to the addendum can be found here.

High School Success (HSS) 

Thank you to all recipients for your dedication and adaptability during the HSS eligibility process! Please remember that each grant recipient now has an individual Smartsheet dashboard that houses all of your HSS planning, budget, expenditure, and plan change information. The dashboard is similar to SIA and part of our effort to align initiatives. Reach out to your point of contact with any questions. 

Student Investment Account (SIA)

In January 2022, ODE released The Student Investment Account 2022: Legislative Report. This report contains high-level updates on the first year of SIA implementation, which includes administrative rules adopted to operationalize the SIA, an analysis of program implementation, and a summary of resources, support, and coaching.

The SIA team recently made some changes to your District and Eligible Charter School Portal. You can now submit SIA Plan Change requests via your portal! To learn more about this new feature, please join us for an SIA Plan Change Webinar on March 10th. The registration link is listed above under the Important Dates and Deadlines section.


Q: Why has my SIA claim in EGMS been rejected?

The SIA grant is unique relative to most ODE processes in that grant recipients receive disbursements of their total allocation on a quarterly basis ahead of expenditures. Since amendments and agreements were fully executed during the third quarter of the fiscal year, grant recipients have access to 75% of their annual allocation.

We encourage grantees to submit claims that reflect this quarterly disbursement model. When the ODE team sees claims come in for less than the quarterly disbursement allowed, the claim will be rejected, and grantees will be asked to resubmit the claim for the full amount of their quarterly disbursement. Grantees are expected to draw down 75% of their funds by March 31, 2022, with the final 25% available for withdrawal on April 1, 2022 and required to be drawn down by June 30, 2022.

The disbursement schedule is outlined in Exhibit A, Section V of Grant Amendments & Agreements, and is articulated below:

  • July 1 - 25% of funds allocated for Grant Year
  • October 1 - 25% of funds allocated for Grant Year
  • January 1 - 25% of funds allocated for Grant Year
  • April 1 - 25% of funds allocated for Grant Year

Highlighted Resources for the Month: 

Student Education Equity Development (SEED) Surveys Now Available!

The Student Education Equity Development Survey (SEED Survey) and Alt-SEED Survey are now both available! These surveys, for students who participate in our general assessments in grades 3-11 and for students with significant cognitive disabilities who take our alternative assessments in grades 3-8 and 11, provide an opportunity for districts to gather student voice in areas such as sense of belonging, opportunity to learn, access to resources, and self-efficacy beliefs. The SEED and Alt-SEED Surveys are the product of a collaboration between Oregon Department of Education, University of Oregon partners, educators, students, and community partners.

SEED Survey Results garnered from students this spring can provide useful information for district teams to consider as they engage in their new Integrated Guidance needs assessment process in 2022.

The SEED survey is short (approx. 10 minutes) and actionable, allowing schools to use the data they receive to support their decision making process, and is administered through the OSAS Test Delivery System, allowing students access to the same supports they would use on statewide summative assessments. Currently, the SEED Survey is available in English, Spanish and Russian. The survey can be given in a proctored session at any time January 11-June 3, 2022, and can be given as a non-proctored ‘assignment’ April 19-June 3, 2022. The Alt-SEED survey takes approximately the same time and is completed by the educator who knows the student best.

More information about the SEED Survey and Alt SEED Survey can be found on the ODE SEED Survey web page. Please contact the SEED Survey Team at with any questions.