Flood Levels to Increase on Fox River/Chain O'Lakes

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Contact: Lake County Emergency Management Agency 

Flood Levels to Increase on Fox River/Chain O'Lakes

Current Conditions
Significant flooding continues in Lake County from the Chain O’Lakes, Fox River and Des Plaines River. Even though the weather forecast looks promising over the next couple of days, we are still monitoring flooding of several rivers, streams and lakes.

Fox River/Chain O'Lakes
The Fox River gauge at New Munster, WI has crested at 17.5 feet and is going down. This is about three feet higher than the 2013 crest level. 

Those who live along or near the Fox River and Chain O'Lakes should continue to prepare for high water over the next several days. Fox Lake at Lake Villa is currently predicted to crest sometime between July 17-19. There is high concern for road and structural flooding. Sandbagging efforts will continue.

The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission has created inundation maps for the Chain O’Lakes, which show a prediction of additional structures that will be impacted. Find Out More

Des Plaines River
The Des Plaines River at Russell, Gurnee and Lincolnshire are at major flood stage. The river at Russell has crested, and at Gurnee it’s expected to crest tomorrow. At Lincolnshire, the first crest was at 16.5 feet and has been falling since. However, the current forecast indicates water levels to increase again today and have a second crest of 17 feet Saturday afternoon before decreasing. 

Please Report Your Flood Damage

Let us know if you've been impacted by the recent flooding by filling out this form. A full and complete understanding of the impacts of this disaster is a necessary part of the flood response process. We need your help to properly quantify damages in Lake County. Please note that federal assistance is not available at this time, and it is unknown if it will be made available. 

Contact information if you need additional assistance for reporting damage:

  • If you live in a municipality, contact your village. Contact information is available here.
  • If you live in unincorporated Lake County, contact the Lake County Planning Building and Development Department at 847-377-2600.

Traffic/Road Conditions

Some roads across the county remain closed. The public can get up-to-date traffic information at www.lakecountypassage.com, or AM 1620. 

Lake County Recorder Provides Deeds for Flood Victims

Owners of flood-damaged properties who are seeking financial assistance from Lake County banks and lending institutions will need to show proof of ownership in order to secure loans. The Lake County Recorder's Office will be working closely with government officials and impacted property owners to provide any necessary recorded documents at no cost to flood victims. To obtain a free certified copy of the deed, contact the Recorder of Deeds Office at 847-377-2575. Lake County military veterans in flood-damage areas may also qualify for additional programs. Veterans may contact the Recorder of Deeds Office to obtain a free certified copy of their Military Discharge Papers, commonly known as DD214s, for proof of military service. 

Safety Information

Flooded Roads/Areas
Do not attempt to enter or cross flooded streams or rivers. Do not drive through standing water on roads. 

Electrical Safety
Before re-entering a flooded home or basement, make sure that no electrical or other safety hazards, such as leaking gas, exist.

Food Safety
Do not eat food that has been exposed to floodwaters. Thoroughly wash off sealed cans in good condition. Immerse the cans in a bleach disinfecting solution made by mixing two teaspoons of household bleach per gallon of water for at least five minutes. All spoiled foods and leaky or bulged cans should be discarded.

Flooded Wells
If you have a private well, check its condition. If the well casing is submerged, surface water may have entered the well and contaminated the drinking water. In these cases, you should not drink the water until the flood waters have receded and the water from the well is tested and shown to meet drinking water standards. Contact Environmental Health Services at (847) 377-8020 for well testing information.

Cleaning Tips

  • Scrub basement and other areas that have been flooded with a household detergent solution. Use a solution of one-quarter cup of household bleach in a gallon of water, then flush the washed areas with safe water.

  • Scrub furniture, walls, fixtures and appliances with soap and safe water. Machine wash affected clothing, bedding, and cloth toys.

  • Sanitize non-porous children’s toys by first washing them with soap and safe water, then soaking them for at least one minute in a solution of one tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water. Do not rinse objects after soaking; allow to air dry.


Watch for updates on Lake County's Facebook page. We will be posting information as the situation develops.

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