March 5 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

We've received a number of questions about SIA plan updates this week, so we're sharing a few reminders about plan updates this week. Districts and eligible charters who have already submitted an SIA application will have the opportunity to submit SIA plan adjustment or amendments during the May 1 - June 30, 2020 submission window. Please keep in mind that your SIA plan updates will need to meet the following requirements as outlined in Appendix B of the Supporting Quality Implementation Guidance if your district or charter school didn't previously apply for SIA funding for 2020, you will need to complete a full SIA application. 

To further support your work on your budget, we are sharing the preliminary SIA allocations for the next biennium again this week. These are based on the Governor’s Recommended Budget and project the SIA funding will be $778.8M over those two years. As a reminder, these are preliminary estimates and these will change. The final SIA allocation estimates for each district and eligible charter school will be released this spring and will be in alignment with the May ADM collection and following any adjustments during the current legislative session. 

If you have any questions about the SIA plan update process or information released this week, please reach out to

Reminder of Requests for Summer Extension

As a reminder, the Smartsheet form to request a Summer Extension has been sent out to the SIA contact for each district and eligible charter. The deadline to respond and indicate that you would like a summer extension is 3/31/21. If you have not received the summer extension request please emails us at

This Week’s Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are the expectations for maintaining SIA documents on our district or school website?

A: The Student Investment Account is rooted in community engagement and transparency. In keeping with this spirit, districts and eligible charter schools are required to post important documents including their SIA plan, budget, and grant agreement to their websites. The SIA team shares the following as guidelines for all SIA documents posted to recipient websites:

  • Original plans and budgets (board approved) should be maintained on the district website. Once the original plan and budget is updated through adjustment or amendment in the spring of 2021, it should also be posted alongside the original plan and budget until the full application cycle is completed again in spring 2023, and at that time, the new board approved plan and budget can replace the earlier versions on the district website.
  • SIA grant agreements should also be maintained on the district website until the full application cycle is completed again in spring 2023. If the grant agreement is amended, ODE encourages recipients to post it alongside the original grant agreement on the district website.

Some districts have a Student Success Act/Student Investment Account webpage that is dedicated to posting information about community engagement activities and events, the legislation and the documents referenced above. Other districts have a “Documents” link where these items can be found. While districts and eligible charter schools have discretion as to where they post these documents, they should be easily searchable and accessible (one to two clicks away from the main webpage).

Additional Resources

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