DBH COVID Guidance #3 - Service Authorization Disaster Order #2

Dear Provider:


Attached is DBH COVID Guidance #3.  This Guidance document reflects the DBH policy for Service Authorizations for Autism Services, Community Behavioral Health Providers and Mental Health Physician Clinics.    Please review the guidance document with your staff.  


To best assist providers understand Guidance Document #3 we review and discuss the information in detail during our weekly Provider Check Monday, April 6th and will take your questions at that time. 


The Weekly Check-ins are every Monday morning as follows:


COVID 19 SUD Providers

Time: 9:00  - 9:30 am

Call-in: 888-559-3632


COVID 19 Behavioral Health Providers

Time: 9:45 – 10:15 am

Call-in: 888-559-3632



**DBH will begin sending non-emergent updates on Friday afternoon as a means to help alleviate the volume of emails you receive.


Please sign up for the DBH Communication and other lists of interest at Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Email or Text Update.