The Survivor Link: Issue 1

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May 2021

The Survivor Link: Issue 1

     The Survivor Link is the Army Survivor Outreach Services Newsletter. This newsletter is published on a quarterly basis to provide information about benefits changes, program updates, opportunities to connect with other survivors and to stay linked to the Army.

      Army Survivors can subscribe to The Survivor Link at any time. To subscribe just follow the link in this newsletter. You can choose to have the Survivor Link delivered to your email address or as a text message to your cell phone.

      When you subscribe you will be asked a few questions. Please complete your first name, the component of your Soldier (Regular Active Army, US Army National Guard or US Army Reserve), your relationship to the Soldier (spouse, child, parent, staff or other), and your State of residence.

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Memorial Day Message

from the

Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9



May 31, 2021


Dear Soldiers, Civilians and Families:

   On Monday, the 31st of May, we pause to reflect and honor the sacrifices of our departed Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard. They have protected our Nation when faced with crisis, in times of war, acts of terrorism and natural disasters. We honor these men and women by continuing to serve the Army values.

   On this day let us remember those who have lived and died in pursuit of peace and freedom for Americans and people around the globe.

   I thank all Soldiers, Civilians and Families for continuing the legacy of service and raise a salute in memory of all who died in service to our Nation.



                                                        JASON T. EVANS

                                                        Lieutenant General, GS

                                                        Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9

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Did you know that the Army has more than 150 Survivor Outreach Service Coordinators ready to assist Surviving Families who are having problems with benefits such as the Survivor Benefit Plan, TRICARE, or education benefits? 


Click on the map to use the SOS Coordinator Locator and find the coordinator nearest to your home. 


Survivor Benefits Report

     The Department of Defense (DoD) provides an interactive Online Survivor Benefit Report (OSBR) for surviving families of service members. An initial Survivor Benefit Report should have been provided to eligible surviving spouses, dependent children, and their guardians by their Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO).

    As families continue their journey, there may be changes to benefits. The DoD developed the OSBR to provide current and estimated future benefits.

Highlights of the OSBR

•Is available for eligible survivors of service members who have died on active duty.

•Can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

•Requires survivors to have a Department of Defense self-service logon premium account — or DS logon premium account — and password. The DS logon is a secure, self-service logon ID that allows individuals affiliated with the Department of Defense or Department of Veterans Affairs to access several websites using a single username and password.

•Displays current and estimated future benefits and allows survivors to input “what if ” type changes to family members’ education, disability and marital status and save and print reports.

•If assistance is needed with recovering passwords or accessing reports, users should contact the Family Assistance Support Team at 877-827-2471 or by email at

Go to the Online Survivor Benefit Report Page

School Certification

In order to remain eligible for SBP benefits, children 18 and older must provide certification that they are enrolled in an accredited college or university. To certify, the student must submit a DD Form 2788 to DFAS. Use the link below to see the DFAS School Certification Checklist 

DFAS School Certification Checklist

Army announces policy to assist Surviving Children who face a second loss.

The Army recently published a policy to ensure that minor children who have already suffered losing their Soldier-Parent are not left behind if the worst happens and they lose their second parent. The Army will ensure that if such a tragedy occurs that the family can request a Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO). While the Army cannot reduce the loss, it is our policy to ensure that a CAO can help the child and their guardian navigate the process to receive any benefits and entitlements to which they are entitled. 

Learn more about the new policy >>