Dam Safety Quarterly: FEMA HHPD Grant Program and Final Reminders

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December 2020



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1. HHPD Grant Program Guidance

2. HHPD Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions

3. HHPD Grant Program Fact Sheet

4. Newsletter: New Dam Inspection Requirements: 2020

5. Dam Safety Rules

6. Updated Dam Inspection Checklist


Other important dam safety updates, forms, past newsletters, and publications can be found on the OWRB Dam Safety Webpage



1. All dam inspections and EAP reviews/updates, must be completed by December 31, 2020. Inspection frequency is dependent on the hazard-potential classification of the dam.


2. Inspection reports must be submitted to the OWRB within 30 days of the inspection being completed. If the inspection report and fee are not submitted by the due date an additional fee of $50 will be charged. 


3. Look at your 2019 inspection receival letter, if you were given a deadline in this letter, please make sure to have the required documents to the OWRB by December 31, 2020.


If you have any questions about these deadlines, please contact the OWRB Dam Safety Program staff.




What is the FEMA HHPD grant program?


The HHPD grant program makes federal funds available to eligible states for pass through to non-Federal governmental organizations or nonprofit organizations for the rehabilitation of high hazard-potential dams that fail to meet minimum dam safety standards and pose unacceptable risk to life and property.



Who is eligible for the available funding?


In order to apply and receive grant funding through the OWRB, under the HHPD grant program, the applicant and subrecipient, the dam, and the proposed project must be eligible. In the proceeding sections the different eligibility criteria will be explained in further detail. 


***The list of eligible dams for the FY2020 HHPD grant program were submitted when the application was submitted.***


What is the difference between the applicant and the subrecipient?


The OWRB is the State Administrative Agency (SAA) to serve as the applicant for the HHPD funding. The subrecipient would be the eligible non-federal government organization or nonprofit organization. 




If all the following criteria apply, you may be an eligible subrecipent of the HHPD grant program funding.


If you have questions about the eligibility requirements of a subrecipient, please refer to the HHPD documents listed above or contact the OWRB dam safety team.





When submitting the grant application, the OWRB included a list of approved, eligible, high hazard-potential dams.


All of these dams are regulated by the state dam safety program, and meet all of FEMA's requirements.




Due to the extensive requirements of the grant (e.g. National Flood Insurance Program participation, state and local hazard mitigation plans, floodplain management plan, risk prioritization, state dam safety agency approval of the award), applicants must pursue this grant in coordination with the State Dam Safety Officer and the State Hazard Mitigation Officer, regardless of which entity will implement the grant.