May 8 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

Prior to the felt impacts of COVID-19, the Student Investment Account (SIA) implementation had meaningful traction with districts and communities across the State of Oregon. Evidence of this is found in the engagement artifacts and SIA plans submitted by 208 of 210 possible applicants. 

Continuing to center the health and well-being of students is now more important than ever. ODE recently shared the opportunity to elevate students’ voices so state leaders may learn from their experiences, imaginations, courage, and hopes to inform planning for the future of Oregon, the world’s nations and the planet. ODE invites educators to facilitate conversations with their students and then post a shared statement that captures what your students would like Oregon leadership to know by June 1, 2020. 

The SIA team leading this work cares deeply about continuing to meaningfully engage with students and communities as we navigate the unknown together. We’ll continue to keep you as up to date as possible, especially in the coming weeks as the economic forecast is revealed. We will navigate next steps with a focus on supporting you (school districts), while not creating additional burden. Please email with any questions or needs.

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This Week's Frequently Asked Question

Q: How or when should we think about plan and/or budget adjustments to our SIA Grant Application?

A: As we shared in last week’s message, the SIA team is continuing to actively move through the application review process, while also briefly pausing to determine how to best engage in next steps with applicants in ways that would feel productive and respectful. While we recognize it can be hard to wait, especially as you see and hear the needs of your students and communities shifting, we ask that applicants hold on making or sharing any changes to their SIA plans or budgets for now. We anticipate it will be more fruitful to make adjustments once there is more clarity on some of the current unknowns. Again, we will continue to keep you updated as we learn more in the coming weeks.

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