May 1 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

In twelve years, the class of 2032 will graduate from schools across the State of Oregon. There will be stories, tears, celebrations, and a flood of memories. And so much of what will unfold in the lives of these students, their teachers, and in community after community will be shaped by the events unfolding today and over the year ahead. 

ODE is navigating the same kind of economic uncertainty as each school district at this time. And, honestly, we are learning about and responding to the economic impacts at the same time as you and side-by-side with you.

One of our guiding priorities is to support you and to share information as we are able. We also know as administrators, ESD partners and education leaders you are fielding important questions about economic implications. 

Over the coming weeks, ODE leadership will continue to engage in conversations with the Governor’s office and policymakers as the May economic forecast is released and we take steps to better understand the overall impact to our state’s education system.

During that time, you may notice some mild delay in our district-by-district engagement in co-development of longitudinal performance growth targets or in following up on applications that don’t meet requirements in our initial assessment. We are actively working and moving through applications but also navigating how to best engage with you in ways that would feel productive and respectful. 

We will continue following the ‘two paths’ we’ve named as we continue to move forward and navigate the unknown together:

It is our intent to be as realistic and supportive as possible while walking two paths, recognizing there are several variables at play including time, federal government economic relief and state legislation.

The first path is to continue to support the Student Success Act work as if the Corporate Activity Tax and SIA allocations will remain unchanged and unimpacted. 

The second path is navigating real financial uncertainties, making prudent adjustments and using tiered planning options. All paths lead to the same goal of helping our students succeed.

News & Resources

  • Check out ODE’s SIA Status Update for April. Here’s some of the figures you might be interested in knowing:
    • 208 applications submitted -- with 1 consortium application inclusive of 7 small districts
    • 42 partial applications submitted -- including 18 in need of board approval and 24 incomplete and in need of additional support

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