Statewide Sports Guidance Next Steps

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Updated Statewide Sports Guidance

Dear School and District Leaders,

On Friday, February 12, ODE shared updated guidance related to K-12 Sports from OHA while also restoring or updating links related to Physical Education and Visual and Performing Arts.

This email describes the process steps for completing submission of the contact sports form as required in the OHA guidance. 

Step 1: Download and complete this Contact Sports Form template.

Step 2: Upload and post your completed form on your school or district website* that is publicly accessible. 

Step 3: Have the link where your form is posted ready to share with ODE. You should choose a link that will stay current if or when you update the form.

Step 4: Complete this simple ODE form while providing the link to your posted contact sports form where it lives on your own school or district website.

* Note: If you don’t have a school or district website, you can email the completed form to