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June 2023

Consultants and Contractors Q&As

Looking for an introduction to AASHTOWare Project that specifically addresses your work with AWP on ODOT jobs? Make plans to join us either in-person at the Salem Materials Lab or virtually through Teams at one of these upcoming events. Click the link for your group and register on Workday.

In-person or Virtual

Friday, June 16 from 9:30-11:00 am OR
Tuesday, July from 11 1:00-3:00 pm

In-person or Virtual

Wednesday, June 21 2:00-3:30 pm OR
Friday, July 14 9:30-11:00 am

As an external learner, you need a Workday Learning account to access our courses. Set up a new account here. Choose "State of Oregon" as your affiliation.


Code Lock Countdown


Our next milestone as we move to the deployment of AWP for ODOT:

Code Lock
Friday, June 30

Code Lock signifies that all requirements have been provided to Infotech to complete configuration of the system. It is also the date when ODOT determines that the system meets our acceptance criteria for moving forward with deployment in October 2023.

(Data gathering will continue after the Code Lock as we build our Test Site for training.)


Training Meet-Up

See how AWP will work for you and what you do in your job. This time we’ll demonstrate a little something from our Materials module as well as something for everyone who uses AWP.

Get a sneak peak into AWP! If you are interested, you can join us. Sign up on Workday for our next event.

Monday, June 12 from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Register on Workday Learning

This one-hour Training Meet-Up will be in Teams. Watch as we go through the training exercises onscreen with you. Walk through it on your own computer and ask questions as we demonstrate. All questions about AWP are welcome!

If you have taken a Training Meet-Up previously, click on "View Course Again" and then click on "Retake Course" to select the date of the offering you want to enroll in.

Don't miss the fun! Ensure you have access to the AWP DEV site and that your password works in advance of the Training Meet-Up. We don't want you to be locked out during the practice session. (External users will not have access to the DEV site but can still attend the event to watch and learn.)


Contractors and Payroll

In AWP, payroll entry will be completed by each contractor on a project. That means all contractors including tiered subcontractors, direct subcontractors as well as the Prime. Don’t worry Prime contractors! You’ll have the opportunity to review, reject and approve the payrolls of all tiered and direct subcontractors working on your contract. This flow chart shows the route a payroll will follow:

Payroll Flowchart
  1. Direct Entry (also known as manual entry). This option is best if you have very few employees or are on the project for a very short time. If you currently have access to AWP, more about direct entry can be found here: Manual Entry System for AASHTOWare Project Payroll or contact
  2. Spreadsheet Entry. Choose this option if you have several employees or you are entering hours regularly on a project, but do not use a payroll company or have an inhouse payroll system. Contractors can populate the spreadsheet created by AASHOTWare Project to enter payroll data. Contractors will have to enter each employee on this spreadsheet, but it can be modified each pay cycle while saving the project and employee data, so it does not have to be entered again each payroll cycle. More about Spreadsheet Entry can be found here: Spreadsheet Conversion Utility 2.0
  3. Importing from a Payroll Company (XML). This automated method offers the most efficient way to enter multiple employees at the one time. If you have many employees working on the project, and/or work with a payroll company or have your own inhouse payroll system, this option might work well for you. For more about what you need to utilize the Payroll XML format can be found here: Payroll XML Resource Kit 2.1


Time to Register with OregonBuys

OregonBuys Logo

OregonBuys is a new web-based eProcurement system that automates the State of Oregon’s procurement process. The ODOT Procurement Office uses the OregonBuys eProcurement System for public advertisement of many contracting opportunities. Highway and Bridge Construction projects will continue to be advertised on the eBIDS system for procurement, but all vendors (Prime contractors included) that want to do business with the State of Oregon need to register in OregonBuys.

ODOT will rely on OregonBuys to share vital contractor information with AASHTOWare Project. Nothing else about the Construction procurement process changes (i.e.,, eBIDS, and our Notice to Contractors webpage).

As a contractor working with ODOT, now’s the time to make sure that all the businesses working with you and for you on an ODOT contract in Oregon have completed their company’s registration with OregonBuys.

Please register by June 30th!

Here’s how to register

Steps to register
Location on web to register

OregonBuys Support from ODOT 

For additional support, contact  
Melissa Lovejoy


Specifications & Special Provisions

Our path continues to the rollout of AWP in late Fall 2023. Part of our journey includes updating our Standard Specifications and Special Provision language.

Currently, we intend to add one new specification (00170.09). This new spec resembles the 00170.08 specification added when Doc Express was put in place. The 00170.09 spec will work in conjunction with 00170.08 as both systems will be used going forward with the implementation of AWP.

With AWP, some of our forms will go away and become data that can be pulled for reports. As a result, other specs, such as 00165 and the 00170’s, will have language adjustments. As standard practice, these changes will be distributed for industry review prior to being added. Look for them to be out this summer.


What’s in it for me?

Sad dog image

It helps to have a personal attachment to a new program. Check out this list and see if there’s something that will make your work easier in AWP.

  • Payrolls –Subcontractors will now enter their own payrolls into AWP for Primes and ODOT to approve in one place.
  • Mix Designs – In AWP there is more transparency with designs. Roles working in mix designs will be able to search anytime to see what is approved or in process by contract or source privileges.
  • Change Orders – Primes can review all the information and be part of the approval group in approving their contract change orders on-line with real time information. They will receive an email notification from AWP if a change order is ready for their review, ready for their approval or approval status.
  • DBE – You can generate the DBE Uniform Report from the commitments and payments made on proposals and their associated contracts.
  • Payments – Prompt Payments allows for all subcontractors to verify when they were paid ensuring compliance with the allotted days and, if passed, will be in Prompt Payment Discrepancy report.
  • Payrolls – In AWP, there are 5 new payroll exceptions pertaining to field interviews ensuring that what was recorded in the interview lines-up with what is on that week's payroll.
  • EquipmentWatch – This now interfaces directly with AWP and allows subcontractors and Primes to enter their own equipment one time per project.


Shout Out

Red Door Image

Shout out to Contractors Wildish Construction and Hamilton Construction: Wildish and Hamilton in Coburg welcomed us to share information about AWP. Inspectors, office staff and others joined us in-person at the Wildish offices. Members of our AWP Sys Admin team and several subject matter experts, representing Construction and Materials participated. A question-and-answer session followed the demonstration. Thanks, Wildish and Hamilton, for allowing us the opportunity! We hope this helps you to look forward to working in AWP.

Contractors and consultants, we’re available to share at your next meeting, too! Interested? Contact us at


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