Updated Template for Dental Clinics

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CDC Updated Infection Control

The CDC updated  infection control guidelines yesterday relating to providing elective dental care. For several weeks, over 20 states have already been providing elective dental care and the guidance had not yet been updated. Currently, 42 states are now open for elective procedures.

Due to the updated CDC guidance and questions we are getting from licensees, the facility plan template has been updated to include some additional guidance and clarification. When items say “consider” that is just what you need to do, seriously consider all mitigation strategies. If items are listed and do not have that language, they are part of the requirements.


In MN, Board rules reference compliance with CDC and we will be monitoring facility plans. The expectation is that providers do their absolute best to comply with the rapidly changing environment and be flexible as we continue to navigate this unchartered territory. Dentists should consider all items in the CDC guidance, as the guidance can help mitigate risk and increase safety. Dental professionals should not just consider these as “recommendations”, as the standard of care in the dental community is also considered when evaluating non-compliance. The intent here is not to be punitive, rather it is to mitigate safety during this time and support compliance and safety throughout the dental profession.

Please visit the Board of Dentistry website for additional resources.