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[April 16, 2015 ]


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Maricopa County Environmental Services provides essential, regional environmental services seeking to prevent and remove environmental health risks. The Department’s Environmental Health Specialists and Field Technicians are in the community every day making sure that among other things, food in all the eating and drinking establishments in the County is protected from contamination, that water supplies throughout the County are safe to drink, and that vector borne health illnesses and risks are minimized. It is our belief that with continued support, future generations will reap the benefits of today’s actions.


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Food Safety, beyond a card ~ Maricopa County announces changes in Food Service Worker Requirements

Food Service Worker (A)

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved this month changes to Food Service Worker (FSW) requirements, including the discontinuation of County issued cards. Although the County will no longer provide the FSW cards, proper staff training is still required as well as a strong emphasis on food safety practices.

“We have been listening to our stakeholders and the public, and food safety is a primary concern and goal that we all share,” said Steven Goode, Director of the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD).  “As we conduct our inspections and work with industry to ensure food safety practices, we will still require all food employees be trained and that documentation of this training be maintained at the food establishment,” underscored Goode.

It is the food establishment’s responsibility to have properly trained personnel, which ensures good food safety practice, as well as Active Managerial Control. With the new changes, MCESD recognizes the value of allowing food establishments to decide the most adequate staff training to meet their business needs.

The changes to the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code align with a recently enacted

Arizona Statute (A.R.S. § 11-269.12).  The statute allows FSW training and certification by accredited entities and sets the requirement to accept any Arizona county’s certificate or identification card. 

Following the Maricopa County's Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program (EROP) process, MCESD provided multiple opportunities for stakeholder and public input on the proposed revisions for the FSW program. Suggestions were presented to and voted upon by the Board of Health with final approval granted today by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.   The regulatory change that goes into effect immediately does not require any fee changes. 

Food Service Worker (B)

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What would be an acceptable form of training documentation for the County?

1) A valid food handler card or certificate issued by another county within Arizona

2) A valid card or certificate issued by an ANSI-accredited food handler training program.

A list of the ANSI-accredited programs can be found at:


3) Maricopa County offers specialized training for individuals with disabilities and for fee-waived entities. These are also acceptable forms of food handler training documentation. To learn more about this training visit:


• Can I choose any of the training courses outlined above?

You must check with your employer to see which of the training(s) they accept. Although each of these forms of training is accepted by Maricopa County, it is the responsibility of the Person in Charge of the food establishment to determine which form(s) of training and training documentation they will accept.

• How much does the training cost?

The cost of the training is up to the organization/company providing the training. This may vary from organization to organization.

• How often do I need to renew the training documentation?

The training documentation is valid for 3 years in Maricopa County. The training would have to be re-taken every 3 years in order to receive new training documentation.

• What if I already have a MCSED FSW card, will it still be valid?

Current MCESD FSW cards would still be valid until their expiration date, as long as they are accepted by the employer.

• What if I already have a MCSED FSW card, will it still be valid?

Current MCESD FSW cards would still be valid until their expiration date, as long as they are accepted by the employer.

Please be advised that Maricopa County Environmental Services Department still requires all food establishments handling open foods where Time/Temperature Control for Food Safety is required to have at least one licensed Certified Food Protection Manager who has undergone more extensive food service training. Learn more at:


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Eastern Regional Office is now at a new location

ERO New Building

The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Eastern Regional Office (ERO) has been literally on the move!

This month ERO moved to a new remodeled county-owned building that provides new ammenities that allow us to offer better service to our customers.

The new facility is located at:

106 E. Baseline Rd.,

Mesa, AZ 85210.

--Just off US 60 and South Mesa Drive Rd., in the East Valley County Complex-

ERO ooccupies the second floor and the Maricopa County Office of the Public Advocate  is the 1st floor tenant.

The new ERO location offers the same services as the previous location.

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