Notice to Emergency Communications Personnel

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Notice to Emergency Communications Personnel


Emergency Communications Personnel:

Our role at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety division of Emergency Communication Networks (DPS-ECN) is to provide support and to help public safety communicators navigate through uncertain times. Due to the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 pandemic, DPS-ECN is sharing the following recommendations and resources for use at your PSAP facility.

Healthy Hygiene

Immediately implement healthy hygiene and sanitary environment procedures as outlined by the State Emergency Operations Center’s ICS 208 Safety Plan, as well as the draft memo issued by the National 9-1-1 office.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan

Utilize the COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan template as a resource to help guide PSAP response to the pandemic over the course of the next few weeks. 

Please note, this is just a draft, but has been developed by industry experts through the support of the National 9-1-1 office. Feel free to amend it as necessary to meet your individual needs.

Situational Awareness

Regions should implement regular conference calls with all PSAPs in your region to maintain situational awareness and increased cooperation. Example topics include; sharing the health status of your PSAP staff or potential COOP scenarios between neighboring jurisdictions. 

ECN will assist in providing a conference bridge and as well as support from your Regional Interoperability Coordinator (RIC) for this initiative. For PSAPs in the southwest, south central, southeast and central regions contact Steve Tait. Northeast, northwest and metro region PSAPs should contact Marcus Bruning.

ECN Commitment

Please know that we are committed to providing continued support and encourage you to reach out to ECN for additional information or to provide assistance in any way.