OLAP Access and Map Updates 8/31/2021

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August 31, 2021

Access Type Changes and Sign Updates

New OLAP Signs

The old OLAP signs (left) will be gradually replaced with the new OLAP signs (right).

Please review the updated OLAP regulations in the 2021-2022 Hunting Regulations (LINK).

Unchanged Access Types:

  • Walk-in Hunting Access: Archery/Shotgun Only (Sep. 1 - May 6)
  • Walk-in Wildlife Viewing Access
  • Walk-in Fishing Access (Annual)
  • Walk-in Fishing Access (Seasonal: May 7 - Aug 31)
  • Walk-in Stream Access

Discontinued Access Types:

  • September Only Access
  • Spring Turkey Access

New Access type (coming soon):

  • Limited Access (requires daily permit), registration opens October 1 (see below for more details).

OLAP Public Hunting:

Archery Shotgun Only

Walk-in Hunting Access: Archery/Shotgun Only

Access allowed Sep. 1 - May 6. 

No shot size larger than T shot.

No shotgun slugs.

No centerfire, rimfire, or muzzleloading rifles.

Hunting only. All other activities are prohibited.

OLAP Public Wildlife-viewing:


Walk-in Wildlife-viewing Access:

Access allowed year-round (annual). 

Hunting is prohibited.

Fishing is prohibited, unless enrolled as walk-in fishing area or stream access area.

Removal of animals, vegetation, minerals, fossils, and artifacts is prohibited.

OLAP Public Fishing (Ponds and Small Lakes)

Annual Fishing

Walk-in Fishing Access: Annual Access

Access allowed year-round (annual). 

Hunting is prohibited.

Catch and release only.

Limits of 3 rods per person, 3 hooks per line.

Swimming is prohibited.

Fishing Seasonal

Walk-in Fishing Access: Seasonal Access

Access allowed May 7 - Aug 31.

If concurrently enrolled as a Walk-in Hunting Area, hunting is prohibited from May 7 - Aug. 31.

Catch and release only.

Limits of 3 rods per person, 3 hooks per line.

Swimming is prohibited.

OLAP Public Stream Access

Stream Access

Walk-in Fishing Access: Seasonal Access

Access allowed year-round (annual).

If on foot or wading, sportspersons must remain within stream corridor.

Hunting is prohibited unless concurrently enrolled as a walk-in hunting area.

Coming soon: OLAP Limited Access (daily permit required):

OLAP Limited Access

Limited Access (Opens October 1, 2021)

This option is currently in internal beta-testing and will open October 1, 2021. Users will register online for a daily permit via the GoOutdoors Oklahoma webpage and/or Mobile app. A separate OLAP email newsletter dedicated solely to this topic will be released in mid-September. 

Map color changes:

Please note that the colors for the walk-in area boundaries have changed. Public archery/shotgun walk-in areas are now gray rather than red. The new Limited Access tracts (opening Oct. 1) will be yellow. Other boundary colors remain similar/unchanged.  


Map Tips

Remember to click on walk-in areas to bring up more information, including access types, dates, habitat information, specific comments/instructions, and photos. This function is available when accessing maps on a computer or via the mobile app (Explorer for ArcGIS).


Reminder: Review the maps before entering the walk-in area. Get a good feel for the property boundaries, topography, changes in land use (farming or ranching), etc. 

Boundaries may consist of a change from grassland to agriculture, a mowed strip (example pictured), etc. Some walk-in areas may not have fences for OLAP boundary signs, and it's the responsibility of hunters to know their location and the walk-in area's boundaries.




No recent closings.


Temporarily Closed


No temporary closings.


Explorer App

Use the free ArcGIS Explorer App to bring the OLAP Walk-in Areas to your mobile device (data signal required). Once the app is installed on your device, search the Maps for "OLAP" and select the ODWC OLAP Web Map".

Click below to download the ArcGIS Explorer App on your Apple or Android mobile device.



Digital maps can be accessed via browser and/or the Explorer mobile app. Direct link to online maps.


Administered by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, The Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP) provides financial incentives to landowners who allow public access for hunting, fishing, stream access, and wildlife viewing opportunities on private lands. No additional permit is required by sportspersons to access OLAP walk-in areas, however hunting and fishing licenses are required, respectively, unless a person is exempt.

Consult regulations before entering OLAP Walk-in Areas. Visit the OLAP webpage to learn more.