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February 2024

Q&A for Contract Admin Specialists


If you are a Contract Admin Specialist for ODOT or a Consultant office, don't miss this! Join an introduction to AASHTOWare Project (AWP) that specifically addresses your work with AWP on ODOT contracts. It's offered through Teams.


Virtual Question & Answer Session

Friday, February 23 from 9:00-11:00 am

Register in Workday

If you are a learner external to ODOT, you must have a Workday Learning account to access our courses. If you don't have one, create it here. After you establish your account, sign in and choose "Sign in using a Personal Device".


See Us in February

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AWP SysAdmin members will be
at these upcoming meetings
for ODOT Construction.

  • 2024 ODOT Statewide Resident Engineer Annual Meeting
    Thursday, February 8
    Eola Viticulture Center (Salem)
  • 2024 AGC ODOT Annual Meeting
    Friday, February 9
    The Salem Convention Center (Salem)
  • 2024 Inspector Workshop
    Thursday, February 22
    Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry (CCBI in Salem)
  • 2024 QCCS Workshop
    Tuesday-Thursday, February 27-29
    Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry (CCBI in Salem)


Take an Early Peek at AWP

AWP Tablet

You’ve heard a lot about AWP lately. As we get close to our implementation date, you can catch a glimpse of AWP on your upcoming ODOT projects. Even if you’ve missed our demos or Q&A opportunities, you can still get a head start into AWP.

We have a Quick Reference Guide (QRG) called Getting Started. And, by quick, we mean less than 10 minutes! It gives you an introduction to how you will work in AWP. You’ll walk through some of the most basic parts of AWP including naming conventions, roles and more. You can take it as many times as you’d like.

This is available for anyone (ODOT, Consultant, Contractor, Subcontractor, Vendor) expecting to use AWP on ODOT projects. A Workday account is required.


Prepare Now for AWP

Consultants and Contractors: How can you be successful as you start your contracts in AWP? One way is to get your team ready for AWP, even before you have a contract assigned to work in AWP! And, before you have scheduled training. You can start NOW!

Time to Plan Graphic

Descriptions for each area are listed below. Need assistance? Have questions? Contact us at

  • OregonBuys – Register in OregonBuys to work with the state of Oregon on projects. If you haven’t registered, click visit the OregonBuys webpage. Register for a Supplier Account . You must be registered in OregonBuys to work in AWP with ODOT. When registering, make sure to select the box for ODOT/Aviation in order to sync with AWP. (Contractors, forward this link to your subcontractors to register, too.) 
  • Workday Learning – There are required training courses for AWP. To access courses, every individual on your staff needs a Workday Learning account. If you don't have one, create it here. After you establish your account, sign in and choose "Sign in using a Personal Device". Share this with your teams and subcontractors so they will be ready for training, too.
  • Staff List – Identify staff at your office who will need AWP training. Determine individual roles. Who does payroll? Who tests materials? Consider what areas your team needs to work successfully in AWP. Contact for details.
  • Payroll – Contractors and subcontractors will have new payroll processes to work in AWP. For details and a flowchart, see the June APOST Times.


Doc Express and AWP

We’ve heard the rumors and concerns. After spending 5+ years working in Doc Express (DE), what happens when we move to AWP? Do we just stop using DE? That seems extreme now that you’ve mastered it.

Doc Express is a document management system. AWP helps us manage data. Realistically, we will never be completely free of paper. Some things will never be data. And those things need to be included with the project.

Also, we're going with a phased start into AWP. We'll add new projects a few at a time. That way you will have the best system administration support and training we can provide. Those contracts currently in Doc Express will continue to be in Doc Express, using their current drawer structure until they have been completed.

So, fear not, Doc Express is here to stay. We’ll just be using it for more specific things. Plans will need to be uploaded in Doc Express. Some forms and documents will remain in Doc Express. Some will be added to AWP as attachments.

In our AWP contracts, Doc Express will look a little different than it does now if you are working in AWP. It will have fewer drawers and a lot less documents to upload. You'll know where things go with our AASHTOWare Directory (AWD) that combines AWP and DE information.


Choosing Projects for AWP Implementation

Man standing under Pick Me sign

In this Construction season, we’ll start using AWP on our live construction projects for the state of Oregon. So, how do we decide which contracts go first?

We’ll begin with just a few select projects. The criteria for choosing includes the items below as well as the Resident Engineer’s identification of the project’s complexity. Together, these determine what is a good fit for our first contracts.

  • Size/cost of project
  • Length of project
  • Location of projects (regions)
  • Construction field office level of preparedness

Our goal is to make sure that we are successful in training and supporting these initial projects. We want to have the resources available to assist the participants as the system administrators and training instructors adjust to the AWP program. It’s important that those resources are in place for you.

In our meetings with crews, consultants, and contractors, we’ve heard that many would love to go first. That’s music to our ears! We are determining which projects are first in line. If you’re not in the first group, your project will be coming into AWP soon.


Questions? Comments? Interested in becoming a team member?

Contact us and let us know.

Check out our website at

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