Statement regarding HMK’s decision to close more than 300 dwellings


Oct. 4, 2016

Statement regarding HMK’s decision to close more than 300 dwellings

Dallas - On Sept. 20, 2016, HMK, Ltd. gave its tenants and the City written notice that it was closing 305 of its estimated 430 rental single family dwellings by or before Oct. 31, 2016.  HMK is demanding its tenants move within three days after their month-to-month leases end.  After the tenants vacate, HMK says it will demolish or no longer use the dwellings for residential purposes. HMK claims “The City of Dallas is forcing us to take this action.”

The City is not forcing HMK to evict its tenants and demolish or cease using its dwellings. The City Attorney’s Office filed five lawsuits against HMK concerning five of its residential dwellings on Aug. 1, 2016. These lawsuits sought court orders requiring HMK to comply with minimum housing standards designed to protect the residents’ health and safety. The City’s lawsuits did not seek demolition of the dwellings or orders requiring the residents to leave.  

At a time when the City is facing a crisis with homelessness, HMK’s mass evictions will likely cause many of its tenants to suffer serious hardships because they may not be able to find suitable alternative housing on such short notice. Regardless, HMK would not need to close so many dwellings had it properly maintained them.  

Tenants of HMK who have received a notice of closure and want to discuss their situation and potential options in English or Spanish are asked to call City Code Inspector Eloisa Mariscal at (214) 952-8466.