May 14 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

Since our last update, the submission window for SIA Plan Updates and New Applications has opened and we’ve begun to receive submissions! If your district or eligible charter school has not received the link to the SIA Plan Update Smartsheet form or you are a new applicant and need the SIA Grant Application Google form, please email us at and we can resend the needed submission link. When preparing your SIA Plan Update, including the narrative responses, remember you can draw from community engagement activities completed through the 2020-2021 school year. 

This week we’re also sharing a few important reminders around both SIA Plan Updates, Longitudinal Performance Growth Targets (LPGTs), Progress Reports, and EGMS Claims for the current grant cycle: 

SIA Plan Updates Posted On The District Website: Please remember your district’s or school's SIA plan, budget, and plan update need to be posted to your website and should remain posted and publicly accessible. Additionally, your grant agreement and any grant amendments should also be posted and accessible. For additional clarity about website posting, please see the FAQ in this previous SIA message

Update on Longitudinal Performance Growth Targets (LPGTs): Districts and eligible charter schools submitting their SIA Plan Updates for 2021-2023 biennium will not need to submit draft LPGTs at this time. This does not mean that LPGTs have been released for the next year, but given we have draft LPGTs from the original application, we are not requiring this piece until we have more clarity about LPGTs moving forward. 

Second Progress Report deadline was April 30th, 2021: Thanks to those who submitted a progress report for the second period, covering January 1 - March 31, 2021. Our staff are reviewing these reports now. If you are still working on your progress report and have any questions, please reach out to the SIA team at

EGMS Claims deadline is June 30, 2021: As a reminder, all grantees need to claim 100% of SIA funds in EGMS by June 30, 2021, even if you have requested a summer extension to continue spending funds through September 30, 2021.

Resources We’re Excited About

In this week’s message, we are also introducing a new section that shares a key reading, resource, or tool our team is excited about and wishes to share with you. We are in ongoing learning about how best to support the core values and investments that the SIA centers, and will be sharing key resources that are inspiring us in upcoming messages.

Our first offering is this narrative podcast interview with Dr. Rich Milner (video) that outlines five equity tools educators can employ now to create whole and healing schools where every student matters. The SIA presents opportunities to align and connect multiple parts of the education system, and we wish to highlight some core “opportunity-centered teaching” tenets that equity-centered educators might be implementing, exploring, or curious about in districts across the state:

  • Tenet #1: Determinants of success - It’s important to clearly see where students have not been given opportunities to succeed and how systems can act as sorting mechanisms that pre-determine likelihoods of success in the system.
  • Tenet #2: Locating the problem of underperformance - Moments where students are challenged by curriculum and content are opportunities for educators to draw on student strengths to meaningfully connect them to content through asset thinking.
  • Tenet #3: Naming, discussing, deciding and acting with Race - Dr. Milner likens the absence of race out of key conversations/considerations due to educator, staff, or administration discomfort to an oncologist overlooking a critical aspect of cancer because it makes them uncomfortable. Courageous conversations are needed to respond appropriately to dynamics of race, power, and privilege.
  • Tenet #4: Student sense of belonging - To facilitate a sense of fairness and belonging for each and every student, Dr. Milner advocates for educator practices that see Student Behavior as Communication and Expressions of Cultural Identity.
  • Tenet #5: Content relevance - Dr. Milner invites educators to tailor content to relevant student questions through Context-Centered Teaching that help students study, understand, and build capacity to disrupt social inequities that impact their lives.

Additional Resources

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