Drinking Water Source Protection Program (DWSP2) - August Newsletter

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Drinking Water Source Protection Program - August Newsletter

This issue's topics:

  • Re-cap Time!
    • November 2020: About DWSP2
    • December 2020: New DWSP2 Resources
    • January 2021 - May 2021: Framework Deep Dive
    • May 2021: Advancing Drinking Water Source Protection Across NYS
    • June 2021: Grant Opportunities Now Available!
    • July 2021: Get to Know Your Technical Assistance Provider!

Re-cap Time!

The goal of our newsletter is to keep you in the loop on a variety of drinking water source protection topics such as program updates, new resources available, potential funding sources, and more. 
We thought August is a good time to highlight past DWSP2 Newsletters in case you missed an issue!
Let’s start at the very beginning with our first edition of the DWSP2 Newsletter. This newsletter introduced our subscribers to the Drinking Water Source Protection Program (DWSP2). You should check this newsletter out if you have questions about the program, such as:
  • What is DWSP2?
  • What is Source Water?
  • How does DWSP2 Benefit My Community?
  • What is a Drinking Water Source Protection Program Plan?
  • Where to Start?
Hopefully, our first newsletter inspired you to review our DWSP2 Framework titled: A Framework for Creating a Drinking Water Source Protection Program Plan. Our second newsletter presented two tools designed to help make the process easier. 
The first is the DWSP2 Plan Data Summary. This tool is user-friendly and should be used to summarize data gathered as communities work through the Framework. 
The second is the DWSP2 Plan Template. This resource was created to guide communities through writing their DWSP2 Plan. 
Both tools can be found on the DWSP2 webpage

DWSP2 Plan Data Summary 4.1

A table from 4.1 of the Microsoft Excel DWSP2 Plan Data Summary

January 2021 - May 2021: Framework Deep Dive

During this series, we took a closer look into the DWSP2 Framework. Each month focused on one of the four phases of developing a DWSP2 program and its associated key components. These newsletters are designed to provide readers with a better understanding of how to utilize the Framework to protect their sources of drinking water. Below are the components.
DWSP2 Framework Components
In addition, certain newsletters highlighted publicly available resources that aid with Phase 1: Stakeholder Group and Phase 2: Drinking Water Source Assessment of the Framework.

May 2021: Advancing Drinking Water Source Protection Across NYS

In May, we had a special edition newsletter announcing New York State Departments of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Health (DOH) new initiative to assist municipalities with assessing and supporting drinking water source protection programs. As part of DWSP2, up to 40 volunteer communities will work with technical assistance partners to develop programs that proactively protect public drinking water supplies. The announcement can be found here.
Communities interested in receiving technical assistance for creating a drinking water source protection program can reach out to us at source.water@dec.ny.gov.

June 2021: Grant Opportunities Now Available!

The June issue highlighted various funding sources that were available to provide communities funding to protect their source of drinking water. While many of the grants highlighted in the June edition have closed their application period, we encourage our readers to be familiar with the grant programs as some are annual grants. Also, we will continue to highlight funding sources in future months.

July 2021: Get to Know Your Technical Assistance Provider!

Last month’s issue began a new series for our readers, getting to know the DWSP2 technical assistance providers. July’s issue focused on Kristin Campbell, from Herkimer Oneida Counties Comprehensive Planning Program (HOCCPP).
There are several technical assistance providers available throughout the State to assist communities with developing and implementing their own unique drinking water source protection plan. They are:



Each technical assistance provider will follow the DWSP2 Framework and work with a community to develop their own DWSP2 Plan.
In the coming months, we will get to know another technical assistance provider from the group above. 
Enjoy your summer! We will be back in September! 

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Have you begun this process? Or, do you have a program or are aware of a program relevant to source water? Send in any helpful hints or information at source.water@dec.ny.gov and we may highlight them!

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