COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Weekly Updates

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COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Weekly Updates

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Minnesota Department of Health

September 29, 2022


Pre-ordering for 5-11 bivalent boosters in MIIC

  • The pre-order event for Pfizer bivalent vaccine boosters for 5-11-year-olds was opened in MIIC on Friday, Sept. 23. It will close Friday, Sept. 30 at 4:30 p.m. 
  • Please refer to the  Sept. 22 provider bulletin for additional details and considerations for these vaccine presentations. 

Please contact with questions. 

5-11 bivalent booster dose labels

With anticipation of the authorization of the pediatric bivalent booster doses, providers need to be aware that the new bivalent booster dose labels and vials look very similar to the original vaccine vials. Make sure you differentiate the monovalent and bivalent vaccines to prevent administration errors.  Consider dot stickers, highlighters, separate color bins, etc. 

  • Pfizer 5-11 years and older vaccine labels for both monovalent and bivalent vials will have identical orange cap/orange label border presentation with only the wording different. 
  • Moderna bivalent vaccine will have dark blue cap/gray boarder that looks similar to the monovalent product for ages 6-11. 
Pfizer and Moderna bivalent booster dose labels

Pfizer and Moderna bivalent vaccine trainings

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine training now includes information on the anticipated authorization of the bivalent vaccine presentation for ages 5-11 years. More information including links to attend educational sessions can be found at Pfizer: Medical Updates & Immunization Site Training for All Healthcare Providers led by Pfizer Vaccines US Medical Affairs 

Webinar dates for the Moderna COVID-19 pediatric bivalent boosters will be announced once EUA is approved. Moderna is also offering daily interactive office hours found at Regional Medical Affairs Office Hours: "Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent". 

Vaccination after COVID-19 infection

A person with COVID-19 infection can be vaccinated upon recovery from acute illness and discontinuing isolation. This applies to all COVID-19 vaccine doses, including boosters. In addition, people who recently had SARS-CoV-2 infection may consider delaying a primary series dose or booster dose by 3 months from symptom onset or positive test (if infection was asymptomatic). Studies have shown that increased time between infection and vaccination may result in an improved immune response to vaccination. Also, a low risk of reinfection has been observed in the weeks to months following infection. For more information refer to CDC’sInterim Clinical Considerations for Use of COVID-19 Vaccines: COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 infection and Ending Isolation and Precautions for People with COVID-19: Interim Guidance. 

Share Your Story: Why I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine

There are a lot of reasons to get a COVID-19 vaccine, and we want to hear from Minnesotans what some of those reasons are.  

We’re asking people to share why they got themselves or their children vaccinated for COVID-19 to help encourage others to do the same. Maybe you recently got your updated bivalent booster to be better protected before seeing vulnerable family members for holidays in a couple of months. Maybe you wanted to make sure your children were protected for a new school year. Whatever your reason for getting vaccinated, we want to hear from you.  

You can record a short video to submit to MDH and we will help share some of the reasons people are rolling up their sleeves. 

Visit Share Your Story: Why I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine for more information and instructions for submitting a story. 

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