National School Counseling Week

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Student Support

National School Counseling Week
February 6th-10th

School Counselors: Helping Students Dream Big


National School Counseling Week is celebrated yearly to focus public attention on the unique contribution of school counselors and highlight the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students to be successful in school and life. We encourage school counselors to use National School Counseling Week as a way to advocate for your school counseling program. It is a week dedicated to showing students, caregivers, educators, administrators, school boards, the community, and other stakeholders the vital services and supports provided by school counselors! We have compiled a list of ideas and links to pritables to celebrate NSCW at your school.

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Here are some ideas for how to celebrate
National School Counseling Week: 

  • Bulletin Board - Decorate a bulletin board sharing all the components of your school counseling program. 

  • Data Display in Teacher’s Lounge - Set up a display in the teacher’s lounge sharing data from your school counseling program. Think you do not have any data to share? Share the number of students you serve vs. the recommended ratio (250:1) or share the number of counseling lessons taught this school year or share the number of small groups or share the number of individual student counseling sessions. 

  • Fun Puns - If you have a small budget to use for NSCW (ask your admin. if you are unsure, you never know!), consider showing appreciation to the school staff for the ways they support the school counseling program:
    • “I donut know what I would do without your support of our school counseling program!” OR “If you donut know a lot about the role of the school counselor, please take a flier!” (with donuts and a handout about the role of the school counselor)
    • “I am EXTRA thankful for the ways you support our school counseling program!” (with Extra gum) 
    • “Thank you for being so M&M (marvelous and magnificent)!” (with M&Ms)
    • “You brighten our school counseling program!” (with a highlighter)
    • “Thank you for your commitMINT to our school counseling program!” (with mints)
    • “Our school counseling program is BERRY lucky to have you!” (with berries such as strawberries, blueberries, or a berry-flavored candy)

  • Cards - Send cards to your favorite school counselors or school counseling mentors thanking them for all they do for the profession of school counseling.

We would love to hear how YOU are celebrating National School Counseling Week & advocating for your school counseling program! 

Email us with your ideas and photos -
We will be spotlighting school counselors participating in NSCW!