MPSERS Employer News – November 2021

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MPSERS Employer News

November 2021

MILogin sign-in page

MILogin rolls out this weekend

When you log in to the Employer Reporting website on Monday, Nov. 22, you will use the new MILogin process. The new process goes into effect on Saturday, Nov. 20. You’ll receive an email (if you haven’t already) with instructions to prepare for the migration to MILogin. For more information about this change, see this previous article from the October newsletter.

It’s important to follow the instructions in the email closely, to avoid the problem of being locked out of your account. With so many accounts being created in MILogin, a smooth migration will help both your reporting unit and our web-reporting staff.

The changes to the login process were updated in Chapter 12 of the Reporting Instruction Manual. Because the use of MILogin shifts some of the responsibility of managing accounts from the Web Administrator to the MILogin system, most sections of that chapter have been updated. Two new sections include 12.01 Creating a MILogin account and requesting reporting website access and 12.04 Updating your MILogin account. The section 12.02 Creating a web user account and ID (similar to the old “Creating a web user ID and password”) has undergone substantial revision as well.

Please contact if you have questions.  

COVID-19 learning plans expired


Under the state retirement law, retirees must be retired for 12 months before they are eligible for critical shortage provisions. Public Act (PA) 267 of 2020 allowed the 12-month wait to be waived if a retiree was employed at a reporting unit that provided instruction under an extended COVID-19 learning plan under section 98a of the state school aid act of 1979.

Per section 98a, the COVID-19 learning plans were only in place during the 2020-2021 school fiscal year. Therefore, the COVID-19 learning plans expired as of June 30, 2021. This means anyone with a retirement effective date on or after July 1, 2021, must be retired for 12 months before they are eligible for critical shortage provisions. Please use the Working after retirement – employer guide to determine how retirees should be reported.

Audits coming

Compensation Corner – Payroll audit and WWC audit

ORS Employer Reporting performs several audits over the course of the year. Soon, the payroll audit and the weekly workers’ compensation (WWC) audit will begin.

The payroll audit ensures that reporting units are submitting complete wage, service, contribution, and census data on defined members of the retirement system. 

The WWC audit ensures that employees receiving WWC are whole for retirement purposes.

We will contact your reporting unit if we need any information regarding these audits or any other audits. As a reminder, if you have been asked to process adjustments, please complete them as soon as possible. If you need help processing these adjustments, please contact the Web Reporting Team at  or 800-381-5111.

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Nov-Dec 2021 calendar

Important Dates & Reminders

Nov. 1619
UAAL invoices available on Employer Reporting website.

Nov. 20
First day of the new MILogin process to access the Employer Reporting website.

Nov. 25 – 26
Thanksgiving Day and Day after Thanksgiving — ORS is not open for business on these state holidays.

Dec. 23 – 24
Day before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve — ORS is not open for business on these state holidays.

Recent Communications

Recent Communications

11/17/2021 Web users received an email with MILogin instructions.

RIM Updates

Recent RIM updates

3.03.08: Independent contractors and third-party employers

Chapter 12: Managing Web User Accounts (most sections)

Helpful Tip

Helpful Tip

For information and resources to provide to new hires, see the New Hire Retirement Plan Resources section on the home page of the Employer Information website.